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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Genocide is defined as the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, religious, political, or ethnic group.  The word, from the Greek genos, meaning “race,” “nation,” or “tribe,” and the Latin cide, meaning “killing,” originated from the tragic events in the Middle East during the end of the Ottoman empire from 1910 to 1933, which called for a legal concept to describe the deliberate destruction of large groups.

Holocaust is defined as the deliberate and systematic destruction by fire of a racial, religious, political, or ethnic group.  The word derives from the Greek holos, meaning “whole” and kaustos, meaning “burnt”.

From 1843 to 1945, the Turks, Kurds, Arabs and Persians committed genocides against the Assyrian nation and other Christian peoples in Asia Minor [Middle East].  These international human rights violations were crimes against humanity and served as examples for future atrocities of this manner against the Jewish people in Europe.  In these genocides, 750,000 indigenous Christian Assyrians living in their ancestral homelands (known today as the republics of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran), including 1½ million Christian Armenians and 300,000 Hellenes were burned, slaughtered, and shot systematically.  Defenseless men, women, children, and the elderly became victims of these genocides.

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2021-08-26 The Afghan Crisis, Turkey, and Washington’s Global War on Terrorism
2021-08-07 The Big Lie of the U.S. War on Global Terrorism
2021-06-29 President Biden & Secretary of State Blinken have Failed to Confront International Terrorism
2021-06-07 U.S. Rep. Sherman calls on Biden Administration to reconsider Section 907 waiver allowing military aid to Azerbaijan
2021-05-27 What Lies Beneath: President Biden’s Deceptive Acknowledgment of the Armenian Genocide
2021-05-22 Review of Taner Akçam’s New Book: A Short History of the Armenian Genocide
2021-04-30 Serj Tankian: Biden recognizing Armenian Genocide is huge
2021-04-23 Key U.S. air base in Turkey sits on property stolen from Armenians during the genocide
2021-04-22 Three Paths, One Destination: The Armenian, Assyrian and Greek Genocide Experience
2021-02-25 Sanction the Axis of Mercenary and Terrorist Evil: Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Georgia
2021-02-25 Why Azerbaijan is Unfit to Rule over the Armenians of Artsakh


2020-11-28 International campaign is criminalizing criticism of Israel as ‘antisemitism’
2020-10-29 The New Kings of Jihadist Terrorism: Azerbaijan and Turkey
2020-10-27 15 Artsakh War Myths Perpetuated by Mainstream Media
2020-10-19 The Case for Affirming the Independence of the Armenian Republic of Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabagh
2020-10-03 Spike in Boycotts of Turkish Goods and Services; Consumers Cite Warmongering as Cause
2020-08-16 Avoiding World War III in the Caucasus
2020-06-24 The ADL’s “Task Force on Middle East Minorities”: A Con Job?
2020-05-23 The Kurdish Role in the Armenian and Assyrian Genocide
2020-03-07 1915 and Beyond: Art Gallery on Genocide
2020-03-03 Australia’s Armenian, Assyrian, Greek Communities Launch Joint Justice Initiative
2020-01-13 Lord Alton Visiting a Genocide Site in Simile, Northern Iraq


2019-10-14 Lost, not forgotten: Mass murder in Turkey
2019-09-11 California State Assembly recognizes the Assyrian Genocide
2019-07-24 Hypocritical Jewish Organizations and the Armenian Genocide
2019-05-21 International Conference: The Genocide of the Christian Populations of the Ottoman Empire and Its Aftermath 1908-1923
2019-04-24 MKs call on Israel to recognize Armenian Genocide
2019-04-23 April 24 March for Justice in Los Angeles California
2019-04-10 Belmont, Massachusetts Library Spotlights Armenian Titles in April
2019-04-09 Sabri Atman interviews Mr. Harut Sassounian, Publisher, California Courier
2019-03-14 Why Russia needs Armenia and vice versa
2019-03-14 Turkish Event at Lexington, Mass. Library Draws Armenians and Controversy


2018-12-20 President Donald J. Trump Signed H.R. 390 into Law (Iraq and Syria Genocide Relief and Accountability Act of 2018)
2018-11-17 Blundering American Ambassadors Unmask the War on Terror
2018-11-01 Prof. Hannibal Travis Speaks on the Assyrian, Armenian, Greek, and Yezidi Genocides
2018-09-04 No to the Anti-Defamation League in Glendale and Elsewhere
2018-05-03 Armenia’s People-Power Revolution, Russia, and the Western Bloc


2017-11-21 Book Review: The Genocide of the Greeks in Turkey
2017-11-17 Lucine Kasbarian Reveals the Power of Political Cartoons in Changing Hearts, Minds and History
2017-09-25 Erasing Assyrians: How the KRG Abuses Human Rights, Undermines Democracy, and Conquers Minority Homelands
2017-07-05 Petition Launched to Include all Greeks in Genocide Recognitions
2017-03-29 Pro-Turkish Journalist Stephen Kinzer’s Assault on the Armenian Genocide and Armenians
2017-03-09 The Alexander Lapshin Case: Extradited and Imprisoned in Azerbaijan over Telling the Truth about Nagorno-Karabakh
2017-01-09 Richard Hoagland is the Wrong American for the Karabagh/Artsakh Talks
2017-01-08 A David & Goliath Story in Iraq: An Interview with Filmmaker David Ritter


