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 Monday, June 1, 2020 at 9:33 AM in Nineveh, Assyria
 Shläma ~ 0ml4   | Tren b'Shaba, Khziran 1, 6770 - 9:33 b'sapra b'Nineweh, Atour


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Member messageGeneral: The Planned Extermination of the Assyrian People and Culture Fred Aprim, Apr-06-2020.

Member messageActivism: Lost, not forgotten: Mass murder in Turkey Atour, Oct-14-2019.

Member messageArts: Enuma Elish - A modern creation myth for courage and renewal Abdulmesih BarAbraham, Jul-19-2016.

NewsEd: Assyrians: From Bedr Khan to Saddam Hussein (Second Edition,... Atour, Jun-26-2017.

HelpLanguage: Bet-Froso and Bet-Prasa - Nsibin - Publications List Jan Bet Sawoce, May-20-2020.

HelpFamily: Life Journal in America 1974-2020 William Aprim, Nov-30-2019.

NewsFinance: VW Bid Questioned by Scania Town Mayor Defending 9,000 Jobs Atour, Feb-25-2014.

NewsGov: California State Assembly recognizes the Assyrian Genocide Atour, Sep-15-2019.

Member messageHealth: Yana Bijamov: A Mother's Plea to Save her son George Bijamov Atour, Apr-07-2014.

Member messageHistory: The Kurdish Role in the Armenian and Assyrian Genocide Abdulmesih BarAbraham, May-23-2020.

NewsNews: 2018 Human Rights Report Struggling to Breathe: the Systemat... Atour, Jul-30-2019.

Member messageArabic: الاشوريون ما قبل الاستهتار الكرد Albert Nasser, Aug-05-2019.

NewsSpanish: ¿Es compatible el Islam con la igualdad de la mujer? Ferran Barber, Sep-17-2014.

Member messageTurkish: TC ve İçimizdeki Maşaları Jan Bet Sawoce, Dec-15-2019.

Member messageReligion: (Swedish) Jakobiter Jan Bet Sawoce, May-20-2020.

NewsScience: European Parliament: Science-Media Hub to Help Combat Fake N... Atour, May-11-2019.

NewsTeens: Report on EMO Killings in Iraq Atour, Aug-08-2013.

HelpWomen: Association of Assyrian Women - Shamiram - Mgalta 23 journal Atour, Jul-22-2015.

NewsSports: Assyrian flag in Barcelona Spain Football Classic 2013 Atour, Oct-29-2013.

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Member messageLost, not forgotten: Mass murder in Turkey
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Member messageEnuma Elish - A modern creation myth for courage and re...
Member messageالاشوريون ما قبل الاستهتار الكرد
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ResearchBet-Froso and Bet-Prasa - Nsibin - Publications List
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Member messageWho are Christians of Iraq and Syria?
Member messageModern and Ancient Assyrians
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