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Member messageThe New Kings of Jihadist Terrorism: Azerbaijan and TurkeyNew
Member messageSpike in Boycotts of Turkish Goods and Services; Consumers C...
Member messageAvoiding World War III in the Caucasus
Member messageHypocritical Jewish Organizations and the Armenian Genocide
News2018 Human Rights Report Struggling to Breathe: the Systemat...
NewsLosing Iraq (video)
Member messageLost, not forgotten: Mass murder in Turkey
Member messageThe Secret Payment of Patriarch Elias Shaker for Denying the...
NewsCalifornia State Assembly recognizes the Assyrian Genocide
NewsInternational Conference: The Genocide of the Christian Popu...
NewsNew Assyrian archaeology findings near Faidah on Mount Daka,...
NewsEuropean Parliament: Science-Media Hub to Help Combat Fake N...
NewsIraq's Stolen Election: How Assyrian Representation Became A...
NewsRecognition of the Simele Massacre of 1933
NewsErasing Assyrians: How the KRG Abuses Human Rights, Undermin...
NewsSargis Sangari - Candidate for the 9th Congressional Distric...
NewsKurdish President Barzani: The Sykes-Picot Agreement Has Fai...
NewsAssyrian Memorial Day Message from U.S. Congressmen
NewsAssyrians: From Bedr Khan to Saddam Hussein (Second Edition,...
NewsUSA, California, Los Angeles: March for Justice: Armenian Ge...
NewsThe Last Plight (documentary film)
NewsA Man Before His Time: The Unsung Story of Freydun Atouraya
NewsBook: The Infidels by Joe David
Member messageنحو محمية جغرافية شاملة للآشوريين وليس حماية منطقة دون أُخرى
NewsUSA, Chicago: Assyrian American National Federation: 82nd An...
ResearchAramaic reading of Mingana 7th century parchment
ResearchEnglish-Assyrian-Arabic Dictionary Volumes I and II
NewsNever Again Is Now!
ResearchGlobal Forum Against the Crime of Genocide - Yerevan Declara...
NewsI Remember and Demand. Recognise! Do not Keep Silent!
ResearchAssociation of Assyrian Women - Shamiram - Mgalta 23 journal
NewsMuslims Terrorizing Christian Girls in Iraq - Sister Hatunes...
NewsArmenia Recognizes Assyrian and Greek Genocides
NewsAssyrian Genocide Monument Vandalized (2015)
NewsDutch Parliament Recognizes Greek, Assyrian and Armenian Gen...
NewsPope Francis uses 'genocide' to refer to mass killings of Ar...
NewsEulogy on the Occasion of the Funeral of the late His Holine...
ResearchThe struggle for a free Assyria: Documents on the Assyro-Cha...
NewsThe Assyrians: A People without Rights
NewsAUA Americas Welcomes UN Decision Calling for UN Peace Force...
NewsUSA, Chicago: Rally 2014, Demand For Action
NewsAl-Arabiya TV Report on the Large-Scale Smuggling of Oil fro...
NewsAssyrian Americans accuse ISIS of slaughtering Iraqi Christi...
NewsBritain has forgotten its debt to the Christians of Iraq
News2014 Election Observation Mission Report: Iraqi Council of R...
ResearchAssyria | Assyrians | Assyriology (video: Aramaic, English)
ResearchThe Hakkâri Massacres: Ethnic Cleansing by Turkey 1924-25
ResearchSeyfo: proja/project/projekt/proje
NewsEurope, Belgium: Assyrian Demonstration in Brussels
NewsLiberating Iraq: The Untold Story of the Assyrian Christians
News2014: Turkish War Plans Against Syria
NewsRebels seize control of Iraq's Nineveh
NewsIŞİD Musul'u ele geçirdi
NewsAssyrian Diaspora in Europe: Past, Present, Future
NewsThe Hidden Message of Roberto Cuoghi’s Assyrian Lament
ResearchProposal to Expand the ISO 639-3 Macrolanguage for Syriac
News2014 Iraq Elections and Out of Country Voting
NewsWillful Blindness: Abraham Foxman and the Armenian Genocide
Member messageThe Assyrian Genocide of 1915
NewsJapan, Tokyo: Assyrian International Conference
NewsSyria’s Assyrians threatened by extremists
News2014 Iraq election: What voters in Kirkuk say
PollAs part of an organization, how do you find and collaborate ...
NewsThe 99th anniversary
Newsجو راشو:ملكة جمال أشور2014 تحت راية العلم والثقافة والطموح و...
NewsGolden Head and Silver Head
NewsA new era for Assyrian political representation
NewsMardin elects 25-year old Christian woman as mayor
NewsSoutheast leads in female mayors thanks to quota
NewsDennis Earl celebrates Assyrian New Year
NewsSyria's Al-Assad receives Syriac Orthodox Church's new patri...
Important messageProbiotics promote natural health benefits
NewsThe 1915 Armenian genocide: Finding a fit testament to a tim...