2016-11-29 HAVRESC: Stand on Courage
2016-06-23 An Armenian American Group Caves in to the Anti-Defamation League
2016-06-20 Tehlirian’s Specter Returns: Germany’s Lower House Artfully Acknowledges and Regrets Armenian Genocide
2016-04-21 The Ambassador Who Said 'Genocide' and Lost His Job
2016-04-21 Nagorno-Karabakh: The April Fool’s War
2016-03-15 Cartoons Worth a Thousand Words


2015-10-10 A True Salt of the Earth: A Tribute to Watertown's Mayram Gulbahar Gigiyan Cinar
2015-08-07 The Pontian Genocide: The continuous cycle of violence and massacres
2015-07-29 Global Forum Against the Crime of Genocide - Yerevan Declaration
2015-07-29 I Remember and Demand. Recognise! Do not Keep Silent!
2015-06-27 ARPA Institute Presentation: Healing A Nation: Genocide Survivors and Their Generations by Dr. Maria Armoudian
2015-06-03 Eric Bogosian's Operation Nemesis | Book review by Lucine Kasbarian
2015-04-30 Aleppo’s Forty Martyrs Church Compound Suffers Damage, Church Unharmed
2015-04-27 Turkish man attacks Armenian senior citizen in New York city
2015-04-25 Arend van Dam: Political Cartoons
2015-04-23 1915-2015 Armenian Genocide Centennial in Yerevan, Armenia
2015-04-23 Armenian killings were genocide - German president
2015-04-23 Rep. Schiff Reads Names of 1,000 Genocide Victims on House Floor
2015-03-24 Armenia Recognizes Assyrian and Greek Genocides
2015-04-16 Assyrian Genocide Monument Vandalized (2015)
2015-04-12 Dutch Parliament Recognizes Greek, Assyrian and Armenian Genocide
2015-04-08 The Allies at Gallipoli: Defeat in 1915, Disgrace in 2015
2015-04-07 Conference: The Armenian Genocide's Legacy, 100 Years on March 5-7, 2015, The Hague, The Netherlands
2015-02-03 Conference: The Armenian Genocide's Legacy, 100 Years
2015-02-01 100 Years of Genocide, or Why My Grandfather Didn't Want to Be Armenian
2015-01-30 The Gallipoli centenary is a shameful attempt to hide the Armenian Holocaust


2014-09-29 A Middle East With No Minorities?
2014-09-29 How My Family Survived the Caliphate
2014-09-29 ISIS Destroys Memorial & Church of Armenian Genocide in Der Zor, Syria
2014-09-11 CALL FOR PAPERS - World War I and the Non-Turkish Minorities in the Ottoman Empire: Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks
2014-08-06 The Desperate Plight of the Assyrian Christians of Iraq and Syria
2014-07-01 The 20th Century Genocide against Assyrians, Armenians and the Greeks
2014-06-30 House Panel Strengthens U.S. Call for Turkey to Return Christian Holy Sites
2014-06-06 Turkish False Flags and the Invasion that Almost Was
2014-05-25 Letter to the Boston Globe Regarding Abraham Foxman
2014-05-18 Press Release: The Ad Hoc Greater Boston Committee for Human Rights addresses the Suffolk/Foxman/Armenian issue
2014-05-04 Armenian National Committee Letter to Senator Markey regarding Suffolk Law School commencement, Abraham Foxman
2014-05-01 Willful Blindness: Abraham Foxman and the Armenian Genocide
2014-04-25 Until Erdogan calls it ‘genocide,’ Armenian reconciliation won’t happen
2014-04-22 Is U.S. Senator Edward Markey of Massachusetts principled regarding genocide, especially the Armenian, Assyrian, and Hellenic genocides committed by Turkey?
2014-04-17 Interview with a Diasporan Armenian Writer: Charles Garabed Kasbarian
2014-04-16 Suffolk University: Partner in Armenian Genocide Denial?
2014-04-12 The 1915 Armenian genocide: Finding a fit testament to a timeless crime
2014-03-30 Armenian Genocide Survivors and the Woven Arts
2014-03-26 Armenian Homes in Kessab Syria, Looted, Occupied
2014-03-12 VICTORY – Coalition Rallies outside Turkish Consulate as Nuns freed
2014-03-08 Judicial Candidate Joseph Berman, the ADL, and the Armenian Genocide
2014-03-04 Does the Genocide Convention Protect All Nations from Genocide?
2014-01-08 Remembering the Assyrian Genocide: An Interview with Sabri Atman


