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Football: Gilbert Awekam Samuel

by Assyrian Information Management (AIM)

Posted: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at 08:48 PM UT

(Standing left to right) Amo Yousif, Anwar Jasam, Coach: Jalil Shehab, Majbil Fartoose, Sahab Khasel, Hashem Hassan, Sabeh, (Sitting left to right) Falah Hassan, Anwar Jassam, Noori Zeiab, Gilbert Awekam, Fanoos Al-Asadi. Photo: circa-1960's in Damascus, Syria.
Gilbert Awekam Samuel playing against Korea in Athens, Greece at the Military World Cup. Photo: circa-1960's, Greece.
In Iran with one of the Russian players, Papayif Hasanof (middle) and the Iraqi news reporter on the left and Gilbert Awekam Samuel on the right. Photo: circa-1960's, Iran.

Gilbert Awekam Samuel was born on May 1st, 1946 in Habbaniya, Iraq.

Gilbert began playing football at the age of 12, and his passion to play professional football continued to grow.

The first club team he played for was the Assyrian Club - Al Dora. He continued playing football at Dora from the age of 12-16. Afterwards, he was chosen to play with the Police Club of Baghdad. However, he wasn't satisfied with the Police Club and moved to the Army Team of Baghdad for the next 6 years where he was noticed and selected for the national team.

Gilbert played for the Iraqi national team and the Iraqi Army national team. He played many memorable international games against various worldwide teams such as Korea, Russia, Iran, Egypt, Turkey and many others.

As part of the Iraqi national team, he also participated in three different tournaments which where;

  • 1969 Military World Cup in Athens,
  • Friendship Tournaments,
  • and the Arab Military Cup in Syria.

In the 1970's, he immigrated to the United States and then to Australia, where he currently resides.

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