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“Away” by Walter Aziz

Posted: Thursday, November 22, 2001 at 06:55 PM CT


Zinda Magazine, July 23, 2001
“With his new album, Walter has reinvented himself and Assyrian pop music.”


For over a year, Walter Aziz has been working hard on an album that, in his opinion, "can open the world's eyes to our music." Titled "Away", this album marks the birth of a new music genre: Assyrian pop.

Powered by a new sound, a new label, and a new vision, Walter extends the boundaries of Assyrian dance. "I've never put so much work into an album like I have with this one," Walter explains. "This is my biggest project ever."

With 11 tracks on the album, no mood is left untapped, however the enigma of the dance is where the album thrives. With upbeat, traditional meets modern, East meets West type tracks like Lorque, Eaman N'ashkali (When She Kisses Me) and Kouleh D'leleh (All Night), Assyrian pop truly takes its shape.

Collaborating with other artists was another important aspect of the project. Young Latin sensation Jacqui Lynn, and Assyrian star Sargon Gabriel, along with the many International musicians and producers set "Away" apart as a global undertaking.


  1. Away
  2. Eaman N'ashqali
  3. Kouleh D'leleh
  4. Lorque
  5. Qa Mani Bayat (feat. Sargon Gabriel)
  6. Litlakh Kha D'atit Minni
  7. Libbi (Corazon) (feat. Jacque Lynn)
  8. Lewah Shoopro
  9. Yama Shleeta
  10. Away (dance remix)
  11. Qa Mani Bayat (chobia remix)

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