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2020-01-11 Kurdish Tribes Stealing Assyrian Christian Lands
2020-05-05 Spanish reporter Ferran Barber detained for weeks without charge, deported from Iraqi Kurdistan


2019-11-18 (Arabic) Faysh Khabur is being destroyed - فيشخابور تتعرض للتدمير
2019-11-11 Assyrian Journalist Khlapieel Bnyameen Detained by KRG since October 31, 2019
2019-05-12 New Assyrian archaeology findings near Faidah on Mount Daka, Nohadra, northern Iraq [Assyria]


2018-04-01 2018 Human Rights Report: Struggling to Breathe: the Systematic Repression of Assyrians
2018-11-27 Iraq's Stolen Election: How Assyrian Representation Became Assyrian Repression
2018-07-16 Recognition of the Simele Massacre of 1933


2017-09-25 Erasing Assyrians: How the KRG Abuses Human Rights, Undermines Democracy, and Conquers Minority Homelands
2017-01-27 Assyrians Under Kurdish Rule: The Situation in Northeastern Syria


2016-08-12 The Last Plight (documentary film)
2016-04-22 Iraq: Christian Demonstration Blocked


2014-11-10 The Assyrians: A People without Rights
2014-08-06 The Desperate Plight of the Assyrian Christians of Iraq and Syria
2014-07-28 2014 Election Observation Mission Report: Iraqi Council of Representatives Elections and KRG Governorate Council Elections
2014-05-31 The Dead Die Twice: Islamists Destroy Ancient Assyrian Artifacts and Archaeological Sites
2014-04-04 Kha B'Nesan (April 1st) - Assyrian New Year Celebration 6764 (2014) - Akitu festival
2014-03-29 Sara got married: A Christian woman marries a Muslim man. Is it love? Or politics?


2013-12-27 Bombs targeting Christians kill dozens in Baghdad
2013-12-12 A Christmas Gift for Nineveh (2013)
2013-12-03 Nuncio in Damascus: Fate of Orthodox nuns kidnapped by Islamists still uncertain
2013-11-21 Syria: Opposition Abuses During Ground Offensive
2013-11-19 Syria's Christians Flee Kidnappings, Rape, Executions
2013-11-07 (Spanish) Las milicias Islamistas asesinan a treinta Cristianos en la ciudad Siria de Sadad
2013-09-13 Civilians flee rebels re-taking Christian town of Maaloula in Syria civil war
2013-08-20 Assyrians Discuss Possible State in Iraq
2013-08-02 Syrian Christian towns emptied by sectarian violence
2013-07-30 IRAQ: Kurdish 'Islamic' ambulance driver refuses to take the body of a Christian woman to church
2013-07-12 Rape and Atrocities on a Young Christian Girl in Syria
2013-07-12 Kidnapped Christian's body found in Iraq
2013-07-01 Demographic Changes in Assyrian Villages in Northern Iraq
2013-06-26 A Series of Attacks Shakes the Country, a Church hit in Baghdad
2013-06-16 Kurdish Aggression Against Assyrians
2013-04-25 Fate of Orthodox Bishops Seized in Syria Still Unclear
2013-01-09 More Christian blood in Mosul, car bomb kills Christian university student
2013-01-08 Christian teacher has throat cut in Mosul, plunging city in fear again