NewsGunman kills Dutch priest in Syrian city of Homs
NewsGermany, Berlin: Conference: Assyrian Diaspora In Europe
NewsTürkiye'nin ilk Süryani belediye başkanı Akyol mazbatasını a...
NewsArmenian Christians and Syria Crisis: Turkey is a Dangerous ...
Member messageYana Bijamov: A Mother's Plea to Save her son George Bijamov
NewsMesopotamian Night Debuts in Chicago, 2014
NewsResidents Flee Syria Christian Town After Militants Kill 80
NewsThe 1915 Armenian genocide: Finding a fit testament to a tim...
NewsTeaneck archbishop is named patriarch of Syriac Orthodox Chu...
NewsAssyrian Democratic Movement: 35th Anniversary Party, Illino...
Important messageAssyrian Forums: Polls
NewsAssyrians Celebrate their New Year Festival at Fairfield Sho...
NewsAssyrian Democratic Movement: Illinois Political Rally, 2014
NewsMy Beloved Enemy (documentary film)
NewsMar Ignatius Zakka I Iwas passes away
NewsNew South Wales Parliament Supports Calls for a New Autonomo...
NewsCoalition Rallies outside Turkish Consulate as Nuns freed
NewsVICTORY – Coalition Rallies outside Turkish Consulate as Nun...
NewsDoes the Genocide Convention Protect All Nations from Genoci...
NewsSyria’s Christian Sheep Among the Wolves
NewsSyrian jihadists bring in terror tax on Christians
NewsAssyrian arts, music events to raise funds, awareness of cul...
NewsVW Bid Questioned by Scania Town Mayor Defending 9,000 Jobs
NewsSüryani aday Akyol: Halklara borcum var
NewsIraq move to preserve Christian heritage, Syriac
ResearchMaotbo, our own parliament
NewsBDP Mardin Büyükşehir Süryani Eş Başkanı Adayı Februniye Aky...
Member messageLiturgy, Hymns & Songs of the Assyrian Church of the East
NewsTurkish envoy says his biggest success was overturning ‘geno...
NewsLooted Iraqi museum hopes to reopen, minus many relics
NewsAssyrian bishop: Islamic Revolution a blessing for country
NewsAssyrians win campaign
NewsAssyrian Universal Alliance Americas Chapter: Annual Report
NewsFate of Orthodox Bishops Seized in Syria Still Unclear
NewsIraqi law recognizes Kurdish, other languages
NewsSyria's Assyrian Christians Find Refuge with Turkish Neighbo...
NewsA Nineveh Plain Province for Christians of Iraq
NewsCarmen Lazar receives OAM
NewsNineveh for Christians? Let’s Wait and See
NewsChaldeans celebrate Pope's acceptance
ResearchRemembering the Assyrian Genocide: An Interview with Sabri A...
Research(Turkish) Kiliselerini Ahıra Çevirdiğimiz Kadim Bir Halk NAS...
ResearchUSA, Chicago: Lecture: The Collapse of the Assyrian Empire a...
NewsChristmas celebrations set for Eastern Orthodox in Bethlehem
NewsBombs targeting Christians kill dozens in Baghdad
NewsNuncio in Damascus: Fate of Orthodox nuns kidnapped by Islam...
NewsMarket bombing, spate of attacks kill 40 in Iraq
Member messageThe Destiny of Assyrian Eagle
PollAssyrian Forums should be independent of political, religiou...
NewsA Christmas Gift for Nineveh (2013)
Important messageAssyrian Names and Meanings for Boys and Girls
NewsUSA: Chicago: Assyrian Aid Society Christmas Party 2013
NewsBiography of RaphaelKhan: Great Assyrian Leader
NewsAUA Americas and Partners Participate in the UN Forum on Min...
NewsIRAQ: Salahuddin Conference 1992
NewsIraqi Christians await their chance to flee to West
NewsMonumental structure shown to be largest one in Middle East
NewsAssyrian tells his bittersweet story about military service ...
NewsGovernment's move expected to help save Assyrian language
NewsMystery of the missing Hanging Gardens of Babylon solved? Ex...
NewsAssyrier/syrianer mötte Erdogan i Stockholm (Western Syriac,...
NewsAncient Treasure Now Family's Holocaust Talisman
NewsAustria, Salzburg: Tur Abdin Focus Group Photographic and Ar...
NewsAssyrian Cookbook
NewsUSA, Chicago: Ashur Bet Sargis: 45th Anniversary Celebration
NewsAssyrian flag in Barcelona Spain Football Classic 2013
NewsThe Secret | The Law of Attraction
NewsAssyrian ABCs Alphabet App
NewsDestine Literare, August 2013: In Memory of Ninos Aho
NewsProtest Turkish Lies: Government of Intolerance and Genocide
NewsAl Qaeda y los cristianos iraquíes...
News¿Quién nos cortará las uñas cuando hayamos muerto?
