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Tobia Gewargis

Posted: Tuesday, July 03, 2001 at 04:06 PM CT

Tobia Gewargis was born in 1932, in Baghdad, Iraq. While in Iraq, he studied Assyrian language and grammar under the direction of Reverend Theodorus. He moved to Iran in 1965 where he resided for the next twenty one years. While in Iran, he served as the Assyrian Language Editor for Shvila, a magazine published in English, Farsi, and Assyrian. For eight years he was also the Assyrian Language Editor for a periodical entitled Ashur.

He left Iran in 1986 headed for Germany. After living there for 18 months, he and his family migrated to the United States, settling in California. As an author, educator, and journalist, Mr. Gewargis has devoted many years contributing to the Assyrian written media throughout the world. In the recent past he has served as the Assyrian Language Editor for the Assyrian Star; Ninveh, published in Toronto, Canada; Assyria, published in London, England; as well as Atoor, published in Los Angeles, California.

Aside from his contribution to Assyrian periodicals, Mr. Gewargis has also taught grammar classes at the Assyrian American Association of San Jose for a duration of three years. Additionally and has devoted his time to teaching Assyrian language classes. He has translated and published W.A. Wigram's book, Our Smallest Ally, and has also written and published a book on Assyrian proverbs.

He is regularly invited to speak at various Assyrian functions and organizations, discussing Assyrian language, grammar, and history. Mr. Gewargis is fluent in Assyrian, English, Farsi, and Arabic. Currently, Gewargis is the Editor-in-Chief for Voice of the East, a monthly newsletter published by the Church of the East in San Jose, California. He is also the Assyrian Language Editor for Ninveh Magazine, published in Berkeley, California, and regularly contributes articles to the Assyrian Guardian, published in Chicago, Illinois.

Future plans for Mr. Gewargis include the compilation of an Assyrian-English dictionary.

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