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The Seyfo of 1915 and Eighty Six Years of Oppression
by Assyria Liberation Party, April 04, 2001
Posted: Tuesday, April 17, 2001 02:28 pm CST

The 24th of April every year we stand with honour and respect for the souls of our nation’s martyrs. On this day we remember the loss of over 750,000 Assyrian martyrs, the victims whose blood was shed, villages and cities that were destroyed and our land that became occupied in all parts of Assyria.

On this cursed day a resolution was taken to eliminate our nation from the face of the earth and cause the first systematic and strategic migration of our people outside the borders of our country Assyria. Our sacred sisters and mothers were raped and assaulted, they spilled their guts with swords, their kidneys were thrown in the rivers, mountain hills and their bodies were tortured with no mercy and compassion for crowds to view. Isn’t our duty, we the grandchildren of those martyrs and victims to remember and lower our flags? Stop all our festivities, weddings, dance and music, parties, drinking and change it to a day of protest and objection, let us make it our strong foundation and through it declare our battle against abuse and slavery of our people that still face suffering everywhere. Let today be a day of combat, national revolt and protest with all its forms.

Let us ask ourselves as Assyrians, what did we offer our martyrs in return other than tears and sighs and blaming others? Some of us forgot and are forgetting this sorrowful remembrance. We have kept silent and mutes for the length of eighty-six years, we have not confronted or protested to Seyfo (genocide) of our nation and the endless agonies. Is it that we are scared from everything that surround us to the limit that we are in doubt and scared from stones, trees, rivers and the mountains of our country, even from each other? We have surrendered to reality with no confrontation to endorse this remembrance, or any attempt of liberation from the slavery and torment to acquire attention for our humanity, Assyrianism and our genuine cause.

Dear Assyrians what is it that we are waiting for? Till when we will wait? We wait for nothing but deceptions that absorb us everyday. Why do you flee from performing our national duty, till when will we be migrating from our country without any struggle and we surrender to reality by scattering everywhere in the world? Is this our aim, to exterminate, mystified while perishing or to preserve our existence, national identity and fight for the sake of liberation and freedom? A notable man once said: tears destroy countries and blood gives them life.

We in Assyria Liberation Party call the people of our nation young and old to confront and tolerate the battle just like we call our people in the diasporas to guard our national identity and support those that remain in Assyria.We do not seclude our political parties and all our organisations, we call them to elevated their progress and possess discipline in defending their people and nation. And not be satisfied with superficial statements, that do not describe at all the facts and suffering of our people. Just not to irritate our enemies the blood sucking governments, controlling the decisions of our affairs in Assyria on the account of our national interests.

We as activists in Assyria Liberation Party declare our refusal for all kinds of utilisations and tortures that face our nation. When we protest in Sydney Australia and go out on a hunger strike from the 23rd, 24th and 25th of April, 2001 in front of the international court of justice in The Hague Netherlands, we show our loyalty towards our martyrs (SEYFO: genocide) with a protest towards the persecutions of April 24th, 1915 committed on our people by Turkey, hand in hand with Kurdish tribes and powers that victimised a whole nation and a complete country.

In protesting we declare to the world that we are the rightful masters of an occupied country and massacred people that still are being massacred every day in different forms and suffer deprivation. We also call the free and civilised world, and all the democratic and peaceful powers to support our genuine and just cause. We especially call the European Union, United Nations and world governments to pressure the Turkish government to admit that it massacred our people and we ask them to interfere in guarding our Assyrian people from other SEYFO (genocide) and extermination, being the result of the criminal acts committed on our people by the governments and the Kurdish powers of the region.

Note:We call all organisations and political parties of our nation to show their solidarity with our appeal and stand with us in these protests that serve our genuine national interest.

God bless the souls of our martyrs.

Assyria Liberation Party

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