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An Alternative View on Old and Degrading Methods of the Assyrian Social and Political Organisations Around the World

by Alfred Abramian — Sydney, Australia. April 25, 1998.
Translation from Persian by Susan Ghaemi.

Posted: Friday, June 09, 2000 at 06:05 PM CT

..."The world has no worth or glory without the Assyrians"...

..."We have been dragged down from our horse not from our source"...

..."Assyrians are lions, lions, lions"...

..."Our soldiers in the homelands mountains and others heights near Mesopotamia shed their blood to clear our good home from enemies"...

..."The heads of Assyrian churches met with the Islamic heads of states (including Saddam Hussein) about the rights and freedom of Iraqi Assyrians and achieved good results"...

These and many other repetitious and vacant slogans are examples of what has been said over the centuries, using any excuse, in speeches both in the Assyrian public and church media. But what is never achieved is the realisation of even one of these slogans that is fed to the simple-hearted and disadvantaged Assyrians all around the world. Instead, what has been achieved and reported in the official news, after all this big talk, is the addition of the name of Assyrians to the list of hungry and helpless people. Thanks to the irresponsibility of a few unwise leaders who could not care less about the majority of Assyrians.

I, as an Assyrian, found out that the name Assyrian has no longer any glory and/or respect in the eyes of the world. I found out that I am yet another disgrace for humanity and it was clear that if until today we had fallen from our horses, today we have fallen from our sources too. It was clear that Assyrians are not lions but we are less than ants. It became clear for me that we Assyrians will never be able to rid our country from foreigners, nor be able to free an Assyrian brother from begging or an Assyrian sister from the disgrace of prostitution.

After receiving the news of Assyrian men and women running away from extreme poverty to flee to an unknown utopia only to be drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, we received the frightful news of the begging of a number of Assyrians and prostitution of Assyrian girls. The "lionesses" (!!) in front of the eyes of their "lion-men" (!!) was yet another disgrace on the forehead of the leaders and high-placed people of the Assyrians around the world.

There may never be a fairer thing to say than "may the eternal curse of those girls and women and those broken men remain with you and I who have no shame from God". You and I who call each other brothers and sisters untruthfully and bypass a national disaster carelessly and by donating a few unworthy coins consider our responsibility is fulfilled and try to placate our drowsy consciences. .

May the eternal curse of the Assyrian girls and women, who were forced to prostitution, fall on all us Assyrians. And all those claiming the leadership of our people who call themselves the heir to pride and glory of the ancient Assyria, protectors and guardians of the glorious name of Assyrians, but in reality prefer the position of power. Shame on us! Great shame on us!

At this time when our mothers, daughters and sisters are selling their chastity and their pure bodies, a more painful phenomenon has been created by these men who claim to be our leaders. Instead of finding practical solutions that will attack the root of this problem, they have resolved to raise charity. They find this antiquated way of tackling our problems, a solution. Perhaps because they want to make a hat and a name for themselves with this shameful material. In other words, they want to fight poverty with the artillery of poverty. What a misunderstanding!

The writer of these lines is conscious of the bitterness of the truth, a bitterness that will hurt many hearts. And I am quite aware that these roars will annoy many who are unfamiliar with pain, and I know that some will consider me an enemy and not for breaking his pen but for breaking his neck, will leap ahead of one another. However, I will say my words with no fear, for those who want to hear it, and those who do not wish to hear it are free to say what they like.

What I am saying is that the greatest disaster that has fallen upon our people is not hunger and prostitution, since these two are bitter fruits of the same tree. The greatest disaster is not the mass migration from one country to another that has happened many times over the past three millennium, with it's dimensions becoming more grotesque as time passes.

The greatest disaster that has happened to our people is the lack of a compassionate, caring and wise leadership that will carry the people of Assyria in its heart. The suffering of our people is because of a lack of a strong and healthy national economy, a lack of a system of social economy with public investment. A socio-economic system that will assist our people in achieving their great national goals and hopes.