Member messageNinos Aho | The Great Assyrian Poet
NewsGermany, Gütersloh: Concert - 10th Anniversary Society for D...
NewsFrom Baghdad with tears to California with Hopes
NewsAssyrian Aid Society 22nd Anniversary Celebration in Chicago
PollAs an Assyrian activist, I get my news from...
NewsCivilians flee rebels re-taking Christian town of Maaloula i...
NewsDefecting Syrian Officer Brigadier-General Zaher Al-Saket: I...
NewsThe Situation of Christians in the Middle East -- A Declarat...
NewsSaudi Author Hani Nakshabandi: We Should Reexamine Our Histo...
NewsSwedish-Algerian TV Host Yahya Abu Zakariya in Tirade agains...
NewsPrince Explains Defection from Royal Family to Opposition: I...
NewsThe fight is between brother and brother
NewsQueen Shamiram Site Selected: Turlock City Hall
NewsTurkey threatens to ban MPs from Gallipoli centenary over ge...
NewsThe First Assyrian Illustrated Children’s Book: Romil Benyam...
NewsEgypt: Islamists hit Christian churches
NewsLA Psychologist Wafa Sultan Clashes with Algerian Islamist A...
NewsIraqi Poet Abbas Khidr Recounts His Experience in Iraqi Jail...
NewsFormer Saudi Shura Council Member Ibrahim Al-Buleihi: The Ar...
NewsPresident of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barazani: The Kurds Wil...
NewsVideo: Brutal Muslim Brotherhood attack on St. George church...
NewsSaudi activist sentenced to 600 lashes
NewsDubai pardons Norwegian woman who reported rape
NewsBritish teens arrive home after Zanzibar acid attack
Member messageMr. Ewan Gewargis
NewsMonastery in Turkey suffers attacks
Member messageBelgium, Liège: A new monument dedicated to the Assyrian(Syr...
NewsKurdish Aggression Against Assyrians
NewsSyria refugees swell Christian community in Turkey
NewsCaught in the middle: Christians suffer amid Syria's civil w...
NewsSyrian refugee Syriac couple get married in the monastry
NewsSyriac families returning to Turkey facing problems
NewsEgyptian Author Sayyid Al-Qimni: We Have Tried Islamic Rule ...
NewsSyria: Assyrian Christians told 'If you want to come back, c...
NewsReport on EMO Killings in Iraq
NewsSyriacs continue battle over religious buildings
NewsSaudi Shura Council Member Ibrahim Al-Buleihi: Progress for ...
NewsC-SPAN: Iraq Reconstruction Report, July 9, 2013
NewsIRAQ: Kurdish 'Islamic' ambulance driver refuses to take the...
NewsA United Commemoration for the Victims of Genocide
NewsNinos Aho (1945-2013)
NewsRape and Atrocities on a Young Christian Girl in Syria
NewsDemographic Changes in Assyrian Villages in Northern Iraq
NewsThe Future of Religious Minorities in the Middle East, North...
NewsJoint Subcommittee Hearing: Religious Minorities in Syria: C...
NewsAssyrian Aid Society at the United Nations, May 2013
NewsAustralian Federal Parliament Calls for the Establishment of...
NewsAustralia: Motion to Raise the Significant Human Rights Conc...
NewsAssyrian Universal Alliance (AUA Americas) granted United Na...
Member messageUniversity of Denver: Sturm Hall: Americano (film)
NewsResolutions on Recognition of the Genocide of the Assyrians
NewsAssyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) Presents Special Awards
NewsParliament of NSW Legislative Council recognition of the Arm...
NewsNSW Parliament formally recognises Assyrian genocide as Smit...
Member messageAssyrian Athletic Club in Chicago
NewsAustralia NSW Labor Recognizes Armenian, Assyrian and Greek ...
News2013 Melechesh North American Tour
NewsSyria's Assyrians, caught in the middle
NewsParliament of NSW Legislative Council recognized the Armenia...
Member messageModern Assyrian Language between Speech and Writing: Linguis...
NewsMoney 101: Q&A with Warren Buffett
ResearchWorking Together with Ancient Neighbors
NewsTurkey building refugee camps for Syrian Christians, Kurds
NewsChicago janitor from Iraq receives $1 million lottery check ...
NewsPresident Gul and Turkey's Assyrian Question
NewsAncient site unearthed in Iraqi home of Abraham
NewsThousands of people celebrate Assyrian New Year at Fairfield...
NewsSerzh Sargsyan congratulates Assyrian community on Kha b’Nis...
NewsOlympia food truck Nineveh Assyrian owner to star on cooking...
NewsWe have betrayed Iraqi Christians twice
NewsΕΠΟΝΑ: Motion for Recognition of the Assyrian Genocide
NewsCity native donates statue of ancient Assyrian ruler
NewsKurds Confiscating Ancestral Lands of Indigenous Assyrians
NewsKhlapieel Benjamin: Shlama (video, Aramaic~Surayt)
Member messageAbbey Mikha: What it Means to Me to be an Assyrian (video)
NewsIraqi archbishop elected new Chaldean patriarch
NewsAssyrian leader to accompany Turkish President's Sweden visi...
