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Michael Marogil Mammoo

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Posted: Thursday, April 04, 2019 at 06:22 PM UT

Michael Marogil Mammoo
Michael Marogil Mammoo

Rabi Michael Marogil Mammoo is an Assyrian author and resident of Sweden.  Mr. Mammoo has written books in Assyrian (Aramaic), Arabic and Swedish languages.

Published books

  1. What is the research and how do you write it? 1968 Baghdad.
  2. In the garden of lyrics. (part 1) translated poems from Assyrian to Arabic with biography of poets. 1975 Baghdad.
  3. The village guard. A short story for children, translated from Arabic to Assyrian and Swedish. 1981 Sweden.
  4. Salomon you live in our memories, in Assyrian-Arabic and Swedish. The book is about the poet Salomon Mammoo who died in Sweden 1984 at the age of 27.
  5. Sawra d Sahde ( Martyrs hope) article and poems in the memory of the Assyrians martyrs in Assyrian language. 1985 Sweden.
  6. Lishani (My language) part 1 & 2. Teaching modern Assyrian language. Published by the Board of Education in Sweden. 1986 Sweden.
  7. Short stories from Sweden. Short stories written and translated by the authors students in Sweden. Collected and published by the writer. 1986 Sweden.
  8. Dashna d`aida (A Christmas present) a short story for children in Assyrian and Swedish. 1987 Sweden.
  9. Lishani (my language) part 3. A teaching book in Assyrian language. 1988 Sweden.
  10. Ninos o lishana d`yemma (Ninos and mother´s language) a short story for children in Assyrian and Swedish. 1989 Sweden.

Unpublished books

  1. Assyrians and the two World Wars by Malik Yako Malik Ismail
    translated from Assyrian to Arabic.
  2. In the garden of poems (part 2).
  3. Words to the futures memory, articles in Arabic.
  4. Short ideas, articles in Assyrian.
  5. Collection of poems in Arabic.
  6. Collection of poems in Assyrian.
  7. Collection of poems in Swedish.
  8. Short stories for children.
  9. Acceptance, a drama by T. Williams translated from Arabic to Assyrian.
  10. Seventy Thousand Assyrians, by William Saroyan translation and analysis in Assyrian.
  11. Can the Jönköpings residents speak with 50 languages? Yes. An academic research in Swedish 1995.
  12. Many published articles in Assyrian and Arabic in Hujådå magazine.
  13. Arabic for beginners (lectures written for Swedish students in Employment Institute TBV).
  14. My language part 4, a teaching book in Assyrian.
  15. New exercise book for my language part 2.
  16. The Assyrian literature in the history 1998.
  17. The Arabic language between standard and slang 1999.

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