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Austria, Salzburg: Tur Abdin Focus Group Photographic and Ar...

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Austria, Salzburg: Tur Abdin Focus Group Photographic and Art Exhibition

Nov-14-2013 at 10:38 PM (UTC+3 Nineveh, Assyria)

Austria, Salzburg: Tur Abdin Focus Group Photographic and Art Exhibition

A Pilgrimage to Syriac and Armenian Christianity in Eastern Turkey
The Third Photographic and Art Exhibition
To promote awareness to local communities, authorities and governments of the Syriac culture, heritage, language and present situation

November 2013

Dear Friends.

We thank our Patriarch HH Mor Ignatius for his support and blessing of the Tur Abdin Focus Group UK and Salzburg Suryoyo Seminary.

We are happy to give you more news regarding the Tur Abdin Focus Group Photographic Exhibition, which was opened by the previous Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, in September 2010 at Southwark Cathedral, London, to support Syriac culture, the Mor Gabriel Monastery and other church centres in Tur Abdin with their difficulties regarding the land disputes. It was then moved to Chichester Cathedral with the help of the Lord Bishop John Hind and Archdeacon Douglas McKittrick, who are both good friends of the Syriac Church and in particular of Tur Abdin,

We are very grateful for the support of the Rt Rev Rowan Williams and the Bishop of Southwark, Christopher Chessun, who is the chairman of the Tur Abdin Focus Group and also Fr Stephen Griffiths, its Secretary. Our thanks also go to the active members of the Focus Group in London.

Special Thanks to our Archbishop Samuel Aktas, the Bishop of Tur Abdin, and Melfono Isa Rabo (Garris) for their support of our church and Tur Abdin Focus Group.

Melfono Isa Rabo (Garris) is in hospital having medical treatment at the moment, so please pray for his speedy recovery.

Please pray for the safe release of our Bishop, Mor Gregorios Yuhanna Abraham and the Greek Orthodox Bishop of Aleppo, Bishop Paul, who were captured whilst carrying out humanitarian work in Aleppo in April of this year. Please also remember the people in Syria and Iraq and our brothers and sisters suffering in the world in your prayers also.

We would like to thank The Archbishop, The University, The People and the Authority of Salzburg with Aho Shemunkasho, who has made the arrangements for the Exhibition to be staged in Salzburg, Austria. We hope that other Syriac communities around the world will also volunteer to put on this Exhibition.

We thank the photographer, Giulio Paletta, for his donation of his work to our church. Also, we thank Saida Goriya and her family for helping with the transport of the Exhibition photos from Antwerp to Holland and then to Germany free of charge. Saida agreed to let us have some of her artwork and photos to be displayed (Per Bene) and family will make a donation to Giulio for his work. Saida is a Syriac artist, whose family moved to Amsterdam, Holland when she was 11 years old. Her website is where you can see her work and biography.

The Tur Abdin Focus Group UK organised a pilgrimage trip recently to the Armenian area in Turkey combined with a visit to the Tur Abdin monasteries and churches I hear that it was very successful but the details will be reported at our next meeting, which is on Wednesday 13 November. Please find a copy of the brochure attached for your information.


The programme in Salzburg is as follows:

Thursday, 14 November

1.30 pm The Board and members of (Salzburg Suryoye Seminary) will be meeting the Head of the University

Friday, 15. November

3.00 pm Meeting with the Archbishop of Salzburg and member of the committee.

6.00 pm Syrian-Orthodox Holy Service (QUROBO ALOHOYO)
with His Eminence Mor Polycarpus Dr Augin Aydin (Nederlands)
in the Kollegien Church (Salzburg)

7.30 pm Vernissage: Opening of the Exhibition Tur Abdin – der Berg Athos der syrischen Christen

Saturday 16 november - free

Most clergy want to be back for Sunday services in their own Parishes

(Photos from Giulio Paletta, Italy; Pictures from Saida Goriya, Nethererlands)

in the rooms of the Katholischen Hochschulgemeinde Salzburg

(Wiener-Philharmoniker-Gasse 2; behind the Kollegien Church, Entrance vis á vis Kieferpavillon)

We look forward seeing you in Salzburg and thank you for your support.

Dr Aho Shemunkasho
Salzburg Tur Abdin Exhibition organiser

Gabriel Malas
Tur Abdin UK Representative

Austria, Salzburg: Tur Abdin Focus Group Photographic and Art Exhibition

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