Member messageThe Struggle of Associations
Member messageI am an Assyrian
ResearchAssyrians Beyond the Fall of Nineveh
Member messageSoy un asirio
ResearchThe Assyrian Heritage: Threads of Continuity and Influence
NewsProjects worth $24 billion licensed in Iraq’s Kurdish north
NewsHow to Save a Dying Language
NewsPacific Forestry Centre: Alien Invasive Pathogens
NewsIraq opens Christian centre in ethnically-mixed city
NewsLanguages Under Siege
NewsMuseum of History: A modern-day marvel in Ancient Mesopotami...
NewsIraq-based church leaders in Rome to elect patriarch
NewsTurkey Claims Non-Turkish Antiquities by Intimidating Foreig...
NewsOlympia Food Writer Dines On Tasty Food Truck Meals
NewsSifting the Dust for Treasures While Trouble Swirls
Member messageUnder Siege: Iraq’s Christians
Newsنصير شمه من اشور إلى أشبيلية - Naseer Shamma playing, Ashur ...
NewsMore Christian blood in Mosul, car bomb kills Christian univ...
NewsChristian teacher has throat cut in Mosul, plunging city in ...
NewsKaman’s museum an attraction for Japanese tourists
NewsTurkey Denies Request to Open Assyrian-Language Kindergarten
NewsAssyrians post-Nineveh
ResearchDr. David B. Perley: An Essay in Ethics
NewsEn busca de los últimos cristianos de Irán e Irak (Spanish)
NewsLove the free and open Internet? Please help save it.
NewsThe Discipline of Assyriology at the University of Helsinki
NewsAssyriska, Anatolians in Swedish football
NewsClark students learn about the Assyrian Empire
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NewsParkhoneeta (film)
NewsA whole new meaning for America's beacon of freedom
NewsWitness to salon shooting: Slain woman 'saved a lot of lives...
NewsCommon Christological Declaration Between the Catholic Churc...
NewsCommon Christological Declaration Between the Catholic Churc...
NewsArab Women Professionals Voice Fears of Post-Arab Spring Isl...
NewsPakistan: Flag burning big business (Mar Kh’nanya Dinkha IV ...
ResearchGenocide of the Assyrians in the Ottoman Empire | Presented ...
News$125 million for 182 school buildings in four Iraqi province...
NewsArcheologists uncover new Assyrian site in northern Iraq
Member messageArt and Empire: Treasures from Assyria in the British Museum
NewsIraq archives chief moves to seal Saddam-era files
ResearchThe Assyrians and Assyria: History, Politics, Culture
NewsAUA Meeting with Minister for Immigration and Citizenship
NewsFormer AP Chicago sports editor Joe Mooshil dies
NewsMysterious Tablet’s Secrets Revealed
NewsEgyptian Author Sayyid Al-Qimni: We Have Tried Islamic Rule ...
NewsKuwaiti Author Ibtihal Al-Khatib Fears for Women's Rights Fo...
NewsIran to gather more information and tighten its control over...
NewsTwo of us
NewsCulture tours to Assyrian trade colony
NewsAustralian State MP Cites Assyrian in His Speech to Parliame...
NewsAssyrian Martyrs Day Commemoration, Sydney, Australia 2012
NewsBarzani family dominate political, military & government pos...
NewsThe Christian Dilemma In Syria
NewsChurch of the East 14th Holy Synod Convocation
NewsAssyrian community shocked by Vaughan killing
NewsRacist terms set to be excluded from books
NewsSyriacs get land title after 25-year-old legal struggle
NewsSyriacs make their mark in historic meet with Gül
NewsPresident Gül meets with minority groups
NewsSpread the Word!
NewsHarran rises once more with dig
NewsCupid’s Arrow Launches an Assyrian Dating Site for Assyrian ...
NewsShabo Bahe Honored
NewsChristian Minority Fears Anarchy in Damascus, Syria
NewsAssyrians Killed in Floods in Krymsk Russia
NewsUnique memorial in Rome honours new Christian martyrs
NewsAssembly interns, Rep. Eshoo discuss Armenia, Karabakh
News6th century Christian monastery discovered in Gulf
PollAs an academic professional, are you a mentor to Assyrian st...
NewsTurkey: Court Rules State Can Seize Assyrian Monastery's Lan...
NewsTreasures of ancient civilization in North Iraq are threaten...
NewsPreparations are under way for the upcoming Assyria Day
ResearchAssyrian Heritage DNA Project
ResearchThe necessary recognition of the genocide of the Assyrians
NewsModesto woman builds Oval Office out of sweet squares
NewsPapal greeting to Mar Dinkha IV, Catholicos Patriarch of the...
