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GFA Letter To Mor Isa Gurbuz
by Assyria Liberation Party
Reported by Nineb Tooma

Posted: Thursday, April 05, 2001 03:55 pm CST

His Grace: Mor Isa Gürbüz
Metropolitan of Germany
Syriac Orthodox Church

Upon reading an article in the Turkish newspaper of “Turkiye” titled “And Now The Syrians” dated 29/03/2001 about your meeting with German President Johannes Rau and the issues that your Grace brought to the Presidents attention, we felt a sense of pride in belonging to your diocese and in having such clergy in our church that truly preach and fulfil the wisdom of Christ, the TRUTH.

What we plead from our religious leaders is to work and create the essential unity within the different sects of our Christian faith, and fulfil their religious duties “that of the Caesar to Caesar, and that of the lord to the lord”. However when interfering with nationalistic and patriotic affairs that effects our national movement, we plead you to speak and practice the truth for the interest of our immortal nation with no theological and geographical discriminations. Christ the Saviour preached the word of Truth and was crucified for practicing that same Truth.

We believe that, the national movement and the church can collaborate in harmony like one body and soul if determined to work in parallels that occasionally meet for the interests of our oppressed nation.

We at Assyria Liberation Party (the strong defenders of our nation and all our churches) would like to take this opportunity to congratulate your Grace for speaking the truth in your meeting with Rau and ask for your blessing to continue serving our people in dignity and ethics.

Assyria Liberation Party

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