2012-12-08 En busca de los ultimos cristianos de Iran e Irak (Spanish)
2012-10-01 Kurds Confiscating Ancestral Lands of Indigenous Assyrians
2012-07-24 Christian Minority Fears Anarchy in Damascus, Syria
2012-07-16 Turkey: Court Rules State Can Seize Assyrian Monastery's Land
2012-07-16 Petition Campaign Underway for Historical Syriac Monastery
2012-07-16 Defending the Faith
2012-07-09 Treasures of ancient civilization in North Iraq are threatened – Modification of historical landscape must stop
2012-07-09 New Human Rights Policy Report promises more Protection for Minorities – European Commission must put its Commitments into Practice
2012-07-09 Human Rights Report warns of Extinction of Assyrian Minority in Iraq
2012-06-29 Turkish Court Takes Monastery's Land, Declares Assyrians 'Occupiers'
2012-06-11 Attacked Turkish Pastor Joins in Memorials for Slain Christians
2012-06-11 Indictment of ‘Masterminds’ of Murders in Turkey Expected
2012-06-11 Iranian Authorities Shut Church in Tehran
2012-05-20 An Assyrian Village Headman's plea from Mardin, Turkey: Come Back to Your Village
2012-04-16 A northern Iraqi Easter
2012-04-14 An Assyrian Exodus (film)
2012-04-13 Islamisation tramples Faith
2012-04-03 52 Killed in String of Iraq Bombings; Baghdad Church Targeted
2012-04-03 Iraqi Christians Still in Danger, Feel Neglected by Al-Maliki Government
2012-04-03 Kirkuk: Young Christians and Muslims promote peace and interfaith dialogue
2012-03-18 Turkey: Is a New Newspaper Another Sign of an Assyrian Revival?
2012-03-11 Exodus From North Signals Iraqi Christians’ Slow Decline
2012-02-27 Churches Forced to Stop Farsi Worship in Tehran, Iran
2012-02-15 Iran Christians Urging Prayers As Security Forces Raid Churches; Pastors Detained
2012-01-30 Exploring the Tur Abdin a forgotten treasure of southeastern Turkey


2011-12-06 A Christmas Gift for Nineveh
2011-12-05 Islamic Cleric Incites Muslim Kurds during Friday Prayers, Attacks on Assyrian Businesses Follow
2011-12-02 20 Miles Closer to Nineveh (film)
2011-11-28 Christian Block Walks Out in KRG Parliament Session
2011-11-04 Remembering Iraq’s Displaced Christians One Year after Baghdad Church Massacre
2011-10-14 Why could a Christian not change his name?
2011-10-05 Double targeted killings against the Christian community in Kirkuk
2011-10-05 Iraq Christians Kidnapped Amid Heightened Security Concerns
2011-10-05 An Uncertain Future for Syrian Christians
2011-09-27 Discriminative discourse in history textbooks upsets Assyrians
2011-09-26 Iraqi Christians find safety in north, but no jobs
2011-09-26 Iraqis' 'cruel dilemma': Pay Qaeda tax or pay the price
2011-08-03 Islamic Terrorists Bomb Churches in Iraq
2011-07-11 Human Rights Tragedy in Syria: Yacoub Hanna Shamoun
2011-07-22 Transient | a story of Assyrian Iraqi refugees (film)
2011-06-20 Iraq liquor store owners fear for their lives amid attacks
2011-06-18 Assyrian, Shiite community members end feud in Metn
2011-06-03 Iraq: Orthodox Christian shot to death in Mosul
2011-06-02 Iraqi Muslims, Christians pray for calm in north
2011-05-27 Syrian Christians Say ‘Arab Spring’ Changes Could Hasten Extinction
2011-05-27 Blood of the Martyrs: Christian Man Tortured, Beheaded in Iraq
2011-05-27 Young Christian beheaded and mutilated in Northern Iraq
2011-05-27 With heavy hearts, Christians leave Baghdad
2011-05-21 Chaldean Christian, Ashur Issa Yaqub, kidnapped by Iraqi insurgents found dead, nearly beheaded
2011-05-11 Christians fear more attacks, Iraqi ambassador in Rome pledges protection
2011-05-11 Snipping Roots and Longing to Leave Iraq
2011-05-11 Christians Under Attack From Anti-Government Protesters in Syria
2011-04-24 At least four hurt in Easter blast near Baghdad church
2011-04-24 7 wounded in Easter bombing outside Baghdad church
2011-04-22 The Silent Extermination of Iraq's 'Christian Dogs'
2011-04-22 Salafi-Jihadist Sheikh: It Is Permissible to Spill the Blood of the Iraqi Christians – And A Duty to Wage Jihad Against Them
2011-04-02 Defying Deletion: The Fight Over Iraq's Nineveh Plains (film)
2011-03-26 Mourning in the Garden of Eden (film)
2011-03-11 Iraqi Muslims, Christians wish to live together in peace again
2011-03-11 Christians in northern Iraq find themselves in flux
2011-03-07 Christian town in north Iraq offers refuge
2011-03-07 Murder of 70-year-old Chaldean man in Baghdad raises fears of more attacks
2011-02-25 Christian Leaders Unhappy with Lack of Action on Nineveh Plain
2011-02-24 'Religicide' in Iraq
2011-02-10 Iraqi Christians Want Their Own Province
2011-02-07 Catholic doctor shot at hospital in Iraq
2011-01-22 Last Christians Ponder Leaving a Hometown in Iraq
2011-01-18 Ashurbanipal club, shops attacked in Iraq alcohol clampdown
2011-01-17 Haunted by violence, Iraqi Christians flee to Turkey
2011-01-07 Christian Who Survived Iraqi Church Attack Killed in Her Bed
2011-01-02 A doorbell rings, a new attack on Iraqi Christians