PollIs 6750+ years of Assyrian parental match-making and recomme...
NewsSyriac Books and Manuscripts of the Duke University Collecti...
NewsChaldean bishop from Iraq pleads for support, action from US...
NewsGathering in Istanbul for Freedom of Expression
NewsObama Urged to Encourage Turkey to Acknowledge Armenian Geno...
News2012 AANF Assyrian National Convention
NewsUnited Nations Human Rights Report in Iraq, 2011
NewsSaffron dust and holy lettuce
NewsOfficial Unveiling of the Genocide Monument in South Austral...
NewsAn Assyrian Village Headman ‘s plea from Mardin, Turkey: Com...
NewsArchaeologists discover lost language
Member messageSBS Assyrian: The Nineveh Province Solution discussion
NewsAssyrian Identity: Linguistic and Ethnic Continuity
NewsRETURN TO MYSELF (Official Trailer) A Film by Victor Davoody
NewsWonders of Mesopotamia unveiled in Australia
NewsThe Official Unveiling of the Assyrian Genocide Monument in ...
Member messageHuman Rights Report on Assyrians in Iraq 2011: The Exodus fr...
NewsBritain must help Christians in peril in the Middle East
NewsChristian Massacres: A Result of U.S. Foreign Policy
NewsIs there a global genocide of Christians underway?
NewsThe Salafi War on Christians and U.S. Indifference
NewsPakistan: Minority report
Member messageAssyrian Genocide Memorial in Armenia
NewsUSA, Chicago: Assyrian Aid Society 21st Anniversary
NewsA northern Iraqi Easter
NewsIraqi Christians cling to last, waning refuges
NewsAssyrian Genocide Monument in Australia Vandalized Again
NewsU.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom Annual Re...
NewsAssyrian is running in the Parliament of Armenia elections
NewsSkokie’s Highland School serves up Assyrian Culture Night
NewsPan-Assyrian Center Will Be Established in Armenia
ResearchThe Sacred Emblems of Assyria
NewsMom's Authentic Assyrian Recipes
NewsAssyrians on MTV Lebanon / الاشوريين
NewsXXXI World Congress of Poets – USA
NewsAssyrian Criminal Network Crushed in Australia, NSW
NewsWhen the Past is Always Present
Member messageKhlapieel Benjamin (poem video)
NewsIran Christians Urging Prayers As Security Forces Raid Churc...
NewsUSA: Illinois: Skokie program visits Assyrian culture for si...
PollAssyrian community centers should be independent of politica...
Research1915: March 25: Massacre at Urumiah: 200 Assyrians Burned in...
PollAs part of an organization, what is the strongest motivation...
PollAs an individual, what is the strongest motivational factor(...
NewsMost Britons descended from male farmers who left Iraq and S...
NewsHidden Symbols of Art
NewsUSA: California: Mesopotamian Night V, 2012
NewsIslamic Cleric Incites Muslim Kurds during Friday Prayers, A...
NewsThe Desperate Plight of Iraq's Assyrians and other minoritie...
NewsFear hikers swept over Yosemite waterfall
Member messageA Christmas Gift for Nineveh
NewsWilliam Ishaya Odisho appointed as Deputy Permanent Represen...
News20 Miles Closer to Nineveh (film)
NewsSyriac community voices outrage over decision to revoke citi...
NewsAustralian MPs call to recognize the Armenian Genocide
NewsTony Rezko Sentenced to 10 Years and 6 Months for Corruption
NewsHixenbaugh Ancient Art Unveils Rare and Important Ancient Ne...
NewsRudd pledges aid to persecuted Iraq Christians
NewsChristian Block Walks Out in KRG Parliament Session
NewsAssyrians seek to fight for Recognition of Genocide together...
NewsRemembering Iraq’s Displaced Christians One Year after Baghd...
NewsUSA, California: Artists for Peace
NewsThe Double Lives of Iraq’s Christian Children
NewsEvent Promotes Peace, Honors Genocide Victims
NewsAssyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) 28th World Congress
NewsWhy could a Christian not change his name?
NewsYounadam Yousef Kanna Receives Award in London
NewsIran: Christian Convert May Still Be Hanged
NewsDouble targeted killings against the Christian community in ...
NewsIraq Christians Kidnapped Amid Heightened Security Concerns
NewsAn Uncertain Future for Syrian Christians
NewsSyrian opposition forms united front
NewsNo equal rights - Victims of injustice (fact-finding mission...
NewsУчредительный Съезд Армяно-Росс...
NewsDiscriminative discourse in history textbooks upsets Assyria...
NewsEthno-Religious Minorities in Iraq
NewsRep. Rohrabacher Statement on Baghdad Meeting with Iraqi Pri...
