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Mourning in the Garden of Eden (film)

by Gwendolen Cates (photographer, author, and filmmaker)

Posted: Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 08:14 PM CT

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Mourning in the Garden of Eden

Currently in production, this documentary film attempts to break new ground by presenting the story of Iraqi refugees against the backdrop of the culture and history of Iraq. The diaspora of scholars and artists from Iraq is a tragedy of epic proportions. The destruction of Iraq, as a culture, as a country, will be told from the perspective of these refugees, a community which reflects the complex ethnic and religious diversity of the country. Their perspective on and reaction to the destruction of cultural heritage and place, and the impact of this on human lives, will serve to portray Iraq in a new light. The context for the story is supported by rare imagery of Iraq that will bring the viewer inside the country and its culture.

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