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The Martyrdom of Franso Hariri Is More Than Just One Message
by Kurdish Media - R. M. Ahmad, 02-21-2001
Posted: Thursday, February 22, 2001 01:26 am CST


The assassination of the well-known Franso Hariri is a terrorist message, which doesn’t know anything except physical elimination to bring back blood shed and security instability after the enemies of Kurds lost because of the security, stability and the strengthening of Kurdish interests. The Iraqi Kurdistan is surely moving to continue to grow in the shadow of peace. It started gaining the testimonies and encouragements of International, human rights and informational organisations about the different directions, on every field, between Kurdish administration and central government after ten years.

The last of these testimonies were what the German Magazine, Aldir Shbigl, wrote in its both issues last week: “The Kurds have achieved their dream of self determination now after ten years of Gulf war. Poverty doesn’t have an influence. The region between Dijla and Iranian border has developed to a shape no one believed three years ago. Big shops in the capital city of Arbil are full with everything one wants to get in Middle East. These new gains are the targets of terrorist to prevent citizens of the region to enjoy by political assassinations.”

Their target was a popular, social, political and high personal celebrity, Franso Hariri, the politician, parliamentarian and sportsman approachable to every one and open in his social relations, which made him a personal friend of every one. He was a common continuous link between Muslims and Christians in the region and the proof of the unity of Kurds and Assyrians. Since his enrollment, during his early youths, to the national struggle, he never fell for personal or religious ambitions. He was an example of ethnic and religious tolerance in Kurdistan society.

The terrorists chose an eloquent person on TV. shows to persuade and influence with the details the political developments in Kurdistan. As well as an eloquent speaker at any public platforms, Franso Hariri was a writer. He wrote two books; one about the politics of Kurdistan Workers Party in Iraq and the other one was about the internal fighting in the region after 1994. His writings are the products of live experiences and the burdens of practical works because he was always one of those near the incidents.

Since the 9th congress, he became a member of Kurdistan Democratic Party Central Committee and in charge, for a while, of relations of Kurdistan and National parties. On 1992, he became the head of KDP parliamentarian wing in Kurdistan Parliament. Then he became the governor of Arbil. After that, he became in charge of KDP branch in the capital of the region. All these responsibly granted him practical experiences in the work and dealings with people, which made him popular not an elite. Every one including government offices and the meetings of party leadership as well as sport centres in the cities of the region remember and miss him.

The terrorists chose an important target to assassinate security and stability. The assassination of Franso Hariri was their message and reply. This must lead to more determination to strengthen the authority of the law and to eradicate the foundation of terrorism, the worst enemy of democracy.

Source: Fawzi Al-Atroshy, Al-Zaman, London-based Arabic-daily, Arbil-Kurdistan, 21st Feb 2001

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