2010-12-31 Gunmen target Christian homes in Baghdad, 2 killed
2010-12-25 Baghdad church marks Christmas Eve despite threats
2010-12-22 Iraq town cancels Christmas after Qaeda threats
2010-12-19 Assyrian student Robina Touma abducted in Mosul, Iraq
2010-12-19 Christian Family in Baghdad Attacked and Threatened
2010-12-06 Iraq: Gunmen Kill Elderly Christian Couple
2010-12-01 Iraqi soldier, Christian citizen killed in northern Iraq
2010-04-24 2010-2003 - Assyrians face Religious Persecution and Ethnic Genocide
2010-11-22 Christian Brothers Shot Dead in North Iraq
2010-11-22 Christian man, daughter killed in bombing in Iraq
2010-11-16 Bombs kill six Baghdad Christians, sow panic
2010-11-16 Bombings target Christian neighbourhoods in Baghdad
2010-10-31 Islamic Terrorists kill Assyrians in Baghdad Church
2010-10-12 Muslims Terrorizing Christian Girls in Iraq - Sister Hatunes Testimony
2010-10-09 Kidnapped Matty Anwar Youkhanna Albazi has been Released
2010-10-06 Matty Anwar Youkhanna Albazi abducted in Iraq
2010-10-03 Marina Aziz abducted, raped and killed
2010-10-03 Marina Aziz - an Appeal to Save her Brother
2010-10-03 Poverty forces Iraqi Refugees into Prostitution
2010-09-28 Syrian Government Forces Arrest Two Assyrians
2010-08-28 Kidnapped Assyrian killed in Iraq despite ransom paid
2010-08-31 Two Assyrians killed, 80 Wounded in Iraq Bus Bombing
2010-07-24 ADO celebration halted by the Syrian services
2010-07-18 Turkish Church Defaced with Islamist Graffiti
2010-03-12 Iraqi Christians rejected by the Iraqi Government and IHEC
2010-03-12 Kurdish Minister - Rich Star, or Pawn?
2010-03-12 Christians Want Police Protection in Iraq
2010-02-24 Inside the 2010 Iraqi Elections


2009-10-10 Facing Extinction: Assyrian Christians In Iraq
2009-04-04 Kha B'Nesan (April 1st) - Akitu New Year Celebrations 6759 (2009) in Beth Nahren, Assyria
2009-03-17 Missing Assyrian Boy in Damascus, Syria


2008-08-13 Assyrian Villages and Monasteries (English version)
2008-08-13 The archbishop of Mosul is dead


