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Assyrians of Sydney Organise a Peaceful Demonstration for Recognition of the Christian Asia-Minor Holocaust

Posted: Sunday, April 22, 2001 at 10:36 pm CT


On 24 April 1915, the Young Turk regime issued an order to all governors and other Turkish authorities that all Christians residing within the Ottoman Empire be systematically exterminated.

This policy of pre-meditated massacre had already begun to be implemented on Christian communities both in Turkey and parts of Iran under Turkish occupation from mid-1914.

Through this policy of Genocide, 1.5 million Armenians, 1 million Greeks and 750,000 Assyrians perished in organised mass-killings and forced deportations to concentration camps in Turkey's desert interior.

The Turkish Government has still not recognised these killings as Genocide and continues to deny their occurrence outright. The Turkish Government today still refuses to recognise Assyrians as an ethnic minority within its borders.

The Assyrians of Sydney, in solidarity with Assyrians, Armenians and Greeks all over the world, call upon the Turkish Government and Australia to recognise the Christian Asia-Minor Holocaust now.

Turkey and Australia as signatories of the UN Charter (according to Resolution 96) must recognise that Genocide is a Crime against humanity and it's perpetrators must be brought to justice.


MONDAY: Meet at 9am outside Turkish Consulate, 66 Ocean Street, Woollahra, until 1pm.

TUESDAY: Meet at 9am outside Turkish Consulate, 66 Ocean Street, Woollahra, until 1pm.

WEDNESDAY: Meet at 8:30am outside Town Hall for Anzac Day March.

E-mail for further information.


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