Yes brother.....! It is because of money, indeed the lack of it, that every now and then you hear from the Assyrian radio's those disgraceful reports. It is because of a lack of a strong political-economic system that we have to hear our old and broken men beg, and our women sell their bodies at the cross roads of four corners of the world. This all happens in front of the brainless men who claim to be our leaders, and the various Assyrian organisations, each one carrying a "glorious" name. Shame, shame, shame.

If hearing such reports from the various radio programs and other media outlets has not put a knife into the heart of the conscience of Assyrian women and men, then which Assyrian people are we talking about?

It amazes me that in these days, with all these happenings, one will dare to speak of the grandeur of a great people, a people unable to bring medicine to its own refugees when dislocated! It amazes me to hear an organisation or a speaker dedicated to our national cause can speak of us as lions, (a sheep may be?). Poor Assyrian, who is neither a lion or a sheep, but a being that has lost its way. And because of its bad luck, prowls around and can find no way out. Rich and poor have lost their way and, in the dark of the night, are looking for a key. Should they find a rusted key, even then, are unable to find the keyhole.

The unlucky Assyrian finds no light at the end of this long and dark tunnel. Should he go to churches and look for all his hopes and dreams under the Cross of Jesus? Or should he go to clubs and, free from all the pain and suffering of other human beings, look for his hopes and dreams in a poker machine? Should he rest in the shade of inert national organisations, each one a lion in sickening groves? But the question history asks of us is this "Isn't it time for us to rise from this trance of ignorance?"

If we want to inject into our veins the spirit of life and the warm blood of national life, we need to accept the undeniable reality that in this world the life of all people is based on strong pillars of a national economy. Without benefiting from a productive economy with political objectives for achieving these great national goals, no other nation, especially Assyrians, will ever succeed. Today, the real war of life and death is the economic-political war. It is only in this war that our full fledged struggle (to be or not to be) is possible and will return to us our national pride and human dignity.

Therefore, one can not fight poverty with poverty. Gathering donations for feeding our hungry refugees or to stop a national immodesty is not even a short term solution, but simply a salve for our guilty conscience.

Unfortunately, for many years, instead of attending to these undeniable realities, our speakers, thinkers and "national leaders" have filled our heads and hearts with a hollow collection of past glories. This has been used to drug us in such a way as to keep us focused on the past, forget Ashur Banipal and Shamiran and Amerhedoon, and think for a moment about our present. Think for a moment of where we are standing in history and to which unknown future are we facing. What our teachers and scholars have thought and made us believe is to be proud of the history of our forefathers, a history that has one foot in reality and one in myth and the line between fact and myth is blurred.

Exactly at the same time that we are clinging to the tomb stone of our mythical ancestors to save it from passage of time, other nations have been putting one stone upon the other and erected tall buildings of glory for themselves. Meanwhile, we Assyrians, without a national goal or vision of tomorrow, have been saluting our unwise leaders. With empty stomachs and even emptier heads we are dancing Sheikhani under the Assyrian flag, burning our stomachs with Whisky and fighting over some bricks or whether the seventh day is correct or the third. Other dislocated people, in peace and quiet, relying on their historic experience, have planned and started travelling the road that will take them home.

Those people have benefited from their intellect and elevated thoughts and in both political and economic fronts they have became active and found their way home. This has all happened while we are still trapped in the circle of our Sheikhani dance. Today, after a so called 7000 years of history, when a disaster happens to some of our people in a corner of this world, the best we can do is to take our begging bowls and start collecting donations to pacify our conscience. The day that we find out that we can not fight poverty with poverty, we can do some thing. That day will be a glorious day.

I give this letter to the children, the young and generations to come, so they will understand the shame of our disgraceful generation.

Alfred Abramian,
April 25, 1998 - Sydney, Australia.

Respectfully for the Attention of Assyrian Societies, Organizations, Communities and the Honorable Assyrian People
An Open Letter to All Assyrians Around the World
An Alternative View on Old and Degrading Methods of the Assyrian Social and Political Organisations Around the World

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