That face forever

How could I
not feel you eternal
my spring in this desert land
when I passed silently
from gate to gate
Nineveh to Ashur
Nimrud to Ur
visions of yesteryears
illusions and miracles
the eyes of the lady
frozen image stretched on that canvas,
the sky, forever
in that summer of seventy four...
the Angels roamed
so preoccupied today
to hear this desperate self
supplicating through the cocoon
on the steps of Raban Hurmiz monastery
and the echos carried away
along the sounds of it's bell
to the Assyrian savannah
to heaven itself
with pure silky ornaments
and caravan of melodies
would they ever listen!!
forgive me grieving sometimes
the dream of this untamed sole
and losing the faith
for I know that face
is out there, somwwhere
in the land of Mesopotamia...

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