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Khä B'Nësán (April 1st) - Akitu New Year Celebrations 6759 (2009) in Beth Nahren, Assyria

Posted: Saturday, April 04, 2009 at 04:36 PM CT


Beth Nahren, Assyria (ATOUR) — Akitu, the 6759 year traditional festival of the ancient and modern Assyrians, was celebrated with a great parade and concert.  Assyrians from all parts of our homeland and the Diaspora came together to share and promote cultural awareness and pride in our ancient, inherited identity.  Spring represented an annual revival of life and gave hope to Assyrians weary of the past winter.  The Assyrian New Year is celebrated for 12 days, beginning on March 21st of every year.

In an important reminder of the volatile and continued harrassment of Assyrians living in Iraq, the regional Kurdish authority refused to grant permission for this parade earlier in the week.  Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM), the organizer of the parade, vowed to proceed with the parade.

To avoid negative publicity, the regional authority reluctantly reversed their decision and granted the permit after protests from numerous Assyrian activist groups.

Khä B'Nësán (April 1st) - Akitu New Year Celebrations 6759 (2009)
   in Beth Nahren, Assyria

(5 minutes, courtesy of Johnny | Ankawa | AshurTV)

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Khä B'Nësán (April 1st) - Assyrian New Year
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