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News update from Northern Iraq
by Zinda, 11/02/1997
Posted: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 06:01 pm CST


*End of October
His Holiness Mar Dinkha came for a visit to Baghdad, Iraq. He was in Iraq to speak to different churches, such as the Chaldean congregations.

*November 2
The Zowaa Media Bureau replied to a report published by "Middle East Newspaper" (published October 16). The report stated that Turkey had supplied arms to certain Assyrian groups in Iraq to fight alongside the Turks against PKK. The Zowaa Media Bureau responded to this report: there is no group that has taken arms from the Turks, and furthermore, no Assyrian group that has agreed to fight against PKK. The reality of Northern Iraq is that peace-keeping troops sponsored by the U.S., Britain, and Turkey are further helped by Zowaa and the Turkoman front. Our movement is NEUTRAL in the Kurdish in-fighting.

*November 8
Famous Assyrian writer Aprim Shapira arrived in the Homeland. Zowaa representatives welcomed the author and marked the occasion of his four-day visit with media interviews and political gatherings at the Assyrian Educational Center at Nohadrah and Ashur TV in Ankawa. Shapira also presented a lecture on Assyrian political movements. Shapira also paid a visit to Labor * Housing Minister Yousip Yaqob and Francois Herrari, governor of Arbil.

*November 11
Representatives of Zowaa leadership, including Toma Khashaba, Younan Hosaya, Ishmail Nanok and Yousip Putros visited the National Turkoman Party to congratulate them on the 16th year anniversary of their establishment.

*November 13
Minister of Labor & Housing, Yousip Yacob, received Mr. Youkhanna Reyes and Mr. Francois, both members of the Aradin Society (Detroit, U.S.). They were received in the Dohuk. They discussed the facilitation of returning displaced Aradin residents to their villages in Northern Iraq. The Minister instructed the two officials to repair and amend the main highway to Aradin to make it easier for the villagers to re-settle.

*November 15
The Zowaa Secretary General received his Holiness Abdu Ahad, Bishop of the Chaldean Church in Suleimaya, in the Central Political Office in Dohuk. Secretary General emphasized the efforts of Zowaa to support the Assyrian people living in areas that the Bishop mentioned.

*November 17
A new Assyrian school was inaugurated in Dohuk, named Houdia. The school is fully staffed by an Assyrian administration and teachers. The school has seven grades and 227 students.

*November 19
Minister of Labor & Housing, Yousip Yacob, was a member of a meeting of UN delegates presided by Pedon Sifan, UN Assistant Secretary General in charge of the Iraqi Program. A six-month plan was requested to be drafted and implemented by UN delegate in the region.

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