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Joshia Khoshaba

Posted: Tuesday, July 03, 2001 at 01:24 PM CT

Joshia (Eiloush) Khoshaba
Assyrian Body Builder, Wrestler and Actor

Eiloush started his body building exercises at a very young age at the Tehran Atash (fire) sports club. He chose wrestling as his main sport and became the champion of the sports clubs of Tehran in the fourth level weight. he inherited his physical appearance from his grandfather who lived 109 years. In 1948, the Atash club encouraged him to participate in the Iranian regional body builders' competition where he became the champion among the Group 3 contestants. A month later, he participated in the Iranian national competition where he defeated all other contestants from the participating four groups earning himself the title of the Man of Iran.

He retained this prestigious position until 1952. In the competitions held in 1951 and 1952, he also defeated his competitors in the games for the most physically powerful man in Iran.

In 1952, after his athletic achievements, Eiloush began a new era in his career. Having a fit physique, good looks, and national popularity, he was an excellent choice for the Iranian movie and theater industry. He played the lead man in three consecutive movies that captured the hearts and souls of the Iranians: Amir Arsalaun'e Naumdar (the famous Amir Arsalan), Ghazal'e Arsalan (the Song of Arsalaun), Beezhan and Maneezheh.

In 1957 Eiloush stayed in the U.S. for two years where he participated in a competition held in Sacramento, Califomia where he became the champion of the event. Upon an invitation from the Iranian movie and entertainment industry, he returned to Iran to play in a new movie called Dandaun'e Affei (Cobra's Tooth) which was the first Cinema Scope and color production in Iran. While in Iran, one of his friends sent Eiloush's pictures, address, and physical measurements to Italy. This opened the door to Eiloush to participate in Italian production of such hits as the Volkan; the god of war, and Ali Baba which were produced by Youno Film Company. His role in Volkan earned him the title of the best male actor of the year 1961, and brought hijin the prestigious award of the golden Wing from the international festival of movies in Cannes, France.

In 1963, Eiloush participated in an international athletic competition under the name of the International Hercules which was held in two parts in Rome and London. The competition was composed of such giants as Seito Reves (Mr. Universe) from the United States, Rich Park (Mr. Universe) from Great Britain, and Joe Robinson the Intemational Judo champion. Eiloush, was able to succumb his fierce competitors and become the champion in this international event. Once he had secured his championship, Eiloush returned to Italy. Since then, Eiloush has participated in over forty movies produced by different countries on an international level.

In the summer of 1983, Eiloush came to the United States where he lived in San Francisco for one year, and Los Angeles for five years. In 1989, he returned to Italy and from there he went to his native country of Iran. After two years in Iran, he was able to resume his acting career in the Iranian movie industry and rekindle for many Iranians the joys of the years past when he had captured their hearts as Amir Arsalaun and Beezhan of Beezhan and Maneezheh.

HHis first movie under the title Affei (Cobra) broke the record for the best selling movie of the year. His second movie, Taagheeb (the Chase), has been completed but has not yet been released to be shown on the screens of the Iranian Cinemas.

Eiloush is now living in Iran with his brother and two sisters and their children. Although he is a nationally known and loved athlete and artist, he is a meek and kind person whose humble personality has touched anyone who has known him. Eiloush spent many years away from his ancestral land, culture and people, but he never forgot his Assyrian heritage and upbringing.

The overall most interesting of iloush's life resembles a precious coin which on one side is decorated with the all powerful image of a meek and popular athlete, while the other side boasts the handsome picture of portrayer of legendary individuals from the pages of international folk novels.

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