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Posted: Wednesday, March 07, 2001 at 03:39 PM CT

In order to promote Assyrian studies through American universities, various Assyrian book and library endowment funds have been established. Below is a list of such funds and a short description about them including contact information for those interested. Please support these important projects.

  1. The David B. Perley Memorial Assyrian Fund. This endowment was established in 1979 by the family and friends of Dr. David B. Perley to honor an active and devoted member of the Assyrian-American community. The purpose of the fund is to promote the development of research materials on the history, culture, literature and language of the Assyrians since the 17th century. Specifically, the Fund uses income from the endowment to subsidize the publication of works devoted primarily to the Assyrians and second for the acquisition of archival materials, collections and other rare historical materials. All donations are tax deductible.

    For further questions and donations contact:
    NELC – Harvard University
    6 Divinity Ave.
    Cambridge, Ma. 02138

  2. The Mishael and Lillie Naby Assyrian Lecture Fund. The daughter and son of the Rev. Mishael Naby (1898-1980) and Rabi Lillie Yohannan (1906-1991), two Assyrians from the Urmia region of Iran, established this endowment Fund in 1997. The lives of these two Assyrians were disrupted but not destroyed by the massacre of the Assyrians during World War One. The purpose of the Mishael and Lillie Naby Assyrian Lecture Fund is to provide for the hosting of one or more lectures, on an annual basis, at the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University, on a topic related to Assyrian culture and history during the medieval and modern periods.
    For further questions and donations contact:
    NELC – Harvard University
    6 Divinity Ave.
    Cambridge, Ma. 02138
    (617) 495-5757
  3. The Naoum Faik Assyrian Book Fund. The Naoum Faik Assyrian Book Fund is a library endowment fund intended for the use of Columbia University in building and maintaining a collection of material related to Assyrian history and culture during the Christian era. While it is expected that the University will collect materials in all necessary languages, particular attention is directed to Assyrian language materials, including manuscripts.
    This campaign is sponsored by the Naoum Faik Assyrian Book Fund:
    Contact: Herbert Quoyoun, Tel (212) 532-6023.
    For further questions and donations contact:
    Office of University Development
    Columbia University
    450 Riverside Drive – Room 948
    New York, N.Y. 10015
  4. The Assyrian Book Fund at the University of Berkeley. This library endowment Fund was established on May 1, 1998 by the Assyrian Foundation of America/Berkeley. The purpose of this Fund is to help the Library at Berkeley to build its collection of books and other material on modern Assyrian studies dating from 1500 AD to this present day.

    For further questions and donations contact:
    The Assyrian Foundation of America
    P.O.Box 2620
    Berkeley, Ca. 94702

  5. The Ninos Aho Assyrian Poetry Fund

    The 4th Endowment Fund at Harvard University 
    Cambridge, Massachusetts USA

    The Assyrian language poetry has served the community as a means of honoring the past, examining the present, and imagining the future. Whether in times of pleasure and plenty or in times of want and persecution, Assyrians have written poetry that is preserved in stone and clay, parchment and paper, audio tape and video cassette. Assyrian poetry, as no other medium, from the epic of Gilgamish to the melodious songs of William Daniel, to the love ballad of the young man, has helped to keep the vernacular and the classic Syriac on the living tongue.

    Driven into Diaspora, the Assyrian nation can aspire to honor its poets in the ways available to a stateless nation: but in the words of a by-gone poet, “A mere flower to the writer in his lifetime is far more rewarding than thousands of wreaths placed on his grave after death.

    A mere flower to the writer in his lifetime is far more rewarding than thousands of wreaths placed on his grave after death.

    Naoum Faik

    In the spirit of Naoum Faik who spoke those words, this fund has been initiated by Mr. & Mrs. Elias Hanna of Worcester, Ma. Mr. Hanna wishes to honor his teacher, Ninos Aho, a living Assyrian poet who composes in all three forms of our language - Classical Syriac, vernacular Eastern Syriac and vernacular Western Syriac. The Assyrian community joins the Elias Hanna family in honoring this poet in his lifetime. Ninos Aho, a son of Tur Abdin, raised in Qamishli, Syria, symbolizes the indefatigable spirit of the Assyrian nation: a man of learning, perseverance and strength of belief in his people. He is a man of strong words who achieves his goals. For these qualities the Assyrian community honors him. And through him the Assyrian community wishes to honor all Assyrian poets, composers, singers and writers by having their works collected and preserved as part of Harvard University's rich collection of materials about Assyrian culture, history, art.

    You can help in two ways:

    Send your contributions ($50, $100, $500 and more)
    to support this cause to Dr. Micheal Hopper.

    1. Widener Library - Room S
      Harvard University Cambridge, Ma. 02138 USA
      Make checks out to Harvard College Library for the Ninos Aho Assyrian Poetry Fund.

    2. Let us know of collections of taped poetry & songs.
      We would like to have or copy your old Assyrian 78, 45, and 33 1/3 RMP records.

Ninos Aho Assyrian Poetry Fund 
Harvard University

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