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Mideast Peace Plan

Posted: Monday, April 11, 2011 at 09:15 AM CT

Letter sent to Israeli Prime Minister and all Knesset Members.

Currently, the Israeli Government is finding itself in a dilemma in the court of world opinion. First, the two-state solution that is being bantered around will not work and will only put Israel in a perilous security situation if Israel gives up any large portion of territory in the West Bank. We have to learn from our past mistakes when Israel gave up Gaza. It did not give Israel peace nor security. Also, the two-state solution will not work because there is no way the Palestinian Muslims nor Israeli Jews will agree upon the proper division of Jerusalem. The two-state solution will eventually lead to a two party war. A one state solution between the Israeli Jews and Palestinian Muslims will never work because it would lead to a civil war.

The only solution to this conflict is to incorporate Middle East Christians into Israel, Gaza, West Bank, and Golan Heights. There are plenty of Middle East Christians who have suffered under the hands of Muslim aggression and would surely be a partner in the peace process with the Israeli Jews. Look at the historical evidence of the Christian exodus in Bethlehem when it came under the control of the Palestinian Authority and how the Christian population suffered under Muslim oppression. Currently, all Christians (Egyptian Copts, Assyrians, and other Arab Christians) throughout the Middle East are suffering under Muslim oppression and aggression.

Clearly, Israel claims to be a democratic country but it offers no democracy nor rights to Palestinian Muslims under occupation. On the other hand, giving the Palestinian Muslims a country in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank will most likely be the death nail of Israeli security and to the nation of Israel itself.

The Israeli Government needs to be smart about the peace process. First, Israel needs to dilute the effect of the Palestinian Muslims and not grant the Palestinian Muslims their own exclusive territorial state. Second, the Israeli Government needs to allow the immigration of oppressed Mideast Christian into Israel, Gaza, West Bank, and Golan Heights. These oppressed Mideast Christians will be willing peace partners and allies with the Israeli Jews. Yes, the Palestinian Muslims have suffered, but the Mideast Christians have suffered too. The Israeli Government needs to change the world focus towards Islamic oppression in which Middle East Christians have suffered and how Islamic aggression is a major concern of Jewish survival in the Mideast. This approach should guarantee support from the Western Nations (such as the United States and the European Union).

From here Israel needs to take a new radical approach in creating three nations within one geographic location that comprises of Israel (within the pre-1967 boarders), the West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan Heights. This new entity shall be called the United Nations of Jerusalem which will comprise of a Jewish Nation called Israel, a Muslim Nation called Palestine, and a Christian Nation called Judah (named after the Christian Messiah who is of the tribe of Judah). The United Nations of Jerusalem will be one territory where all Jews, Muslims, and Christians have the right to live anywhere. This will address the concerns of the Palestinian Muslims regarding their right to return to the homeland from which they were exiled and give the Jews territories of their ancestral homeland like Hebron. The United Nations of Jerusalem (UNJ) will be one geographic territory occupied by three nations in which Jerusalem will be the capital of all three.

The UNJ will consists of three nations that operate as one government. For any law to pass, a minimum of two of the three nations (religious governments) needs to approve legislation, or all three Presidents of each nation may approve legislation for it to become law. Each nation will consist of a president, vice president, cabinet, and a congress (the executive and legislative branches will operate like the U.S. Government except that there will be one legislative body). There will be an Israeli Nation consisting of an Jewish President and a Jewish Congress. There will be a Palestinian Nation consisting of an Islamic President and Islamic Congress. There will be a Judean Nation consisting of a Christian President and Christian Congress. Each respective national congress will be elected in the same manner as Israeli Knesset members are elected to ensure minority groups receive representation in their respective congress.

The sole defense of the United Nations of Jerusalem will fall under the sole authority and control of the Israeli President forever. The security of the UNJ shall be secured by a peace treaty with the European Union of Nations and the United States. The current Israeli Defense Force (IDF) will withdraw within the pre-1967 border to ensure Israel's own security while the UNJ National Guard (consisting of Jews, Muslims, and Christians) and international forces (like the EU and US) establish the rule of law in the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and Golan Heights. There shall be no segregated militia groups in Gaza, West Bank, or Golan Heights and all militia groups shall be disarmed. Only the UNJ National Guard can exist in Gaza, West Bank, and Golan Heights. The UNJ National Guard is only concerned with internal police security of the UNJ and the UNJ National Guard may eventually be allowed to operate within Israel proper (Israel before the 1967 war) only when sovereignty is granted by the Israeli President and Israeli Congress for the UNJ National Guard to operate within Israel. Any action of the UNJ National Guard will only occur when at least two of the three national defense ministers (cabinet members) approve such action. Each of these Defense Ministers answer to their own National President and may be removed by their respective President.

The sole defense of the United Nations of Jerusalem will fall under the sole authority and control of the Israeli President forever. The name of the defense force will be changed from the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) to the UNJ Defense Force. The UNJ Defense Force and its armaments will always be under the control of the Israeli President. The UNJ Defense shall gradually be integrated with Christians and Muslims over a period of time, but the Christians and Muslims in the UNJ Defense force are under the authority and control of the Israeli President. The UNJ Defense Force shall be granted large land bases in which to operate and these bases are under the sole control and authority of the Israeli President and are not subject to any interference from the nations of Judah or Palestine.

The judicial system in the United Nations of Jerusalem would be represented by the three nations. The Supreme Court shall consist of three Jews, three Christians, and three Muslims. Each judge shall be nominated by each respective national president and approved by each respective national congress. Sharia law will not be permitted in the UNJ. The United nations of Jerusalem shall be governed by a doctrine of “Freedom of Religion” where everyone has a right to choose their religion freely. Each lower court shall consist of one Jewish Judge, one Muslim Judge, and one Christian Judge. The jury of any trial shall consist of three Jews, three Muslims, and three Christians. A decision or conviction by a jury shall take place only upon a vote of two-thirds (6/9) or more,

Again, the current Israeli Government needs to change the current world opinion about its past transgressions and correct these past Israeli errors; then, focus the world attention on current transgressions of Islamic aggression on non-Muslims. From there the world can focus on the true threat of Islamic aggression originating out of Iran. We have Iranian aggression that supports Shi'ite oppression in Syria and Lebanon in which the Shi'ite are a minority group in both nations. This is not right and must be changed.

Peace is a real possibility if people put an effort in attaining it. Let us all pray that there may be a solution for peace in which suffering will cease for all Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Let everyone pray for peace in the Middle East.

Respectfully yours,
Jon Dolen
PO Box 67
Green Valley, IL 61534 USA

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