2013-12-16 The Myth of Turkish Secularism
2013-11-23 Genocide Denial at Center of Mass. Judicial Nomination
2013-10-16 Protest Turkish Lies: Government of Intolerance and Genocide
2013-09-22 Memorial to Armenian, Assyrian genocide victims unveiled in Diyarbakir
2013-08-23 Australia: Rev Nile’s Responses to Turkish Consul General
2013-08-22 Turkey threatens to ban MPs from Gallipoli centenary over genocide vote
2013-08-09 The Assyrian Genocide Monument in Belgium
2013-08-07 The Hypocrisy of the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG)
2013-07-27 Kurdish Politician in Turkey Apologizes to Armenians, Assyrians for 1915 Genocide
2013-07-23 A United Commemoration for the Victims of Genocide
2013-06-29 The Future of Religious Minorities in the Middle East, North Africa and the Two Sudans
2013-06-25 Professor Hannibal Travis: United Nations Reaction Muted to Warning Signs of Genocide in Middle East
2013-06-23 Kurdish Aggression Against Assyrians
2013-06-05 Australian Federal Parliament Calls for the Establishment of an Autonomous Province for Assyrians in Iraq
2013-06-05 Australia: Motion to Raise the Significant Human Rights Concerns of the Assyrians with the Iraqi Government
2013-06-02 Resolutions on Recognition of the Genocide of the Assyrians
2013-05-23 Sevan Nişanyan: Turkish Court Defends Prophet Against Yours Truly
2013-05-15 Sydney Australia NSW Parliament formally recognises Assyrian genocide as Smithfield MP Andrew Rohan shares tale of parents' survival
2013-05-15 Australia: Response to the Turkish Consul General from The Hon Marie Ficarra MLC, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier, NSW
2013-05-10 Australia NSW Labor Recognizes Armenian, Assyrian and Greek Genocide
2013-05-10 Parliament of NSW Legislative Council recognition of the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocide
2013-05-01 Parliament of NSW Legislative Council recognized the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocide
2013-04-28 International Conference on the Ottoman Turkish Genocides of Anatolian Christians
2013-04-21 The Greedy Sparrow: An Armenian Tale Wins 2013 Nautilus Silver Book Award
2013-04-12 Working Together with Ancient Neighbors
2013-03-14 ΕΠΟΝΑ: Motion for Recognition of the Assyrian Genocide
2013-02-27 Turkish EU minister compares the Genocide of 1915 to masturbation!
2013-02-13 A Cathedral on the Verge of Collapse: The Campaign to Save Mren
2013-02-11 Urgent Call to Defend Righteous Azeris
2013-01-22 Turkey Claims Non-Turkish Antiquities by Intimidating Foreign Museums


2012-11-19 My Mother’s Voice: A Genocide Survivor’s Story
2012-10-24 Akçam Says Turkish Archives Show Genocide Planning By Central Government
2012-10-24 Genocide and Humanity
2012-10-22 Photograph links Germans to 1915 Armenia genocide
2012-10-04 Misinformation at the New York Times
2012-10-04 Film Screening: Smyrna: The Destruction of a Cosmopolitan City
2012-10-02 Kurds Confiscating Ancestral Lands of Indigenous Assyrians
2012-10-04 Genocide of the Assyrians in the Ottoman Empire
2012-09-22 Supreme Court Set To Decide Next Week Whether to Consider Genocide-Era Life Insurance Case
2012-09-22 ‘Orphans Of The Genocide’ To Be Presented At Woodbury University
2012-09-22 Armenian Genocide recognition precondition for Turkey’s joining EU - Martin Shultz
2012-09-22 U.S. Congressman Adam Schiff congratulates Armenians
2012-09-12 International Justice for Armenian soldier, Gurgen Margaryan
2012-09-01 Blood Apricots, Part I and II
2012-08-22 Fatwa on Armenian Massacres Attracts World Attention Despite Turkish Denials
2012-08-22 Leading Muslim Cleric Issued Fatwa, Condemning Turks for Killing Armenians
2012-08-22 Frequently-Asked Questions On Armenian Demands from Turkey
2012-08-21 Massis Araradian: Lifetime of Artistic Creativity and Activism
2012-08-16 The Pencil is Mightier than the Sword
2012-08-14 Lucine Kasbarian: Political Cartoons
2012-08-13 Assyrian Martyrs Day Commemoration in Sydney, Australia 2012
2012-08-10 The Armenian Genocide as a Case for Preventing Self-Determination
2012-08-09 Contemporary Armenian Women Writers Read their Works in New York
2012-08-08 One picture, one thousand dead
2012-07-31 Strategic analysis of genocides
2012-07-25 Operation Nemesis
2012-07-19 Assembly interns, Rep. Eshoo discuss Armenia, Karabakh
2012-06-29 Turkish Court Takes Monastery's Land, Declares Assyrians 'Occupiers'
2012-06-18 Gathering in Istanbul for Freedom of Expression
2012-06-17 (Turkish/English) The "Nestorians" an Ancient people, we turned their Churches into stables. - (Turkish) Kiliselerini Ahıra Çevirdiğimiz Kadim Bir Halk "NASTURİLER"
2012-06-14 Akcam: Genocide Recognition is about Justice, Not Freedom of Thought (English and French)
2012-06-13 Obama Urged to Encourage Turkey to Acknowledge Armenian Genocide
2012-06-06 Professor Nikos Lygeros: Perspectives on Genocide
2012-06-02 Genocide of the Greeks of Pontus
2012-05-25 The Official Unveiling of the Genocide Monument in South Australia
2012-05-18 The Genocide of the Ottoman Greeks: The First Academic Publication on the Greek Genocide
2012-05-09 April 24th: Remembering the Armenian Dead
2012-04-29 Assyrian Genocide Monument Unveiled in Yerevan, Armenia
2012-04-24 Armenian lawmakers thwart vote on bringing Ottoman-era genocides bill to parliament floor
2012-04-24 Horror Revisited: New book contains 700 testimonies of Armenian Genocide
2012-04-24 Hurriyet: 'Genocide' cartoon in French school shocks Turkish students
2012-04-14 An Assyrian Exodus (film)
2012-04-10 Assyrian Genocide Monument in Australia Vandalized Again
2012-04-04 ARPA Institute: The Case For Abandoned Properties of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire
2012-03-31 Assyrian Cultural Award for Ragıp Zarakolu
2012-03-21 International Scientific Conference «Assyrian Genocide (1914-1923) and its consequences in the modern world»
2012-03-16 Armenia: Perspectives of Rafael Hambardzumyan | ՆԱԽԸՆՏՐԱ ԿԱՆ ԾՐԱԳԻՐ (in Armenian)
2012-03-12 Pan-Assyrian Center will be Established in Armenia
2012-02-27 When Forefathers Become Murderers
2012-02-25 Genocide Education Gaining Momentum
2012-02-22 Conference in Munich Highlights Assyrian Human Rights Issues
2012-02-21 Jihad and Human Rights Today
2012-02-21 Strong Solidarity Commitment by the Austrian Ruling Party for the Recognition of the Assyrian Genocide
2012-02-20 Islamist Lobbies' Washington War on Arab and Muslim Liberals
2012-02-15 Patriarch Bartholomew to demand non-Muslims have place in state
2012-02-12 97th Anniversary Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide to Be Held in Times Square, Sunday, April 22, 2-4 pm
2012-02-09 The 1915 Armenian and Assyrian Genocides: Inconvenient Precedents for the Arab Spring Revolutions
2012-02-09 Scholars Call for Israeli Knesset To Recognize Assyrian and Greek Genocide
2012-02-08 The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World
2012-01-30 Turkish minister: “I deny the Armenian genocide, come arrest me”
2012-01-27 PACE Document Urges Genocide Recognition
2012-01-06 Turkey’s waning Syriac Christian community to submit report to EU


