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Marina Aziz abducted, raped and killed

Posted: Sunday, October 03, 2010 at 01:12 PM CT

Marina Abimalek Aziz

This article was originally written in Arabic by Majed Eshoo and its translation is put forward so that non-Assyrians as well as Assyrians who don’t read Arabic would be able to read about few of the calamities which are befalling the Assyrians with their different denominations and which are going on without punishment while the Assyrians continue to be marginalized and treated as un welcomed guests on their own land directly and indirectly by both Kurds and Arabs.

Marina Abimalek Aziz, a nineteen year old Assyrian girl was born in the village of Hizankeh, under the administration of Sarsink which follows the Amediya district and this in turn follows Massoud Barzani’s, Kurdish "Democratic" party in the district of Aqra. Her parents joined the aforementioned party, thinking that they would be able to avoid the evils of the officials and members of that party particularly the uncles of Mr. Massoud Barzani, the Zibaris, who persecute every one in the region and no one is able to deter or stop them. Then came the abduction of the innocent girl Marina on December 15, 2008, at the hands of the criminal Simdar Rida al-Zebari and his friend, the son of one of his father’s officers called Mustafa al-Duski, who roam the area in their luxurious cars, doing whatever they please because they are above the law while no one dares to stand up to their criminal faces, evil eyes and reckless actions.

When Marina’s father with some of his close friends began searching in order to know her fate, they went to the bureaus in charge as well as the headquarters of the Kurdish “Democratic” party in Aqra, where the official there was upset because they were searching for the missing girl as if he already knew her fate. Marina was found on December 24, 2008 thrown in the water of the Khazar River near the village, 10 days following her disappearance to make it look as a suicide while they were spreading from day one a propaganda that the girl was depressed and psychologically ill, when all those who knew her denied that and no one was deceived by their game.

Marina was raped then killed at the hands of al-Zibari’s son and his henchmen, when the girl’s body was found there was a wound on her jaw, the rape was asserted and her body didn’t carry any evidence of drowning which made it clear to every one that the girl was thrown in the river after she was killed to cover up their heinous crime, all these facts were later on confirmed in the forensic medicine report in Dohuk (Nohadra) where the body was taken.

The Zebari family has a long history with murders, rapes and assaults not only against our people but also against the Kurds, the killer’s grand-father Zubair Mahmoud Agha al-Zibari was a mercenary and a criminal who killed many of our people and burned down their villages since the beginning of the Kurdish movement under the pretext of cooperating with the rebels (Peshmerga) until he was poisoned by the former regime when it discovered his secret cooperation with the Kurdish leadership; the crimes which he had committed against our people and his own people were aimed at defaming the ruling regime before world’s public opinion, in addition to Kurdifying the villages of our people who were displaced due to the oppression by both the regime and Peshmerga, no wonder then that the criminal Simdar succeeds his grand-father Zubair who had attacked the nuns monastery in Aradin and killed many of the youth and men of the village.

Surprisingly, correspondent who had conducted an interview with Marina’s brother tried to put off the case and show that security forces were concerned about the subject, when these forces can’t take a single step without the consent of the criminal’s father Rida al-Zebari and his brother Shamal al-Zibari, the sons of Zubair Mahmoud al-Zebari, and they are known for their repeated attacks against our people in the region, then the correspondent wrote that he had made a phone call with a security source who refused to mention his name and who was quoted as saying: “ A crime committed against a Christian girl in the lands under Kurdish control can’t pass without severely punishing the killers”. In response to this sugar coated lying sentence which is meant to make a mockery of the minds of those who are living in Diaspora we say … What if the crime was committed by the one who said the sentence above, or by his father the military official in the region?

