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Assyrian American National Federation letter to U.S. Vice-President, Richard Cheney: Assyrian Homes & Lands

Posted: Thursday, February 27, 2003 at 01:11 PM CT

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AssyriaAANF: Office of the President

December 14, 2002

The Honorable Richard Cheney
Vice President
United States of America

Mr. Vice President:

The attached declaration has come to our attention.

It is imperative that immediate action be taken by you in addressing the issue(s) raised in the attached document during the Opposition Meeting, formerly referred to as G4+2, presently taking place in London.

The rulings, #5 proposed and passed by the Kurdish Parliament in the year 2002 and #1 passed by the Head of the Kurdish Ministry in the year 2002, as outlined in the attached document clearly pose a targeted threat against the Assyrians of Northern Iraq.

The present government in Northern Iraq has formed a committee that is charged with three directives.

  1. To survey the land and take a census of the inhabitants
  2. Allow the present occupants (the majority of which are Kurds who have illegally claimed land belonging to Assyrians) the opportunity to gain "legal" ownership of the land for the following fees…

    a. 14 Dinars (per square meter) - city limits
    b. 10 Dinars (per square meter) - suburban areas
    c. 8 Dinars (per square meter) - rural areas

  3. Scout out the areas that are legally inhabited and attempt to coerce and or enforce sales to purchase the land from the owners for a mere fee of 50 Dinars per square meter in order to ensure vacancy for Kurdish buyers.

This declaration allows illegal squatters/croachers (predominantly Kurds) the opportunity to legally purchase land from the Kurdish government. The repercussions of this land patriation devastates Assyrians of Northern Iraq who have been illegally forced from their lands/homes since 1933, primarily those who recently lost their homes as a result of the 1991 no fly zone decree that prevented these families from traveling back to the North.

Urgent attention to this matter is requested, specifically during the meeting of the Iraqi Opposition Group currently in London. The rights of the Assyrians must be observed and discussion of this subject must take place with the Kurdish officials.

The Assyrians must have their homes/lands protected and returned. The Assyrian American National Federation awaits your response.


Atour Y. Golani
President, Assyrian American National Federation (AANF)

cc. Senator John Nimrod, Secretary General, Assyrian Universal Alliance
Dr. Emanuel Kambar, Assyrian Representative

AANF, A Non-profit Tax Exempt - IRS Code 501(c)(3)
18470 W. Ten Mile Road, Suite 202
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