2011-12-27 Israel hints that Turkey was guilty of its own 'holocaust'
2011-12-26 The desperate plight of Iraq's Assyrians and other minorities
2011-12-22 Iraq’s Christians Near Extinction
2011-12-18 Arab Spring Rolls Into Fundamentalism
2011-12-15 Elixir in Exile
2011-12-14 Turkish new textbooks escalates hatred towards Armenians
2011-12-14 The Marriage from Hell: Jane Harman and the Woodrow Wilson Center
2011-12-06 Islamic Cleric Incites Muslim Kurds during Friday Prayers, Attacks on Assyrian Businesses Follow [AAHGN]
2011-12-05 Facing History, the Anti-Defamation League, and the Silence of the Lambs
2011-12-04 GENOCIDE WARNING: Middle East Christians at Risk
2011-12-02 The Genocide of 1915: Hypocrisy as a Cornerstone of the Kurdish Narrative
2011-11-28 Australian MPs call to recognize the Armenian Genocide
2011-11-06 Assyrians seek to fight for Recognition of Genocide together with Armenians
2011-10-29 Publisher and Human Rights Defender Ragip Zarakolu Arrested
2011-10-26 Open Letter to "Facing History and Ourselves"
2011-10-26 Museum of Fine Arts returns looted 'Weary Herakles' statue to Turkey
2011-10-18 Film: Cyprus Still Divided: A U.S. Foreign Policy Failure
2011-10-17 Australian Senator calls to officially recognize Armenian, Greek and Assyrian Genocides
2011-10-14 USA, California: Artists for Peace "Never Again" Concert
2011-09-28 Discriminative discourse in history textbooks upsets Assyrians
2011-08-29 Turkey to Return Confiscated Property
2011-08-07 The Jihad Against the Armenian, Assyrian, and Greek Christians
2011-07-20 U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee Urges Turkey to Return Christian Churches
2011-07-18 Film Exposes Genocide of Assyrian Christians
2011-07-14 Resolution on the Genocide Committed against Christian Peoples: Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians in the Ottoman Empire Adopted
2011-07-14 Professor Akcam Reveals Turkish Plan to Pay Scholars to Deny the Armenian Genocide
2011-07-14 Senator Menendez Presses U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Nominee on Armenian Genocide
2011-06-29 U.S. Congress House Resolution 306 - Urging the Republic of Turkey to safeguard its Christian heritage and to return confiscated church properties
2011-06-29 Mouradian to Discuss Turkey's Confiscation of Christian Churches at Armenian Cause 2.0
2011-06-29 Sassounian: From Genocide Recognition to Reclaiming Church Properties
2011-06-29 IPAO Passes Resolution on Genocides in Ottoman Empire
2011-06-29 Australian Labor Women's Conference recognizes Armenian Genocide
2011-06-03 Mass Grave of Armenian and Assyrian Genocide Victims Discovered In Turkey
2011-05-28 In Search of Armenian Cilicia
2011-05-06 Turkey destroys Armenian, Greek, Assyrian cultural artifacts
2011-05-01 Gomidas Vartabed: His Life, Works, Rare Archival Documents, and Photos
2011-04-26 The Theme of Genocide in Armenian-American Literature
2011-04-25 Candlelight procession in Yerevan, Armenia, to commemorate Armenian Genocide (video)
2011-04-22 The Silent Extermination of Iraq's 'Christian Dogs'
2011-04-07 Trilogy - April 24, 1915 - Before and After - The Lives of the Survivors
2011-04-07 Cemal Pasha's Grandson Says Genocide, Morgenthau's Great Granddaughter Doesn't
2011-04-04 The Diplomat who Cracked
2011-04-04 Forgotten Genocides: Memory, Silence, Denial
2011-01-11 Armenian Genocide: Time to face the music
2011-01-02 A doorbell rings, a new attack on Iraqi Christians