2007-06-03 A Chaldean priest and three deacons killed in Mosul


2004-08-03 Protection for Iraqi Christians demanded
2004-08-01 Eleven Dead After Iraq Church Blasts
2004-07-20 Secret Document Details Ethnic Cleansing in Iraq
2004-07-20 Assyrian Christian Children Massacred in Iraq
2004-07-20 Assyrian Sisters Killed in Drive-by Shooting in Basra
2004-06-11 U.S. Department of the Army: Letter of Appreciation for Atheel Andrews, an Assyrian Christian
2004-06-11 Exodus of Christians from Iraq Begins
2004-06-11 Shame and Glory in Iraq
2004-06-11 Islamic Arab Terrorists Threaten Indigenous Christian Assyrians in Iraq
2004-06-11 The Forgotten Christians
2004-06-11 U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID): Helping Rebuild Iraq
2004-06-11 Nahrain Yonaan, A Victim of a War of Retribution
2004-06-06 Makhoul Dam in Beth-Nahren, Assyria.
2004-05-31 The Kurds and their Desires in Iraqi Karkuk!
2004-05-23 Assyrian Villages and Monasteries (Arabic version)
2004-03-17 Kamichli
2004-03-10 Iraq Council, With Reluctant Shiites, Signs Charter
2004-03-06 Reports from Ken Joseph in Nineveh, Assyria
2004-02-22 Assyrian Christian Minority Feels Threatened
2004-02-10 Iraq's Legacy of Terror: Mass Graves
2004-02-03 Several Assyrians Among Victims of Deadly Attacks
2004-01-31 Islamic Arab Terrorists Bomb Police Station
2004-01-31 Nadan Younadam


2003-12-20 The Heroes of the Assyrian Democratic Movement
2003-11-20 Islamic Arab Terrorists Kidnap and Murder an Assyrian, Member of the Assyrian Democratic Movement Zowaa - Explosion in Iraq Kills Five, Hurts 40
2003-11-19 Islamic Arab Terrorist Groups Attack Assyrian Churches and Schools in Mosul, Iraq (Nineveh, Assyria)
2003-10-23 First Iraqi Christian Political Conference to Discuss and Establish an Independent Church Council - أول مؤتمر سياسي للمسيحيين العراقيين يبحث تأسيس مجلس كنائسي مستقل
2003-10-23 Assyrian Democratic Movement Headquarters in Kirkuk Bombed - مهاجمة مقر حزب اشوري في كركوك تسفر عن جريح
2003-10-22 Baghdad General Conference
2003-10-03 Assyrian Girl Kidnapped in Nineveh, Assyria (Northern Iraq) اختطاف فتاة آشورية من قبل أحد أرباب النظام - Assyrian Man Murdered in Baghdad, Iraq
2003-08-26 Assyrian Christians, What Will Their Fate Be?
2003-08-11 Tareq Aziz - هل حقيقة ان طارق عزيز لم يشارك في الجرائم التي اقترفت بحقنا ؟؟؟
2003-07-31 Iraqi Governing Council: Press Release, July 23, 2003 - بسم اللهالرحمنالرحيم
2003-07-31 Iraqi Governing Council Members
2003-07-27 A Lone Woman Testifies To Iraq's Order of Terror
2003-07-27 Yonadam Kanna Appeals for a Force Under U.N. Mandate
2003-07-08 الآثورية   ـ   الكلدانية   ـ  السريانية
2003-06-17 Indigenous People in Distress
2003-05-26 زيارة الوطن بعد تحريره من صدام - Report from Iraq
2003-04-10 Operation Iraqi Freedom
2003-03-29 Iraqi Regime (Ba'ath Party) - Top Secret Internal Memo: Plan of Action
2003-03-27 Urgent Appeal for Assyrian Emergency Relief Project
2003-03-27 Iraq: Forcible Expulsions of Ethnic Minorities
2003-03-20 Assyrian Community Speaks Aramaic, Provides a Warm Welcome to Israelis
2003-03-17 Iraq's Embattled Christians
2003-03-14 Inundation of Ashur: Ancient Assyrian Capital on the Brink of Extinction
2003-03-13 Assyrian Democratic Movement: Support Fund
2003-03-01 U.S. Envoy Arrives in Iraq for Opposition Conference
2003-02-27 Assyrian American National Federation letter to U.S. Vice-President, Richard Cheney: Assyrian Homes & Lands
2003-01-16 Assyrian Democratic Movement Declaration
2003-01-16 U.S. Planning a Kurdish-Turkoman-Assyrian Entity in Post-Saddam Iraq