NewsIraqi Christians find safety in north, but no jobs
NewsIraqis' 'cruel dilemma': Pay Qaeda tax or pay the price
NewsBishops describes plight of Iraqi Christians to EU president
NewsThe Christians of the Near East and Islamist ideology
NewsA Syriac church reopens in eastern Turkey after 90 years
NewsSyria | Assad | Patriarch | رئيس الكنيسة السر
NewsSuriya, Cito, Siyase, Daca, Şluṯo w Šabašat lu Bacaṯ.
NewsShibboleth - Unicode Typing for Ancient Scripts
NewsSaudi Arabia’s Textbooks Still Promote Religious Violence
NewsSaudi Arabia’s Textbooks Still Promote Religious Violence
NewsChaldean Festival
NewsFormer Army translator gets 18 months in prison
NewsThey Might be Giants: The Mesopotamians
NewsChaldeans convene to form united voice
NewsTurkey to Return Confiscated Property
NewsUSA, Chicago: Assyrian Aid Society 20th Anniversary...
NewsATOUR Publications
NewsOld School Printer Exploits his Passion for Languages...
NewsSyriac double dot: World's earliest question mark
NewsIT professor awarded for high performance computing work
NewsIT professor awarded for high performance computing work
NewsIslamic Terrorists Bomb Churches in Iraq
NewsU.S. Congress: House Resolution 440 introduced
NewsSaving Christians in Iraq
NewsDocumentary film screening: Defying Deletion
Member messageDefying Deletion: The Fight Over Iraq's Nineveh Plains
Member messageCito, kuhne w madrašto = I qarna aydarboyo?
NewsControversial Statement by Iraqi Parliament Speaker...
NewsACE Convinces Dutch Parliament to Urge for Protection...
NewsUrging Turkey to respect the rights and religious freedoms..
NewsNineveh Plains Province Solution Fundraiser
NewsMuslim, Jewish, Chaldean docs team up in Detroit
NewsAssyrian Dictionary Project Finally Completed After 90 Years
NewsIraqi Christians Better Off?
NewsIraqi Kurdistan: the mythical 'Other Iraq'
PollDuring elections in the country of residence, I vote for can...
NewsHuman Rights Tragedy in Syria: Yacoub Hanna Shamoun
NewsResolution on the Genocide Committed against Christian...
NewsSen. Menendez Presses U.S. Ambassador to Armenia...
NewsProfessor Akcam Reveals Turkish Plan to Pay Scholars...
NewsDiyarbakır Sur Municipality mayor combats national...
NewsGENOCIDE: Truth, Memory, Justice, and Recovery
NewsI dawle d Kamalo, kcëwdo më ẖaṯo, lašan d madcëro...
NewsU.S. Congress, House Resolution 306
NewsFrom Genocide Recognition to Reclaiming Church Properties
NewsFirst ever presentation to be given about H.Res.306
NewsNew U.S. House resolution urges Turkey to honor...
NewsAssyria Day to Pass Down Culture
NewsLecture discusses Christianity in Iraq
News2011 AANF Assyrian Convention
Member messageThe Nestorians by Asahel Grant MD
NewsChaldean Christian, Ashur Issa Yaqub, kidnapped...
NewsHuman Rights Watch: Iraq: Claims in Conflict
NewsHuman Rights Watch: At a Crossroads
NewsTerrence Malick, a director who lets his work speak...
NewsThe Nimrud Ivories Archaeological Discoveries
NewsKurdish Candidates Successful in Turkey's Elections
NewsHuman Rights Watch: Iraq: On Vulnerable Ground
NewsEuropean Parliament resolution on Christians...
NewsReport Warns of Final Generation of Assyrian Christians...
NewsIraq liquor store owners fear for their lives amid attacks
NewsAssyrian, Shiite community members end feud in Metn
NewsSyriac Christian elected in Turkey after 50 years
NewsThe Boycott Turkey Campaign
NewsUSA, Chicago: Oriental Institute Commemoration
Member messageConcepts of Kingship in Antiquity
NewsIraq: Othodox Christian shot to death in Mosul
NewsIraqi Muslims, Christians pray for calm in north
NewsU.S. Congressman Dennis Cardoza on Assyrians ...
NewsUS law students help resettle Iraqi refugees
NewsYoung Christian beheaded and mutilated in Northern Iraq
NewsSyrian Christians Say ‘Arab Spring’ Changes...
NewsTreatment of Christians around the world
NewsBlood of the Martyrs: Christian Man Tortured...
NewsWith heavy hearts, Christians leave Baghdad
NewsFire damages Ceres Assyrian hall
PollThe laws, rights and justice Assyrians are seeking as define...
Member message1915: Sayfo and Resistance against Kurds and Turks...
Member messageAssyrian Genocide Posters
NewsMuslim 'Inferiority Complex' Kills Christians
Member messageTurabdın’de Yaşamak Ateşden Gömlek Gıymektır
NewsChristians fear more attacks, Iraqi ambassador in Rome...
NewsSnipping Roots and Longing to Leave Iraq
NewsHundreds of Christians, Muslims clash in Cairo
NewsChristians Under Attack From Anti-Government Protesters...