To refute the validity of the sugar coated sentence, we remind our people, the writer and the one who said it, with the story of Helen Sawa, the victim who used to work for Ezzedin Berwari, a member of the Kurdish “Democratic” party’s Political Bureau and was always transported in his car, her decomposing body was found out in an open area months after her disappearance and her story was forgotten, we also remind our people of Khameh Aushana, another victim who was killed under orders from Tahseen Kamaki, another member of the Kurdish “Democratic” party. Many are the crimes committed against our people by Kurds whether officials or not, questioning the man who said the above sentence because what he said isn’t the truth since it is known to every one that Kurds aren’t persecuted for crimes committed against our people. We still painfully recall Edwar Khoshaba, the shepherd from Nahla who was dragged out of prison to be killed brutally and in a barbaric manner.

The proof on the involvement of the officials in Aqra in Marina’s heinous rape and murder case is how they knew before hand where the girl’s body would be thrown, whereby the villagers were told to look in the same spot where the body was found, but they didn’t find the body even though the area was thoroughly inspected, because the corpse hadn’t been thrown there yet, and the site doesn’t require a lot of searching nor diving since the water is shallow and the bottom of the river can be clearly seen, thus mentioning the participation of the American diver was a media stunt in order to substantiate the girl’s drowning which no one believed, a fact which was later on confirmed by forensic medicine when it mentioned that the girl was raped, murdered and thrown later in water.

The imposing questions in this known crime are:

  1. How did the authorities know that the girl’s body would be found in water before even knowing the missing girl’s fate?
  2. Why is the murderer trying to delude people into believing that the girl drowned and wasn’t raped nor killed, if the murderer was not known and seen in the region?
  3. How can a criminal spread the propaganda amongst people that the girl was depressed and had psychological problems?
  4. Why did the authorities assert on searching the site where the body was found even before she was thrown there?
  5. How did the authorities know that the girl would be killed and thrown in the water days before her body was discovered?

There are many questions and suspicions surrounding the criminals who committed this heinous crime in cold blood against Marina, since the criminals were present and were seen by the people roaming the streets of the village in their cars, and some of them have suspicious relationships with some of the corrupt in the village, especially following the opening of a Kurdish “Democratic” party office in the area taking advantage of the houses which were built by Mr. Sargis Aghajan which facilitated their presence in the village, and such a crime did not happen during the history of the region except after the opening of the suspicious headquarters of this chauvinistic Kurdifying party filled with murderers and criminals. The fact is that we do not expect of the killers, criminals, gang members and mafia except that which is happening and we are seeing with our own eyes throughout Iraq, and the latest displacement of our Christian people in the city of Mosul, is the best proof on their crimes and violations of basic human rights, but the blame first and foremost falls upon the American occupation forces and their disruptive policies in our country because they handed over the power and launched the hands of those criminals stained with Iraqi blood to trample on Iraq, its history, civilization and people, as did their ancestors, with America’s indigenous Red Indians, and the acceptance of thousands of our people as immigrants in America, proves a blatant collusion with the murderous terrorism gangs who attack our people every now and then in order to Kurdify them and their areas in a manner that serves the course of division which the Kurdish leadership is working on.

The irony is when we hear every now and then voices here and there apologizing on behalf of the Kurdish people for some crimes and massacres committed throughout history against our people, while they continue to commit such crimes just like when Marina was abducted away from her family and loved ones while the kidnapper is known and many saw him in his car in the area, because it’s not possible for a mouse to enter the village without being spotted by the residents, but the imposed intimidation on the people by the unjust Kurdish government which doesn’t know the meaning of law and human rights represented by the uncles of Mr. Massoud Barzani turns people deaf and blind.

Authority for those is a way to legitimize their aggression, transgression and conceal their crimes, whereby their bad smell is allover Iraq while we have nothing left but to appeal to people’s benevolence, human rights organizations and world’s public opinion to pay attention to what’s happening to the Iraqi people in general and our Assyrian Christian people in particular who are threatened with forced displacement, extinction and disappearance from their historical land due to the crimes committed against them by Kurdish terrorism and its Mafioso government. The crime of abducting, raping and killing of Marina Abimalek Aziz in her own backyard is the best proof on what we’re saying; lastly to those criminals we say, the more crimes you commit against our people, the faster your inevitable end will be at the hands of Iraq’s zealous people, and the near future will tell it all.