2002-04-02 Assyrians Celebrated their New Year with Mass Wedding
2002-03-18 Official: Al-Qaida Moving Money Again
2002-02-18 Iraq Forcing Indigenous Assyrians to Flee
2002-02-12 Assyrians May Be Recognized as a Minority in Turkey


2001-12-25 Human Rights Violations Against Assyrians
2001-10-27 Anthrax in Assyria
2001-10-24 Changing Indigenous Peoples' National Identity by a Governmental Decree
2001-10-12 Assyrian Aid Society: Quarterly Report, July-September, 2001
2001-10-12 Questions Remain After Release of Youkhana Khaie
2001-10-02 Bin Laden's Plan to Destabilize Kurdistan
2001-09-02 Amnesty International Application for Youkhana Yalda Khaie
2001-08-27 A Statement on the Arrest of Youkhana Yalda Khaie by the KDP
2001-08-13 Assyrian Man Imprisoned, Tortured by Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP)
2001-08-06 Political Analysis in Bet-Nahren
2001-07-16 Iraqi Archaeologists Dig Up Ancient Temple
2001-07-15 Saddam Invites Kurds to Make Peace with Baghdad
2001-07-09 Christian Jailed for Distributing Apostles' Creed
2001-07-08 Turkish Court Releases Jailed Christian in Southeast (Video Clips in Churchyard Suspected of Being Anti-State Propaganda)
2001-07-05 Municipal Elections in Northern Iraq Marred by Threats of Violence
2001-07-05 The Kurdish Elections Need a Population Census
2001-06-13 Turkey Violates Human Rights
2001-06-04 Kurdistan Democratic Party Collected Majority of Votes in the Municipal Elections
2001-06-04 Proud Assyrian Community Keeps its Traditions Alive
2001-06-04 The Rise and Fall of a Great and Ancient Civilization
2001-05-14 Language of Christ may disappear in Syria
2001-05-03 Saddam Hussein's Iraq
2001-04-05 Father Akbulut Acquitted on All Charges
2001-04-03 'And now the Syrianis' [Simdi de Suryaniler]
2001-03-11 Turkish State Security Council (SSC) Commissioned a Report on the Assyrians
2001-03-01 Assyrian Coalition Condolences
2001-02-22 The Martyrdom of Franso Hariri Is More Than Just One Message
2001-02-22 PUK condemn the assassination of Hariri, KDP leader
2001-02-22 Assassination of Franso Hariri, a Member of Kurdish Leadership
2001-02-12 Rare copy of Old Testament seized by Iraqi Customs
2001-02-12 Chaldean Bishop reflects on "Hopeless Situation" under Sanctions
2001-02-12 Northern Watch - January


