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Marina Aziz - an Appeal to Save her Brother

Posted: Sunday, October 03, 2010 at 01:20 PM CT

Youbert AzizAn appeal to save the brother of murder victim Marina Aziz
by ANA ASHUR Media and Translation Desk , 03-05-2009.

This is an appeal to all Iraqi and international humanitarian organizations to help save Youbert Abimalek Aziz, the brother of murder victim Marina Aziz whose body was found thrown in water 10 days following her abduction and rape by Simdar the son of Rida al-Zibari (one of Massoud Barzani’s uncles).

In order to distance the killer and his gang (who are wreaking havoc) away from the crime, the Kurdish Asayesh (security) arrested two months following the crime, Youbert Awimalek Aziz, Marina’s brother and accused him of her murder. He was put in a dark room in the Asayesh’s headquarters in Aqra and was subjected to heinous methods of inhuman and brutal torture in addition to the psychological and physical punishment. For more than twenty days all he could hear were horrible voices threatening of hanging and death, deluding him into thinking that he was going to be strangled unless he confessed to a crime which he didn’t commit.

Following two months of brainwashing, torture, threats and intimidation in the dark cellars and prisons of the Kurdish Asayesh in Aqra and after a forced confession was video taped, Youbert was transferred to the central prison in Dohuk (Nohadra) where some people were able to see him and he recounted some of what he had suffered. He was in a deplorable state, incoherent in his speech, his lips shivering, his hands trembling, he was clearly close to a complete nervous breakdown due to fear, and whomever sees him would think that he’s insane because his behavior was like some one who has been in a psychiatric hospital, biting his nails and lips, rubbing his head and cheeks down to the rest of his corps as if he was chasing something inside his body and we don’t rule out that in those dark, dirty cellars he was subjected to sexual assault in order to force him into collapsing and accepting what they would dictate, but he denied killing his sister and said that he was forced into confessing to the murder under threats of being killed.

Such inhuman and immoral practices on the part of the Kurdish government in dealing with innocent citizens and abusing their powers in persecuting citizens, reflects clearly the barbarism and dictatorship of those who have our people under their control because dealing in such a manner with this case of abduction, rape, killing and torture of an innocent family is terrorism and their heinous crime is double folded because this family has a membership in their chauvinistic political party, which makes us wonder how would they deal with families who aren’t members in their divisive, Kurdifying political parties which brought calamities upon Iraq and its people.

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Courtesy of Questar and Assyrians Around the World

Hence, we repeat our appeal to all humanitarian organizations and institutions of our people to intervene in saving the brother of murder victim Marina Aziz, Youbert Awimalek Aziz, who is at present in Zarka prison, Dohuk (Nohadra) before being subjected to further terror which may lead to his demise or to spending the rest of his life in a psychiatric ward or in one of the dark caves in his village where no one would be able to understand anything that he may say.

We also call to hold responsible all those who participated in the abduction, rape and killing of the victim Marina and all the officials who participated in accusing her brother Youbert of murder so that they may serve a lesson to others and in order to put an end to the inhuman practices against our people because if local and international human rights organizations as well as our institutions remain in silence vis a vis such crimes that would mean they also indirectly are participating and encouraging the criminals to continue with their crimes. We are confident that matters will not continue as such no matter how long it takes, for truth shall prevail, and then the killers will be punished and as the saying goes: “The near future is at hand”.

Long live Iraq and its people united

ANA ASHUR- Assyria National Assembly (c) 2009 All Rights Reserved.

Article originally written in Arabic by Majed Eshoo.

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