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Isaac E. Asia

by The Mesopotamian.

Posted: Sunday, August 15, 2010 at 08:04 AM UT

Isaac E. Asia


Isaac E. Asia was born in 1937 on a British base in Hinedi, near Baghdad, Iraq. His father was a lance corporal serving in the Assyrian Levey assisting the British Army.

When he was three days old they moved to a new British base in Habbaniya.

Isaac studied English, Arabic and Assyrian history and culture, and completed his secondary studies in 1960 - 61. He moved to Baghdad in 1962 where he completed his higher education at the American Institute of Languages.

As an Assyrian he was actively involved in Assyrian politics, organising meetings and circulating flyers about the cultural and administrative rights of the Assyrian nation. Due to the political nature of these activities, he was arrested in 1972, with other Assyrian members and mentally and physically tortured. When he was released he was further threatened because of his political beliefs.

In 1973 he came to the United Kingdom where he completed his studies in electronics. He continued to be interested in Assyrians, Babylonians and Chaldeans modern and old history collecting a library of books about it. He was one of the original member of the political wing of the Assyrian Universal Alliance and was actively involved in promoting the Assyrian cause to the British government and the media.

Isaac was one of the founders of the Assyrian Educational Trust and the Assyrian Refugees and Relief fund of the UK and twice held the post of cultural officer at the Assyrian Society of the United Kingdom. He owned Panorama Print Ltd. For fourteen years during which time he helped many of the Iraqi opposition political parties as well as individuals with their printing matter. He is very proud of the way he also helped many Assyrians to settle in the UK.

At the age of 65, in 2004 he retired and started writing his first book on the Assyrians, Babylonians and the Chaldean History. He is different. He’s always different, and wishes to appear original and the young writer to quote Isaac.

His books will become an encyclopeadia Assyria worldwide for all the readers.

British Policy in Assyrian Settlement by Isaac E. Asia
British Policy in Assyrian Settlement
Collected and Compiled by Isaac E. Asia
PDF version, 50 MB file


Many of my friends have been asking me over the years to provide them with books on Assyrian history because they knew that I have collected many reference sources and ‘top-secret’ documents over the last 34 years. I promised them that one day they would be able to access a comprehensive study of Assyrian Modern and Old history and now I have fulfiled that promise. However the publication of this work has not been without difficulties and there have been many unavoidable delays through problems with my health and inevitably those of finance. Now I am pleased that all my efforts have ensured that this book will be available for study by all my Assyrian brothers as well as world wide.

Unavoidably most of the book is compiled from other writers’ works but they are rare and genuine documents. Foreigners have always written Assyrian history often with a bias towards their sponsors ambitions and interest. I believe that this history is at last the truth even though sometimes telling it an reading it can be painful but to be true to God and his people the truth must be revealed.

Assyrians and Chaldeans have been constantly suppressed and oppressed by Turks, Persians, Arabs and Kurds, now is their chance to live in peace and harmony and all together prosper from being a united federal country. People should be able to work together and support each other, to defend their interests and their home, to survive and flourish. This had always been the aim of the Assyrian movements but unfortunately the British denied them this and instead used the Assyrians against the Kurds and Arabs to create a vicious hate between all three nations to further their own exploitation of the country’s natural resources.

Now is the time for reconciliation and peace.

Isaac E. Asia
21st March 2009

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