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Assyrian Massacre in Northern Iraq
by The Assyrian Democratic Movement, Political Bureau, in Arbil
Posted: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 06:09 pm CST


ARBIL, Iraq (ADM) - [Originally published on December 14, 1997] Once again our defenseless people suffer from acts of trachery, terror and betrayal. Early on the morning of Saturday, December 13th, 1997, an armed group belonging to the Kurdish Works Party (PKK) committed a despicable murder against innocent Assyrian citizens from the small town of Mangesh.

Six innocent young men fell under an armed ambush in place near Mangesh on the way leading to Duhok. Two young men died instantly, while the the wounded died later. As such the six young men: (Sliwo Jema, Samir Isho, Majed Shimoun, Arkan Hirmez, Salam Yousif, Naji Mikho) became victims of this hideous act of terror. Mrs. Wardya Yousef Uraha, the wife of Naji Mikho, was wounded on her leg. The martyr, Salam Yousef Uraha, was a member of our organization. He was born in 1975, and known among us as kashira.

As we convey this breaking news about the horrendous murder against our innocent Assyrian citizens, we condemn strongly such practices and policies that threaten the security and the stability of our people and the region as whole. As a matter of fact, such attacks and aggressions affect negatively our national existence and the democratic experiment, on the other. We call upon the leaderships responsible for such practices to put an end to such policies that endanger the lives of the innocent people and the general interests as a patriotic struggle deviate from its essential line.

At this time, we mourn with the families of the victims in their painful calamity, we would like to emphasize that such crimes will by no means weaken our will or belief in the just cause of our people. On the countrary, such practices will increase our determination to resume our struggle to consolidate our national existence and fulfil our legitimate aspirations.

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