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William Pirouyon, Ph.D.

by Assyrian Directory of California

Posted: Tuesday, July 03, 2001 at 02:01 PM CT

William Pirouyon, Ph.D.William Pirouyon has led a life of remarkable contribution. Whether it be his unprecedented scholarly donation to academia or his relentless philanthropic work for Assyrians worldwide, Pirouyon continues to ardently expose the best of Assyrian culture.

Born to Reverend Vasil and Yoliya Pirouyon on September 19, 1935 in Uremia, Iran, Dr. Pirouyon exhibited a knack for learning which would one day become a well-deserved personal trait. His imminent love for reading and writing began to blossom in high school, where his focus was literature. After high school, he attended college in Tabriz, Iran, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in History. Later, he achieved a second Bachelor of Arts in Law from Tehran University. After completing a two-year educational program in journalism, Pirouyon went on to attain a Master's degree as well as a Ph.D. in Political Science. All of his graduate work took place in Tehran. Career-wise, Pirouyon started out as a law specialist in the Political Relations Parliament of Iran?s Social History Department. Retiring from that position, Pirouyon moved on to a teaching position in Azads Islam of Karaj University.

Today, he maintains his full-time profession status at the University by arduously teaching in its Political Science Department. At Karaj, he teaches The Transformation of Political Science in China, India, and Assyria; Political History Relations of Iran (Safaveia Era to Present) and Fundamentals of Law.

Pirouyon's dedication to Assyrian sociology has also played a significant role in his life. He served as President of the Youth Assembly of the Assyrian Biblical Church from 1953 to 1957. From 1958 to 1980, he was the Vice President of the Cultural Youth Organization of Tehran. He is the founder and current President of The Assyrian Assembly of Tehran as well as The Assyrian Boyscouts, which he founded in 1965. He continues to be an active member in The Assyrian Organization of Tehran, since 1963, as well as The Committee of Publications of Tehran Organizations.

Perhaps what is most impressive about Pirouyon's life to date has been his ingenious dedication to interethnic scholarship. He has intermittently been responsible for the distribution of numerous works, many of which include published and unpublished articles, books, seminars, commentaries on social, psychological, literal, and political subjects; and worldwide publications of historical, poetic, political, and literal writings in Assyrian, English, Arabic. Moreover, he has acted as a coordinator and an anchor of the Assyrian Radio Program in 1977 and 1978.

Pirouyon's publications have consistently been noted in several prestigious magazines. Specifically, his work has been involved in the following publications: Ravesh, Assyrian Youth Scholars, Assyrian World Unity, Annual Assyrian Nationalist Publication, and Publication of Assyrian Grammar. He has acted as President as well as a diligent consummator on Projects of the Assyrian Scholar. There, he was directly involved in the publication of eighty books, titles and magazines. In 1968, Pirouyon became a founding member of the Assyrian Universal Alliance; later, he went on to serve as its editor-in-chief from 1980 to 1987.

Pirouyon's scholarship has found its way in many books as well. In 1962, his A Collection of Poems: Shilmoun Salmasi was published. In 1965, The Assyrian Greatness (later re-released in 1979) and Samiramis were distributed. A collection of his poems and articles titled The Tale of a Soldier was published in 1974; and in 1975, he published Assyrians of Iran: The Ending Log. Later, in 1985, he published (in Assyrian only) A Letter to a Friend and distributed it in Sydney, Australia. That same year, What To Do: The Analyzation of Goals and History, a series of articles, was published in English, Farsi, Assyrian and Arabic and was distributed in America, Australia and Europe. Most recently, he released Assyrians In Service of Religion and Wisdom, a collage of articles written between 1994 and 1995.

Today, between teaching, writing, and remaining actively magnanimous in promoting Assyrian literature. Pirouyon spends most of his time holding global-wide seminars regarding Assyriology and Assyrian politics and relations.

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