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'And now the Syrianis', [Simdi de Süryaniler]

Posted: Tuesday, April 03, 2001 at 05:19 PM CT



Recently the Syriac Orthodox Church Metropolitan Isa Gürbüz met with the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Johannes Rau. Rau personally asked about Father Yusuf Akbulut, demonstrating his interest on his case. The fundamentalist nationalist newspaper Türkiye reacted to the visit by making it first page news.


The title of the article appears on the first page of Türkiye, next to another article - giving the impression that there is a connection between the two - entitled 'Ermeniler hesap verecek' [Armenians will pay], with the picture of the President of Azerbaijan Aliyev and a threatening Turkish soldier in the background.

Under the heading 'And now the Syrianis', [Simdi de Süryaniler] the following assertion is made: Syrianis [Assyrians] joined the PKK and Armenians who carry out anti-Turkish activities.

Sub-heading: Language and culture

Syriac Orthodox Church Metropolitan Isa Gürbüz who was received by the German President Johannes Rau has claimed that "they have troubles in Turkey" and asked that the Syriani language and culture be protected and taught.

Full text of the article on page 18

Syriac Orthodox Church Metropolitan Isa Gürbüz who was received by the German President Johannes Rau talked about "their troubles in Turkey" and requested that the Syriani language and culture be protected.

Berlin - President of Germany Johannes Rau has met with the Syriac Orthodox Metropolitan of Germany and Syriani community leaders in Germany.

Rau who received the delegation headed by Metropolitan Isa Gürbüz, in the Presidential Palace, said he supported the initiatives in teaching of the Syriac language and of Syriani culture.

After the meeting which lasted 45 minutes a source close to the Syriani community leaders made a brief announcement: "The President was very warm, he showed interest when our Metropolitan told him that we sent 20 thousand DM to our Syriani brethren, victims of the earthquake.

The source also said that in the discussion with Rau the troubles of the Syriani community in Turkey have been pointed out to him and added that the German President showed a humane interest.

The same source indicated that Rau's approach to the preservation of and support for the Syriac language was very warm and that he said he found it positive the request to purchase the church situated in Berlin's Postdamerstr, number 9, which was rented in 1986 for 30 years.

They have 40 congregations

TThere are 40 associations and other organisations active across the country under the auspices of the German Syriani Community and Syriac Orthodox Church. It is worthy of note that the congregation that gathers every Sunday in the church surfaced in Germany immediately after France has accepted the so-called genocide.

The Syrianis who are active under [the direction] of the Metropolitan Isa Gürbüz continue their work [also] in Germany Syriani Community under the presidency of engineer Adnan Mermertas.

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