2000-12-27 Visit to the ancient monastery of Mar Gabriel
2000-12-27 Turkey's Assyrians celebrate Christmas
2000-12-22 Turkish Court Tries Assyrian Priest For Backing Armenians
2000-12-22 Turkish Priest Goes on Trial for Provoking Hatred
2000-12-21 Indictment Against Fr. Yusuf
2000-12-21 AUA Press Release on Fr. Yusuf Akbulut
2000-11-27 Not only the Armenians but also the Suryani(Assyrians) have been massacred
2000-11-19 Priest Yusuf Arrested in Front of Tourists
2000-11-19 Turks arrest Assyrian Priest
2000-11-18 Iranians flee poverty
2000-11-14 Iranians hail Pope's role in inter-religious dialogue
2000-11-14 Iranians hail Pope's role in inter-religious dialogue
2000-11-12 Iranian official, minorities' MPs meet Vatican official
2000-11-07 Largest Sumerian Cemetery Unearthed in Iraq
2000-11-01 The Town of Tel Tamer Hopes to Raise the Khabour Athletic Club to a Higher Level
2000-10-30 Case opened over church converted to mosque
2000-10-25 The Syriacs' migration home
2000-10-25 300 years Old Church was Converted to Mosque with One Petition
2000-10-19 Assyrian Tablets Found in Excavations in Bismil
2000-10-12 Report on the Tragedy of the Assyrian Team in Syria
2000-10-09 The Syriac Priest Yusuf Akbulut said: "It was the Kurds who had Perpetrated the Genocide"
2000-10-05 Turk Police Arrest Priest for Genocide Remarks
2000-10-03 47 Countries take part in Iraq'S Babylon Festival
2000-09-17 Assyrians Summoned by the Iraqi Directorate General of Intelligence
2000-08-28 Assyrians in Turkey: Our Minority Rights Should Be Recognized
2000-08-28 The Tribe That Came Back Home
2000-08-09 Assyrian Cultural Center
2000-07-20 Khatami Receives Assyrian Representatives
2000-07-11 US-backed Iraqi Group Forms New Secretariat
2000-06-21 American Ambassador Visits Tur-Abdin
2000-06-03 Turkish Governor Bans Monasteries
2000-05-31 Assyrian POW's Released in Iran
2000-05-31 New Irrigation Project in Duhok, Northern Iraq
2000-05-31 Official Release - Reference: U.S. Census 2000
2000-05-31 Assyrian Family in Turmoil in Turkey
2000-05-31 Terrorism in Assyria
2000-05-31 Ancient Tradition at Turkish Monastery Comes Under Siege
2000-05-31 Turkish Government Ban Syriac in Tur Abdin, Turkey
2000-05-31 Turkey Destroys Assyrian Villages
2000-05-31 Assyrian Mother and Daughter Murdered
2000-05-31 Kurdish Guerillas Kill an Assyrian Civilian
2000-05-31 Kurdish Guerillas Attack Assyrian Civilians
2000-05-31 First Wheat Crops Identified in Northern Bet-Nahrain
2000-05-31 Assyrian Cultural Center Anniversary
2000-05-31 Aheeqar al-Hakeem Lecture
2000-05-31 Mar Rafael Bet Daweed visits Hazarjot
2000-05-31 A New Assyrian Athletic Center Opens in Northern Iraq
2000-05-31 The Fraternity of Assyrians, Arabs, Kurds and Turkomans
2000-05-31 Assyrian Massacre in Northern Iraq
2000-05-31 Whereabouts of Assyrian Employees in Saddam's Service remain unknown
2000-05-31 News update from Northern Iraq

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Assyrian \ã-'sir-é-an\ adj or n (1998)   1:  descendants of the ancient empire of Ashur   2:  the Assyrians, although representing but one single nation as the direct heirs of the ancient Assyrian Empire, are now doctrinally divided, inter sese, into five principle ecclesiastically designated religious sects with their corresponding hierarchies and distinct church governments, namely, Church of the East, Chaldean, Maronite, Syriac Orthodox and Syriac Catholic.  These formal divisions had their origin in the 5th century of the Christian Era.  No one can coherently understand the Assyrians as a whole until he can distinguish that which is religion or church from that which is nation -- a matter which is particularly difficult for the people from the western world to understand; for in the East, by force of circumstances beyond their control, religion has been made, from time immemorial, virtually into a criterion of nationality.   3:  the Assyrians have been referred to as Aramaean, Aramaye, Ashuraya, Ashureen, Ashuri, Ashuroyo, Assyrio-Chaldean, Aturaya, Chaldean, Chaldo, ChaldoAssyrian, ChaldoAssyrio, Jacobite, Kaldany, Kaldu, Kasdu, Malabar, Maronite, Maronaya, Nestorian, Nestornaye, Oromoye, Suraya, Syriac, Syrian, Syriani, Suryoye, Suryoyo and Telkeffee. — Assyrianism verb

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