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David B. Perley: A Collection of Writings on Assyrians

by David B. Perley (author) | Nineveh Press (publisher)

Posted: Friday, August 19, 2016 at 8:18 AM UT

A Collection of Writings on Assyrians by David B. Perley.

A Collection of Writings on Assyrians
by David B. Perley

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Book Details

  • Title: A Collection of Writings on Assyrians
  • Author: David B. Perley
  • Editor: Tomas Beth-Avdalla
  • Forword: Sargon George Donabed, Ph.D.
  • Published by: Nineveh Press
  • Printed by: Lulu, USA 2016
  • Series: MARA Collected Texts 1
  • Product Dimensions:
    6 x 9 in (15,2 cm x 22,9 cm),
    732 pages, illustrations, index
  • Publication Date: August 2016
  • ISBN: 978-91-983441-0-3
  • Price: $29.99

Press Release

We would like to announce the release of our newly published book: ‘A Collection of Writings on Assyrians’, by Dr. David B. Perley.

This book collects the writings of the
prominent author, the late David Barsum Perley (1901–1979), who devoted his life to the Assyrian cause.
He continuously supported and fought
for the rights of the Assyrians. Through his numerous writings, he gave a voice to the situation of Assyrians in their countries of origin in the Middle East. He also vehemently supported the historical Assyrian name, the Assyrian identity and the history of the Assyrians.

David Barsum Perley (1901–1979)“Throughout his life, David Perley was a tireless pursuer of truth(s) and justice. Despite his childhood experience in Harput during the 1914–1918 Assyrian genocide, he remained committed to the preservation and protection of his culture and identity rather than the destruction of those who had committed the terrible deeds against his community. In fact, his meditations echo a sense of hope in the midst of tragedy, and true grit from his educational pursuits including the practice of law and continued focus on his community.”

— From the foreword by Sargon George Donabed, Associate Professor of History and American Studies at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island, USA.

About the editor

Tomas Beth-Avdalla IsikTomas Beth-Avdalla is Project Manager for Modern Assyrian Research Archive (MARA) | writings.

About the publisher

Nineveh PressNineveh Press specializes in reprinting old and rare books and periodicals concerning Assyrian language, literature, history and culture and also to publish new books in the same subjects areas. All books are soft cover and some titles may be available as hardcover as well.

Nineveh Press publishes books in various languages, such as English and Assyrian. Please read the book descriptions carefully for information regarding the language(s) of the particular book.

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