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Human Rights Violations Against Assyrians
Questions Remain After Release of Youkhana Khaie
Amnesty International Application for Youkhana Yalda Khaie
A Statement on the Arrest of Youkhana Yalda Khaie by the KDP
Resolution Adopted by the Parliamentary Group of the Left Party of Sweden
Turkish Court Releases Jailed Christian in Southeast (Video Clips in Churchyard Suspected of Being Anti-State Propaganda)
Turkey Violates Human Rights
Syrian Orthodox Priest Acquitted in Diyarbakir Trial
Sweden on Assyrian Human Rights
Assyrians of Sydney Organise a Peaceful Demonstration for Recognition of the Christian Asia-Minor Holocaust
To the Assyrian-Suryoye People and to the World Public
The Seyfo of 1915 and Eighty Six Years of Oppression
A Call For the International Opinion
A Personal Message from Fr. Dale A. Johnson (Bar Yohanon)
Under Growing International Pressure, Turkey Releases Assyrian Priest
Father Akbulut Acquitted on All Charges
Report on Father Akbulut
Government Correspondence Regarding Father Akbulut
'And now the Syrianis', [Simdi de Suryaniler]
Assyrians Protest in Melbourne, Australia
Assyrians Protest in Germany
Turkish State Security Council (SSC) Commissioned a Report on the Assyrians
Europe Watched
International News Articles & Photos on Father Yusuf Akbulut
Indictment Against Fr. Yusuf
AUA Press Release on Fr. Yusuf Akbulut
U.S. Congressional Members Send Letter to the President of Turkey
Arlette Laguiller, European Parliament member
Amnesty International, Turkey Coordination Group
Turkey Arrests Priest for Refusing to Deny Genocide
Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of Moldova
Assyrian Democratic Organization (ADO)

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