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Winning the Loser's Game (hardcover)

Posted: Wednesday, June 14, 2000 at 07:39 PM CT

Winning the Loser's Game


This indispensable investment guide asks the question: How can an individual invest successfully when the majority always fails? Charles Ellis, one of today's most brilliant investment writers, has updated his influential book to include: Ways to escape the ravages of taxes and inflation; How to successfully pass your estate to your heirs (not the taxman!); Common investing mistakes and painless strategies to avoid them.


Charles D. Ellis (Greenwich, CT) is managing partner of Greenwich Associates, one of the world's foremost financial services consulting firms. He is the author of six books, including Classics I and Classics II, as well as dozens of journal articles.

From The Publisher
A true financial classic, How to Win the Loser's Game over 55,000 copies sold in its previous two editions. Simple, straightforward, and concise, Ellis, one of today's most brilliant investment writers, provides timeless wisdom about the nature of investing. The book has received endorsements from a wide range of successful investors and it is considered essential reading for all investment professionals and serious individual investors. A spirited critique of the premises behind professional investing, this edition will include much more information for individual investors, including mistakes to avoid, how to escape the ravages of inflation and taxes, and how to most effectively pass on your money to your heirs. Moreover, the existing text will be rewritten to make it more useful to individual investors.

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