Member messageGenocide in the Middle East: The Ottoman Empire...
Member messageQriṯo şërayto bu Ţuro, aydarbo qalibo w hawyo ţayayto?
NewsTurkey destroys Armenian, Greek, Assyrian cultural artifacts
Member messageRiše di Cito, Bu Tarix, Wariḏe di Gracyuṯo...
NewsAt least four hurt in Easter blast near Baghdad church
News7 wounded in Easter bombing outside Baghdad church
NewsIraq: Dutch MP calls for autonomous Assyrian...
NewsThe Silent Extermination of Iraq's 'Christian Dogs'
NewsSalafi-Jihadist Sheikh's fatwa against Iraqi Christians
Member messageLina Yakubova aw ramẖël ... 1976-2011
NewsTrilogy - April 24, 1915 — Before and After ...
NewsCemal Pasha’s Grandson Says Genocide...
NewsUSA, Chicago: Kha B'Nissan Cultural Night - Party - Parade
NewsSkokie Festival of Cultures, Assyrian Exhibition
NewsTammuz, the Assyrian Festival in Morton Grove, Illinois USA
NewsMass Grave of Genocide Victims Discovered In Turkey
Member messageForgotten Genocides Project - The Assyrian Genocide
NewsInternational: Donny George Candlelight Vigil...
Member messageMourning in the Garden of Eden (film)
NewsA Tribute to Dr. Donny George Youkhanna
NewsAssyrian Democratic Movement - 32nd Anniversary...
NewsDonny George, Protector of Iraq’s Ancient Riches...
NewsIraqi Muslims, Christians wish to live together in peace...
NewsChristians in northern Iraq find themselves in flux
NewsInitiative helps to unite Jewish, Chaldean groups
NewsBritish Museum buys Assyrian treasures...
NewsMurder of 70-year-old Chaldean man in Baghdad
NewsA stable world is in everyone’s interests
NewsEU expresses ‘profound concern’ over violence...
NewsFaith Organizations to Hold Prayer Vigil at White House
NewsChristian town in north Iraq offers refuge
NewsIraq: church leaders appeal for 'atmosphere of security'
NewsIraq's Assyrian Christians find temporary home in Kurdistan
NewsPope talks of Christians with Kurdish team
NewsAustria grants refuge to 30 Iraqi Christians
NewsIraqi Christians ‘Still Hopeful’ Despite Pressure
NewsWhy this silence at the persecution of Christians?
NewsChristians in Iraq: The Future and the Hope
Member messageGramatik Nacimo: Şurayt-Swedi (Medyoyo)
NewsChristian Leaders Unhappy with Lack of Action on Nineveh...
News'Religicide' in Iraq
Member messageFreedom, equality and the Muslim Brotherhood (video)
Member message1914-15: An Ottoman report on Turco-Persian borders
Member message1915: Rev. Father Dakras Eyewitness Account
NewsDragons & Violins: A Memoir of War and Music
NewsThe Church of the East
NewsIraq's Christians consumed by fear
NewsPhotos: Lake Urmia - Iran, the third largest salt water lake
NewsLast Christians Ponder Leaving a Hometown in Iraq
NewsPresident of Armenia awards an Assyrian activist
NewsThe Black March Movement – Detroit
NewsAshurbanipal club, shops attacked in Iraq alcohol clampdown
NewsHaunted by violence, Iraqi Christians flee to Turkey
Member messageArmenian Genocide: Time to face the music
NewsChristian Who Survived Iraqi Church Attack Killed in Her Bed
NewsA doorbell rings, a new attack on Iraqi Christians
NewsGunmen target Christian homes in Baghdad, 2 killed
NewsBaghdad church marks Christmas Eve despite threats
NewsChristians Persecuted in Iraq (video)
NewsQ&A: Wikileaks and Freedom of Expression
NewsIraq town cancels Christmas after Qaeda threats
NewsIraqi churches cancel Christmas festivities
NewsGrim Christmas for Iraqi Christians as many flee north
Member messageScholarships, Grants and Prizes 2011
NewsChristian Family in Baghdad Attacked and Received Threats
NewsAssyrian student Robina Touma abducted in Mosul, Iraq
NewsIslamic Terrorists kill Assyrians in Baghdad...
NewsMEP puts the Assyrian Question to United Nations ...
Member messageAssyria Council of Europe: Report Papers on Assyrians
NewsIraq Christians mark 40 days since church carnage
NewsIraq: Gunmen kill elderly Christian couple
Member messageBoona, the Little Assyrian Boy
NewsIraqi soldier, Christian citizen killed in northern Iraq
NewsUSA, Chicago: Aghet: Nation-Murder
NewsCatholic Bishops Back House Resolution ...
NewsWikileaks: Secret US Embassy Cables
NewsCables Obtained by WikiLeaks Shine Light ...
NewsMP Kanna raises the issues of targeting Christians...
