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The Nineveh Project

by Nineveh ProjectBelieve in the Nineveh Plains.  March, 2012. pdfProject Summary

Posted: Wednesday, May 09, 2012 at 06:57 PM UT

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The Nineveh Project —  Believe in the Nineveh Plains.

nineveh project

Making it Possible

Can we in the Diaspora really generate $10 million per year? Absolutely! This is how: If we asked people to contribute $250, an amount most people can manage to do without, we would need 40,000 people to reach $10,000,000. If we have one million people or more in Diaspora, we just need 4% of the entire Diaspora. We can do that!

But how will we suddenly get 40,000 people from around the world to believe in this idea all at once? We will not. Instead, what we will do is take pledges of $1 to demonstrate your belief in this idea. Your pledge will join thousands of others, building one by one, each person becoming brick in our Nineveh Wall. As a pledged believer, you commit to contributing $250 once we get another 12,000 people to believe in this idea. And when you contribute, you earn the right to elect the leadership of this development fund. So in the end, we only need about 1% of the population to believe in this idea to get started, hire a staff, and give flesh to the vision. After that, thousands more will join. We can do this!

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