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Kurdish Guerillas Attack Assyrian Civilians
by Youkhanan Khzyran Bet-Dodo, France [Europe]
Posted: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 06:23 pm CST


SARSENK, Iraq (APP) - On July 22, 1998, the Assyrian civilians of Sarsenk were a victim to ANOTHER BARBARIAN ATTACK from their Kurdish neighbors of Kany-Jenarky village, originally from (upper Araden Kurdish village). Kurdish armed troops from Kany-Jenarky village entered Sarsenk and started to attack the Assyrian civilians in their houses by hitting them and verbally abusing them, then by opening fire wounding three Assyrians, one of them 14 years old.

These acts begun first against the young Assyrian girls by trying to attract (Qashdoreh) them, when the girl's brothers tried to protect their sisters and relatives, those girl's brothers were seriously harmed by the barbarian Kurdish troops. Assyrian well known personalities tried to calm the situation, especially (Qasha) Shlimon Easho and the mayor (Mokhtar) of Sarsenk by acknowledging the official authorities and (The Government of the region) and by using all possible channels, but nothing was done or to protect the Assyrian girls and their families and to stop these attacks.

The situation has become serious and dangerous, Qasha Shlimon decided to travel to Arbil to talk and inform Mr. Franso Hariri and Mr. Sarkis Aghajan, but before his return to Sarsenk, these armed Kurdish troops attacked Sarsenk as mentioned above. The security forces tried to stop the attacks but failed due to their small number. Also the efforts of some well known Assyrian and Kurdish personalities from the Assyrian village of (Badresh) were ineffective in trying to save the Assyrians of Sarsenk from those bloody and barbarian troops who even tried to attack Qasha Shlimon and the mayor, Mr. Talya (Mokhtar) of Sarsenk while the two took refuge in the building of the headquarters of the security forces (called - Asayesh).

Signed The External Headquarters of The Assyrian Patriotic Party July 25, 1998

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