NewsAssyrians in Sweden support Iraq's Christians
NewsChristian Brothers Shot Dead in North Iraq
NewsIraqi Christians put to the Sword
NewsAssyrian painter Hannibal Alkhas dies
NewsAssyrian Genocide Monument in Armenia
NewsAbout Mortgage Securitizations
NewsIran Assyrians support Iraq's Christians
NewsBombs Kill Six Baghdad Christians, sow panic
NewsThe Black March in Europe
NewsThe Black March in Chicago, Illinois
NewsMosul march against terror threat
NewsThe Black March in Phoenix, Arizona
NewsThe Black March in San Jose, California
NewsThe Black March in San Diego, California
NewsThe Black March in Detroit, Michigan
NewsU.S. Congress: Iraqi Christians
NewsThe End of Christianity in the Middle East?
Member messageShibboleth - Unicode Typing for Ancient Scripts
NewsAssyrian Women Federation Conference
NewsAncient Winemaking Makes Resurgence...
NewsMuslims Terrorizing Christian Girls in Iraq
NewsAssyrians Voting in 2010 Iraqi Elections
NewsMatty Anwar Youkhanna Albazi abducted in Iraq
NewsBabylonian, dead for millennia, now online
NewsIn Northern Iraq, a Census Raises Tensions
NewsMarina Aziz abducted, raped and killed ...
NewsKurdish militia ‘terrorizing’ Arabs ...
NewsMike Monsoor - an Assyrian Hero
NewsSargon Gabriel - 40 Years Anniversary Party
NewsAssyrian Party in Melbourne, Australia
NewsPoverty forces Iraqi refugees into prostitution
NewsTurkey anger over Sydney monument...
NewsSyrian Government Forces Arrest Two Assyrians
NewsAssyrian Family Returns to Turkey
NewsAshur Satellite TV Halloween Party
Member message“Native Christians Massacred”: The Ottoman...
Member message“Native Christians Massacred”: The Ottoman...
NewsAssyrian Families return to Turkey
NewsNanotechnology 1, Assyrian 0
NewsHelp Newly Arrived Assyrian Refugee Families...
NewsAssyrian revival stirs in Turkey
Member messageAssyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute...
NewsIraqi Christian Leaders Call on Baghdad Government
NewsA la Carte: Assyrian food fest in San Jose
NewsHannibal Alkhas produces happy end for Rustam...
NewsGoogle to digitise artefacts at Iraq National...
NewsAssyrian Genocide Monument in Australia
NewsDemanding the Recognition of Assyrian’s Genocide
NewsBoyajian: The Woodrow Wilson Center Desecrates...
NewsADO celebration halted by the Syrian services
Member messageKiller Bacteria
NewsFootball player murdered in Södertälje shooting
NewsCookbook mixes Mideast, west
NewsWeston native working to improve health care...
NewsFlag diversity to mark residents' former lands
NewsVocational school prepares students for jobs
NewsAssyrian Church welcomes worldwide leader
NewsTurkish Church Defaced with Islamist Graffiti
PollWhen you meet a successful Assyrian individual or organizati...
NewsPawn for the Wrong President
NewsChristian Woman’s Faith Attacked in Istanbul
News2010 California State Convention
NewsTwo dead, 80 hurt in Iraq bus bombing
NewsSwedish Parliament Recognizes Assyrian Genocide
NewsLetter to President Barack Obama
NewsAssyrians face Persecution and Genocide
NewsAAS-A Spring Cultural Events in Los Angeles
Member messageLimited Edition Fine Art Prints of World War I
Member messageThe Helsinki Neo-Assyrian Dictionary
Important messageAramaic Dictionary (search online)
Important messageAramaic Dictionary (search online)
News2010 AANF Assyrian Convention
NewsThe Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
Member messageTesting Arabic forum... احتفالا بأعيا
NewsRaised from the Ruins
NewsRaised from the Ruins
Member message2010 Census Form: How-To-Instructions
Member message2010 Census Form: How-To-Instructions
NewsForgotten Assyrian God Revived To Name Sports Drin
NewsHouse Panel Says Armenian Deaths Were Genocide
Member messageAssyrians Voting in 2010 Iraqi Parliamentary Elect
News2010 Iraqi Parliamentary Elections
Member messageInside the 2010 Iraqi Elections
Member messageرد على مقال للكاتب الآشوري
Member messageThe History of Edessa (Ur-hai)
Member messageAssyrian composer Rasson Bet-Yonan
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PollWould you financially support a full-time Assyrian school in...
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PollWould you support the idea of having all Assyrian sport team...
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Member messageAssyrian Grammar and Reading Book
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NewsA.C.S.S.M. Hosts FAFSA Workshop
NewsA.C.S.S.M. Hosts FAFSA Workshop
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Member messageNegotiating Nationhood on the Net: The Case of the Turcomans...
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Member messageHelp Needed in Publishing & Distributing Books
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