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Church of the East in Australia to Build Primary School
by Zinda Assyrian Magazine
Posted: Saturday, September 23, 2000 00:34 am CST

(ZNDA: Sydney) The Church of the East - Diocese of Australia and New Zealand lay the foundation stone of St. Hermizd Assyrian Primary School on 20 August. The school bell for the first class at St. Hermizd is expected to ring during the academic year 2002. Plans for four classes, two Kindergarten and two first-grade, are underway for a maximum number of 26 students per class. By 2007 St. Hermizd Primary School will admit as many as 364 students in grades Kindergarten through Six. The school curriculum will include Assyrian language and culture in addition to the regular materials required by local school boards. The Diocese of Australia and New Zealand is managed by His Grace Bishop Mar Melis Zaia.

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