2010-04-30 The Boycott Turkey Campaign
2010-04-30 The Boycott Turkey Campaign
2010-11-18 Assyrian Genocide Monument to be Erected in Armenia
2010-11-01 Islamic Terrorists kill Assyrians in Baghdad Church
2010-09-30 Turkey Anger Over Sydney Monument Threatens Gallipoli Survey
2010-09-22 International Conference "Three Genocides, One Strategy"
2010-08-30 Assyrian Genocide Monument in Australia Vandalized
2010-08-28 2010-2003 - Assyrians face Persecution and Genocide
2010-08-04 Demanding the Recognition of Assyrian's Genocide in Hollywood
2010-07-25 Boyajian: The Woodrow Wilson Center Desecrates Its Namesake's Legacy and Violates Its Congressional Mandate
2010-06-07 Pawn for the Wrong President
2010-05-19 Christian Woman's Faith Attacked in Istanbul Airport, Turkey
2010-05-01 Swedish Parliament Recognizes Assyrian Genocide
2010-03-16 The Armenian, Assyrian and Greek Genocides: An Inconvenient Truth
2010-01-28 An Invitation to a Seminar and a Forum: Assyrians, Hellenics and Armenians invited.


2009-10-19 Academic Conference on the Asia Minor Catastrophe
2009-10-18 David Boyajian on Armenia and Vivien Sansour, Palestinian poet
2009-10-13 Facing Extinction: Assyrian Christians In Iraq
2009-09-27 Yovanovitch Evades the Community
2009-09-26 The Truth Will Out: Boyajian on Armenia and Calley on My Lai
2009-07-24 Greek citizenship bestowed upon 100-year-old Monroe woman who survived the Pontic Greek genocide
2009-07-19 Turkish Denial Campaign Continues in California
2009-07-18 His Father Was One of the Perpetrators;
He is the First to Ask for Forgiveness Through Action

2009-04-10 Dr. Raphael Lemkin
2009-03-22 Dr. Raphael Lemkin's Notes on Genocide
2009-03-22 A 1933 Proposal to Make Extermination of People a Crime


2008-08-21 Assyrian Genocide Awareness lecture in Toronto, Canada
2008-07-17 1909: Ottoman Document Archives Related to the Adana Massacres
2008-06-24 No Place for the Anti-Defamation League
2008-06-24 Newton's David Boyajian Recognized for Role in Countering Genocide Denial
2008-06-24 Anti-Defamation League denies Armenian Genocide?
2008-05-11 International Colloquium: Three Genocides, One Strategy
2008-03-11 International Association of Genocide Scholars Officially Recognizes Ottoman Genocides Against the Armenians, Assyrians, and Hellenics


2004-07-01 Turkish Governor Bans Monasteries
2004-06-01 The Armenian Genocide: Survivor Interview Guide
2004-05-24 The Dark World of the Armenians
2004-05-24 Turks Breach Wall of Silence on Armenians
2004-05-24 Word Problem
2004-05-23 1923: The Treatment of the Greek Prisoners in Turkey
2004-05-22 Taking A Stand Against The Turkish Government's Denial of the Armenian Genocide and Scholarly Corruption in the Academy
2004-05-10 1916: The Abolition of the Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia
2004-05-10 Assyrian Genocide now a subject at Dutch universities
2004-04-25 Canadian Parliament recognizes Armenian genocide
2004-03-06 1914: The Hellenic Genocide in the Danish Archives
2004-03-06 1915: The Deportation of the Assyrians in Ottoman Documents
2004-03-06 1923: Agha Petros and the Lausanne Telegraphs
2004-02-12 Jewish Professor Speaking out against Bribing Efforts by Turkey
2004-02-12 Greek Professor Detected American Professor for Turkish History as Plagiarist
2004-02-12 Turkish Endowment Gifts to U.S. Colleges Spur Debate Over Study of Armenian Massacre
2004-02-12 Turkey Pushes to Endow UCLA History Chair
2004-01-23 The Political Role of the Turkish Orthodox Patriarchate (so-called)
2004-01-23 'Lies in Turkish': Turkish Denial of Genocide
2004-01-07 U.S. Congress and Adolf Hitler on the Armenians
2004-01-07 Novel on Armenian Genocide Belongs on Jewish Book Shelves
2004-01-07 Remember the First Holocaust


