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Afghan Taliban Orders Non-Muslims to Wear Badge

Posted: Tuesday, May 22, 2001 at 04:44 PM CT

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (Reuters) - Afghanistan's Taliban rulers ordered the country's non-Muslim minorities Tuesday to wear a distinctive badge on their clothes while going outdoors.

The Taliban-controlled Voice of Shariat radio, monitored in Islamabad, quoted religious police chief Maulawi Abdul Wali as saying the order had been issued in the light of a fatwa, or religious decree, given by Islamic scholars.

``The ulema (scholars) issued a fatwa that the non-Muslim population of the country should have a distinctive mark such as a piece of cloth attached to their pockets so they should be differentiated from others,'' it quoted Wali as saying in an interview with the official Bakhtar news agency.

``And this decision is in accordance with the Sharia (Islamic law),'' he said.

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