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Respectfully for the Attention of Assyrian Societies, Organizations, Communities and the Honorable Assyrian People

by Alfred Abramian — Sydney, Australia. April 25, 1998.
Translation from Persian by Susan Ghaemi.

Posted: Friday, June 09, 2000 at 06:09 PM CT

Hail to the pure souls of those martyrs that over millennia, encompassing their glorious history, who sacrificed their lives in protecting and glorifying their native land.

Hail to the souls of the descendants of those martyrs who, in order to protect the sacred name of the Assyrians, were crucified on the summit of the Calvary Hill by the deceitful and corrupt demons of the era and thus forfeited their lives.

Hail to the people who, amid dark and dirty political activities of their foes still hold their heads high.

Hail to you, blood brothers and sisters, with the sincerest hopes that your precious blood, which in the past was the lifeblood of the most powerful Assyrian Emperors, does not spill in the arena of distasteful upheaval.

My dear reader, attached is an open letter, I hope that it will be of interest to you.

I have been given the courage to convey these thoughts through my belief in the goodness of the human spirit, freedom of speech and expression, qualities that under the banner of democracy have led humanity to achieve unbelievable feats in today's world. These thoughts are not only my own conclusions, but also reflections of the agony of all those sisters and brothers that for innumerable years, tired and forlorn, suffered under the yoke of the various Assyrian societies and institutions. Those who due to the ineptitude of these organisations have had a sad and prideless destiny and are vegetating in isolation.

What you are about to read is the stifled cries of the people who, with their endeavors and toil have tried to fill the bottomless pit of the greed of these institutions. Organisations that, in spite of promising the fountain of youth and the hanging gardens of Babylon, have come up empty. But still today the same orators and idol worshippers are drinking at the trough of the aliens.

Truly the perseverance of our nation is astounding!

It is with this endurance that they do not cry out and still, like a benevolent and patient mother, who pours her life giving milk to feed the hunger of these organisations with the hope that one day the dream of unity, the unity that the majority of these orators who, while frothing at the mouth, have told us would one day come true. But alas!!

I believe that if, one day these "honorable" gentlemen listen to their audience they will realize how tired these people are with all the baseless and repetitive slogans and how disenchanted they have become listening to the meaningless and hollow words and promises.

I truly believe that, if one day the cup of patience of the nation runs over most of these petty organisations will cave in and most of these palaces that have no solid foundation will topple and only their names will be remembered.

I believe that if only you, the leaders and elders of the various active communities unite amongst yourselves you will find us, the ordinary people standing next to you. If you stand together in unison and produce a beneficial movement and organize a systematic solution, both commercial and political, you will be able to ascertain that the flickering light that still burns in our hearts is not extinguished and that we do not wash our hands entirely of you all.

We Assyrians, the modern day wandering Jews, are weak and feeble in coping with the whirlpool that sooner or later will crush the broken ship that carries our past history.

We Assyrians have two options, either we should accept our fate and that Ashur and Assyrians will be erased from the face of the earth and that we will not have any standing amongst the nations of the world OR that we awaken from our stupor and sleep of centuries and commence to build our nation on a rocky ledge.

In conclusion, I will respectfully quote the unforgettable lesson from the blessed Jesus Christ:

(And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased, and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted)

Hopefully under the guidance of such wisdom our institutions, organisations and even our Churches will be able to do away with the differences, belittlements and rivalry that exist between themselves and the battered Assyrian nation. So that, with the grace of God, his benevolence will once again envelop our people and bestow on us enough strength and fortitude to walk along the path of righteousness.

Alfred Abramian,
April 25, 1998 - Sydney Australia

Respectfully for the Attention of Assyrian Societies, Organizations, Communities and the Honorable Assyrian People
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