2003-12-24 Daron Malakian Interview with Van Armenya of VanSystems
2003-08-28 Assyrians in Turkey: Ethnic and Religious Recognition Revisited
2003-08-11 Interviews with Survivors of the Armenian Genocide


2001-08-31 Assyrian Genocide Conference (2001: USA, California, San Jose)
2001-04-03 Archbishop Christodoulos Blesses the Hellenic Genocide Petition Effort
2001-04-03 'And now the Syrianis [Assyrians]'
2001-04-03 California's Curriculum Guide on Armenian Genocide Reissued
2001-04-03 Turkish National Security Council's report on the Assyrians
2001-04-03 Turkey Shoot
2001-04-03 Turkey desperate to keep the dead buried
2001-04-03 Holocaust and Armenian Genocide remembered
2001-04-03 Armenian-Greek military ties not aimed against third countries - defence chief
2001-04-03 State of Arkansas Issues Proclamation Recognizing The Armenian Genocide
2001-04-03 Turkish Responses to the Conference in Germany: Taner Akcam and other Turks Main Targets
2001-04-03 Thea Halo's "Not Even My Name".
2001-03-30 Artists' work adds depth to symposium on genocide
2001-03-30 Armenian defence minister visits Greece
2001-03-30 Rita Kuyumjian, in Montreal, Discusses Her Groundbreaking Study on Komitas
2001-03-30 Bush backs off commemorating Armenian genocide
2001-03-30 RFE/RL Germany: Turks, Armenians Discuss 'Genocide' At Conference
2001-03-30 Armenia, USA discuss normalization of Yerevan-Ankara relations
2001-03-30 California State Senate UNANIMOUSLY APPROVES Joint Resolution 5 Designating April 24 as "Day of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide"
2001-03-30 Armenian, Turkish Historians Start Dialog On Armenian Genocide in Germany
2001-03-30 ARF Parliamentarians Send Letter To Swiss NA Regarding Indecisiveness on Genocide Recognition
2001-03-30 Armenian Historians Not To Take Part In Genocide Conference
2001-03-30 Turkish group fights genocide measure
2001-03-30 EU reacts cautiously to Turkish human rights moves
2001-03-30 House President in Armenia
2001-03-30 ANCA-WR Launches New Genocide Handbook
2001-03-30 Empire of the Suns Unmasked
2001-03-23 Action ALert - Recognize the Greek Genocide
2001-03-22 Swiss Parliament Recognizes Armenian Genocide Implicitly
2001-03-22 ANCA-WR Launches New Genocide Handbook
2001-03-22 Cardiff Central AM opens Armenian Genocide Exhibition at the Temple of Peace
2001-03-20 Turkey cuts French ties
2001-03-20 Mr. President--The Dead Don't Offer Quid Pro Quo
2001-03-20 All the heroes deserve remembrance
2001-03-13 Armenia's History, Turkey's Dilemma
2001-03-12 AHEPA Expresses concern to Greek Government over removal of "Genocide" from Decree
2001-03-12 Syriani [Assyrian] Report to the SSC [State Security Council]
2001-03-06 Europe watched
2001-03-06 Greek Culture Days to be Held in Yerevan in May
2001-03-05 Turkey's top rights activist on trial over Armenian genocide
2001-03-05 Trial opens of Turkish human rights activist
2001-03-05 Cyprus thanks Iran for supporting efforts to solve Cypriot problem
2001-03-05 Turkey Prosecuting Human Rights Activist On Charges Of Recognizing Genocide
2001-03-05 Swiss Parliament to discuss Armenian bill on March 13
2001-03-05 Bush: We continue to support Turkey for economic reforms
2001-03-04 Greek PM moves to end "genocide" row with Turkey
2001-03-04 US faces Turkish dilemma
2001-03-02 The Cyprus Conundrum - Nicosia
2001-03-02 Turkish foreign minister to visit Washington
2001-03-02 ANC of New York Welcomes Governor Pataki's Recognition of Turkish Genocide against Pontian Greeks
2001-03-02 Greece cites UN treaties in withdrawing 'Asia Minor genocide' decree
2001-03-02 Greece cites UN treaties in withdrawing 'Asia Minor genocide' decree
2001-02-26 Ankara's Latest Propaganda Campaign Serves to Undermine The International Recognition of the Armenian Genocide
2001-02-25 Greek, Turkish Foreign Ministers to Meet in Skopje
2001-02-24 US State Department Response to Congressional Letter on Fr. Akbulut
2001-02-21 The Fate of Father Yusuf Akbulut
2001-02-21 Turks Beat up British Tourist for Accusing them of Genocide
2001-02-21 Political row hits Turkey shares
2001-02-21 Sister City plan opens old Wounds
2001-02-19 Action Alert : Free Father Yusuf Akbulut
2001-02-18 Court trial of Assyrian-Suryoye priest
2001-02-18 Ball Now In Turkey's Court
2001-02-15 Activist charged for saying Turkey should apologize for mistreating Armenians
