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All That's Left to Them by Abdulkhaleq Jewari
(documentary in Aramaic, Arabic and English)

Perspective: Letter

by Abdulkhaleq Jewari — documentary film journalist | YouTube

Posted: Thursday, October 03, 2019 at 06:25 AM UT

All That's Left to Them by Abdulkhaleq Jewari
(documentary in Aramaic, Arabic and English)
All That's Left to Them by Abdulkhaleq Jewari (documentary in Aramaic, Arabic and English) poster
Abdulkhaleq Jewari — documentary film journalist.
Abdulkhaleq Jewari — documentary film journalist.
Abdulkhaleq Jewari (center) with Ishtar sponsored documentary group.

Dear Sir/Madam

On the rights of property of Iraqi Christians, I am an Iraqi Muslim journalist proud of what I have done between the years 2005-2010.

Families were pouring in the hundreds to the new safe haven in Kurdistan.  In the meantime, which happened to be eyewitnesses, Mr. Agha Jan's campaign was launched in the largest attempt to resettle in Iraq in its modern history, which was the construction of more than 135 villages, thousands of displaced people who entered the Kurdistan region of Iraq without having anything.

Through my work at Ishtar Channel, I had a golden opportunity to roam on this map, where I wrote and directed 135 television documentaries entitled Journey.

It is a tour in every village through a literary and descriptive message depicting everything related to the village from the history, society and nature of life through a film raw material now preserved in the shelves of the channel Ishtar chronicling these villages every small and large based on dozens of books in Arabic, Aramaic, Syriac and English.

The years that we spent in a Journey and documentation were fateful right after the destruction, demolition, displacement and obliteration of the history, heritage and rights of a completely authentic Iraqi Christian community, especially in the Nineveh.

I ask the Pope to support the campaign to protect the archives of Christians from being lost and the establishment of a special center to receive all images, documents, property papers, ammunition
and manuscripts survivors of destruction for delivery to the United Nations to stop the campaign to wipe out the Christian community from the map of Iraq.

I am ready to provide the center with all my archived stories and photos in defense of the rights and history of minorities in Iraq.

All That's Left to Them (last movie)

(attached links contain video clips from more than 100s of documentary films from my efforts between 2005 -2019)

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