Long live a unified Iraq and long live its people united

ANA ASHUR – Assyria National Assembly © 2009 All Rights Reserved

An appeal to save the brother of murder victim Marina Aziz

by ANA ASHUR Media and Translation Desk , 03-05-2009.

Youbert AzizThis is an appeal to all Iraqi and international humanitarian organizations to help save Youbert Abimalek Aziz, the brother of murder victim Marina Aziz whose body was found thrown in water 10 days following her abduction and rape by Simdar the son of Rida al-Zibari (one of Massoud Barzani’s uncles).

In order to distance the killer and his gang (who are wreaking havoc) away from the crime, the Kurdish Asayesh (security) arrested two months following the crime, Youbert Abimalek Aziz, Marina’s brother and accused him of her murder. He was put in a dark room in the Asayesh’s headquarters in Aqra and was subjected to heinous methods of inhuman and brutal torture in addition to the psychological and physical punishment. For more than twenty days all he could hear were horrible voices threatening of hanging and death, deluding him into thinking that he was going to be strangled unless he confessed to a crime which he didn’t commit.

Following two months of brainwashing, torture, threats and intimidation in the dark cellars and prisons of the Kurdish Asayesh in Aqra and after a forced confession was video taped, Youbert was transferred to the central prison in Dohuk (Nohadra) where some people were able to see him and he recounted some of what he had suffered. He was in a deplorable state, incoherent in his speech, his lips shivering, his hands trembling, he was clearly close to a complete nervous breakdown due to fear, and whomever sees him would think that he’s insane because his behavior was like some one who has been in a psychiatric hospital, biting his nails and lips, rubbing his head and cheeks down to the rest of his corps as if he was chasing something inside his body and we don’t rule out that in those dark, dirty cellars he was subjected to sexual assault in order to force him into collapsing and accepting what they would dictate, but he denied killing his sister and said that he was forced into confessing to the murder under threats of being killed.

Such inhuman and immoral practices on the part of the Kurdish government in dealing with innocent citizens and abusing their powers in persecuting citizens, reflects clearly the barbarism and dictatorship of those who have our people under their control because dealing in such a manner with this case of abduction, rape, killing and torture of an innocent family is terrorism and their heinous crime is double folded because this family has a membership in their chauvinistic political party, which makes us wonder how would they deal with families who aren’t members in their divisive, Kurdifying political parties which brought calamities upon Iraq and its people.

Facing Extinction: Assyrian Christians in Iraq

The persecution, kidnapping and murder of Assyrians in Iraq is tragically increasing.  Thousands of Aramaic-speaking Assyrians are enduring unjust persecution because of their Christian faith.
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Courtesy of Questar and Assyrians Around the World

Hence, we repeat our appeal to all humanitarian organizations and institutions of our people to intervene in saving the brother of murder victim Marina Aziz, Youbert Abimalek Aziz, who is at present in Zarka prison, Dohuk (Nohadra) before being subjected to further terror which may lead to his demise or to spending the rest of his life in a psychiatric ward or in one of the dark caves in his village where no one would be able to understand anything that he may say.

We also call to hold responsible all those who participated in the abduction, rape and killing of the victim Marina and all the officials who participated in accusing her brother Youbert of murder so that they may serve a lesson to others and in order to put an end to the inhuman practices against our people because if local and international human rights organizations as well as our institutions remain in silence vis a vis such crimes that would mean they also indirectly are participating and encouraging the criminals to continue with their crimes. We are confident that matters will not continue as such no matter how long it takes, for truth shall prevail, and then the killers will be punished and as the saying goes: “The near future is at hand”.

Long live Iraq and its people united

ANA ASHUR- Assyria National Assembly (c) 2009 All Rights Reserved.

Article originally written in Arabic by Majed Eshoo.

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