2001-02-15 Athens and Ankara at odds over genocide
2001-02-13 Priest Awaits Trial for Holocaust Acknowledgement
2001-02-13 Turkey angered by Greek accusations of genocide
2001-02-13 Armenian Dashanks say genocide issue to lead to change of borders with Turkey
2001-02-13 France warning from Europe
2001-02-13 French firms may lose $11 bln Turkey defence deals
2001-02-13 Commentary To President Robert Kocharian's Interview With "Cnn-Turk" Tv Channel
2001-02-13 Problems: Old And New
2001-02-13 Books on "Armenian Issue": 84 in Turkey, 26,000 in France, 23,000 in USA
2001-02-13 Turks May Ban French Kissing; Kocharian Speaks to Turkish TV
2001-02-13 September 14 Is Declared Memorial Day For The Victims Of The Greek Genocide In Asia Minor
2001-02-13 Turkey lashes out over genocide charges
2001-02-13 RFE/RL Turkey: Uproar Over Genocide Reflects Need To Reconcile With Past
2001-02-13 Swiss Parliament Considers Armenian Genocide Bill Next Month
2001-02-11 Shots fired at French consulate in Istanbul
2001-02-11 The Greek Parliment has recognized the Armenian Genocide
2001-02-11 London Review of Books
2001-02-06 Armenian President to visit France
2001-02-06 French firms complain of Turkish red-tape after genocide vote
2001-02-06 Holocaust That History Forgot
2001-02-06 Turkey refuses overflight by Armenian plane: airline chief
2001-02-06 Policy Unpaid In Genocide; Armenians Sue New York Life Over Benefits
2001-02-06 Angry Bickering On Ankara Television Tackling The Armenian Genocide
2001-02-06 Armenian Rainbow Coalition (London) represents Armenians at Stonewall Meeting
2001-02-06 Armenian Turkish relations in crisis
2001-02-06 Armenian Genocide Bill worries U.S. companies
2001-02-06 Turkey Must Face Up To Armenian Genocide
2001-02-06 Bush sees "obstacles" in U.S. ties with Turkey
2001-02-06 Media Advisroy: Doubts on Massacre
2001-02-06 American journalists' club protests attack on Turkish Cypriot newspaper
2001-02-02 Senate Joint Resolution 5
2001-02-02 Turkish press questions Ankara's strategy after French genocide bill
2001-02-02 Holocaust Day - And Why its is Dangerous
2001-02-02 Ankara May Ban French Streetnames After Genocide Law
2001-02-02 Turkish retaliation costs France satellite contract
2001-02-02 Monde Urges Turkey To Recognize Armenian Genocide
2001-02-02 French Recognition of Genocide major step toward International Affirmation
2001-02-02 Smyrna - The Forgotten City
2001-01-31 AGC Action Alert
2001-01-31 Chirac signs bill on Turkish ``genocide'' against Armenians
2001-01-31 Service recalls Holocaust victims
2001-01-31 Survivors Mark First Holocaust Memorial Day
2001-01-31 Politics of genocide
2001-01-31 A People Killed Twice
2001-01-31 Survivor of 20th century's first holocaust, Armenia 1915
2001-01-31 Britain to mark Holocaust with first memorial day
2001-01-29 Remember, remember
2001-01-29 Gunmen Kill Six In Turkish Police Station Ambush
2001-01-29 Caucasus arch-rivals join Council of Europe
2001-01-29 Turkish fury over genocide claims
2001-01-29 Turkey's path to EU fraught with obstacles
2001-01-29 Turkey prepares for diplomatic row
2001-01-29 Armenian-U.S. activist jailed on dynamite charge
2001-01-29 Holocaust Day 'Should Not Ignore Armenian Massacre'
2001-01-29 Turkish TV denies the Armenian Holocaust
2001-01-28 Franco-Turkish relations: Armenian genocide, EU membership, arms deals
2001-01-28 Turkish parliament mulls steps against France
2001-01-28 Turkish warning over 'genocide' claims
2001-01-28 U.S. conflicted over Armenian Genocide
2001-01-28 Myth and memory
2001-01-24 Goodbye Mr. Clinton... and Good Riddance
2001-01-24 Turkey Punishes France
2001-01-24 Turkey scraps spy satellite agreement with French firm
2001-01-24 Denial Redux
2001-01-24 Pontian Greeks: In search of their identity
2001-01-24 Armenian consumers to boycott Turkish goods, support French genocide vote
2001-01-23 Publicists Colon and Halimi about media manipulations
2001-01-23 Turkish-German Association Union Against Genocide
2001-01-23 USA seeks Armenian-Turkish rapprochement to thwart Russia - Armenian activist
2001-01-23 Army-dominated Turkey council slams France over bill
2001-01-23 Head of Armenian consumer group calls for boycott of Turkish goods
2001-01-23 Armenian-Americans counting on Bush
2001-01-23 Turkey ponders sanctions against France
