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Konstantine Matveev

Posted: Tuesday, July 03, 2001 at 12:22 PM CT

Professor Konstantine Matveev was born on December 10, 1934 in the city of Voronesh, 600 Kilometers from Moscow, Russia. His father was born in Gavar and his mother in Al-Bak in northeastern Turkey.

During World War I his grandparents participated in the Assyrian Rebellion against the Ottoman Empire and were repressed as many Assyrians were. His grandfather, Mammu Bar Mattai of Gavar, participated in the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878 on the side of Russia and received permission to settle down in the Kars province of Turkey in the village of Samawat.

Professor Matveev finished his education in the secondary school in 1953 and entered into the Teacher's Institute Foreign Languages section and specialized in the English and German languages. After his graduation from this institute in 1958 he taught at the local university and in the following year he married and relocated to Moscow. In Moscow he finished a postgraduate course of the Oriental Institute and for his thesis, he wrote on "The Assyrian Question in World War I and after", this was in 1965; he then achieved a Masters of Arts degree in History.

In 1983 for his doctorate dissertation he wrote on the subject of "The Struggle of the Assyrian people from Freedom and Independence", the end of the 19th century - the 70th of the 20th century. Two years later, in 1985 he received the title of Professor and he was appointed as the deputy chief of the Department of History of Russia, Chief of the Department of Politology (Politics), President of the Academy 'Rus' and 'Assyria' of the Pedagogical Society of Russia. Professor Matveev published fifteen books on the subject of Assyrian history, culture, traditions and has written more than 300 articles in Russian, Arabic, English and Assyrian.

In December 1997 Professor Matveev completed a course in History of Religions, in England. He currently serves as the President of the Assyrian Refugee Relief Foundation of U.K.

During the months of September and October of 1998, Professor Matveev was a guest of the Bet Nahrain Organization and Bet Nahrain Democratic Party in Sydney Australia. During this visit, he delivered numerous lectures on the topic of Assyrian history as well as recent history and on the Assyrians in Russia. These lectures were repeated at the universities of Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. During this visit he brought with him numerous books and lecture papers as well as a new documentary film on the Assyrians of Russia entitled "Tragedy of Survival". This is a professionally produced documentary running approximately one hour, narrated in English and is based on historical photos taken by the Russian soldiers who fled the battle fields during WWI.

This film details the atrocities experienced by Assyrians fleeing the turkish massacres and settling in Russia and their efforts to maintain their identity during the past seventy years of Russian communist rule. The documentary attempts to predict what the future might hold for the Assyrians in Russia after more than seventy years of isolation from their brethren.

His Australian visit itenary included the Nineveh Club, Assyrian Sports and Cultural Club as well as the Assyrian Charity and Educational Community. In addition to visiting the Assyrian community in Melbourne, he met with Australian government officials as well as other Assyrian organizations. He was interviewed by the Assyrian, Australian as well as Arabic radio and television programs with regards to this visit.

Professor Matveev's Published Books

  • The Assyrian Question during and after WWI (in Russian and Arabic)
  • The Assyrian Problem in the modern and present time (in Russian and Arabic)
  • The Struggle of the Assyrian People for freedom and independence (19th Century - the present times) (In Russian and Arabic)
  • When the Cuneiform began to speak (The Ancient Assyrian Culture and History) (in Russian and Arabic)
  • The Land of Ancient Mesopotamia (in Russian, Arabic and English)
  • Jesus Christ was and Assyrian (in Russian and English)
  • The Assyrians, their history, literature, language in the world literature and journalism (in Russian and English)
  • History and Ethnography, Traditions, Habits, Culture (in Russian and English)
  • Interpretations of the Assyrian dreams (in Russian, Arabic and English)
  • Wise parables of the Assyrian nations(about several thousands) (in Russian, Arabic and English)
  • History of Ancient Syria(Connections of Assyria and Syria, Christianity in Syria, Assyria's influence on Syria, Assyria's conquest of Syria, Maronites and Assyrians and so on (in Russian and English)
  • Bar-Ebraya's laughable stories. With a long biography and introduction (in Russian and English)
  • The Participation of Russia's Assyrians and Assyrians of the Middle East in World War II on the side of Russia, France, England and USA - Fictions stories with photos (in Russian and English)
  • The laughable stories of Metropolitan Mar-Aprim of India (in Russian and English)
  • The Assyrian fairy tales in three volumes (in Russian and English)

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