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Assyrian Movie: “Cost of Happiness”

Posted: Friday, September 03, 2004 at 08:04 PM CT

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Assyrian Movie, “Cost of Happiness”(View trailer), Slated For Release In Late September!

Also:  Press Release — Assyrian Movie, “Cost of Happiness” Soundtrack

CHICAGO, IL. (SE) — Strategic Entertainment and Assyrians Around The World are proud to announce the release of their 2nd Assyrian movie. “Cost of Happiness” is a feature-length dramatic film about a young Assyrian man, David (Adwin Khabeer), who is struggling to find happiness in his life. After the loss of his mother (Juliana Jindo), at an early age, David grows up trying to achieve the "American Dream" of prosperity, happiness, and love.

While working at a dead end job, David is faced with the challenge of dealing with his unemployed and alcoholic father Showel (Zayya Maradkel). To ease his troubles, David develops an obsession with making money quickly and at any cost. He meets local entrepreneur and community outcast, Freydon (Sami Yako), who offers David a chance to become wealthier than he could ever imagine.

In spite of all of David’s personal dilemmas, he continues to be an active member of his youth organization. He adopts a new task for his youth group, her name is Ator (Assyria Jendo), a young girl that is stricken with cancer and needs help. David persuades the members to pool money for the ailing child. David's life reaches a turning point filled with critical decisions that involve alcoholism, deception, and his morality. This is when David must decide, what is the Cost of Happiness?

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