2001-01-23 Turkey set to announce details of French sanctions
2001-01-23 Former Turkish PM asks Chirac to block Armenian genocide bill
2001-01-23 Turkish security body to meet over Armenian genocide bill
2001-01-23 Dispute between Britain and Turkey over Armenian massacre
2001-01-23 Holocaust Day mired in protest
2001-01-22 Turkey feels unappreciated
2001-01-20 Turkey Recalls Ambassador From France
2001-01-20 France passes Armenian genocide bill
2001-01-20 Armenia cheers French support for genocide claims
2001-01-20 French Assembly passes Armenian genocide bill
2001-01-20 Turkey takes action in genocide row
2001-01-20 Putin's Visit to Azerbaijan Could Benefit Armenia
2001-01-20 Armenian Dashnaks says ties with Turkey conditional on genocide recognition
2001-01-20 A promising 2000 ends on a sour note for Turkey
2001-01-18 French National Assembly Unanimously approves Armenian Genocide Resolution
2001-01-18 Turkish fury at French genocide vote
2001-01-18 French Parliament recognizes Armenian genocide, infuriating Turkey
2001-01-18 Armenian Holocaust Denial
2001-01-15 Human rights vs. guns in Turkey
2001-01-15 Military Bestrides Turkey's Path to the European Union
2001-01-15 France Warned To Dump Armenian Genocide Bill
2001-01-15 Turkey Considers Talks With Armenia On Armenian Genocide
2001-01-15 Turkish General Says EU States Don't Want Turkey
2001-01-15 ANICA to hold Armenian-Greek-Assyrian (AGA) cooperation conference
2001-01-15 Cook says British government has requested from Denktash to release abducted Greek Cypriot
2001-01-15 Turkey says seeking better ties with Armenia
2001-01-15 A day to let Britain reflect upon evil
2001-01-15 Why we continue to deny that this was genocide
2001-01-15 Home Office runs the show for BBC
2001-01-15 Turkish paper calls for message bombardment of French MPs
2001-01-15 And Then?
2001-01-15 Letter of Outrage Sent to Secretary-General Annan
2001-01-15 Turkey says seeking better ties with Armenia
2001-01-15 French parliamentary committee approves Armenia genocide bill
2001-01-15 Security Forces Catch 29,501 Terrorists in 14 Years in South and South East Turkey
2001-01-15 Foreign ministry spokesman responds to Cem's threat to annex Cyprus territory if it joins EU before Cyprus problem is solved
2001-01-15 Analysis: An unwelcome cuckoo in the nest
2001-01-15 Turks Alarmed by Bush's Nomination of Sen. Abraham as Energy Secretary
2001-01-15 Eighty-five years after the Armenian genocide
2001-01-15 Turkish deputies warn France of reprisals over Armenia genocide bill
2001-01-15 Turks slam French "arrogance" on genocide bill
2001-01-15 Public pans, praises SOL history changes
2001-01-15 Rights Group Alleges Torture In New Turkish Jails
2001-01-15 Turkey Warns Germany and France about Armenian Genocide Resolutions
2001-01-15 Greek forces said to use Depleted Uranium Ammo
2001-01-15 Turkey warns France not to back Armenian motion
2001-01-15 For whom the bell tolled
2001-01-14 Turkish Priest's Trial Draws International Observers
2001-01-07 Double Standard: The Turkish State And Racist Violence
2001-01-07 Turkey warns France not to back Armenian motion
2001-01-07 Ankara's Foreign Relations Concern
2001-01-05 Distorted Records
2001-01-05 Attempt to annex occupied areas to Turkey would signal the end of Ankara's EU policy, spokesman says
2001-01-05 Don’t Mention It
2001-01-05 Is it Hair or Blague?
2001-01-05 At the House of Lords, the Armenian Genocide is Back on the Table
2001-01-05 Who is really afraid of Turkey?
2001-01-05 German Federal Assembly does not welcome Armenian Bill
2001-01-05 Turkish Radio Program Receives Warning
2001-01-05 German Armenians Request Parliament To Consider Genocide Resolution
2001-01-05 The Results Show The Relative Strengths of Lobby Groups
2001-01-05 Let Us Not Be Critical of Armenians in Turkey
2001-01-05 Successful International Conference, Publication Opportunities, Proposed Museum, All Drive ANI's 2001 Agenda
2001-01-05 A Noted Turkish Historian Speaks on the Armenian Genocide
2001-01-05 "A Special Organization Killed Armenians": An Interview with Halil Berktay
2001-01-05 Genocide and Patrimony
2001-01-05 No 'Deterioration' Expected in U.S.-Turkish Relations
2001-01-05 Turkey buys A 69s from France
2001-01-03 In Letter To Secretary Albright , Ahi Urges Us Action To Free Abducted Cypriot Panicos Tsiakourmas
2001-01-02 U.S. to sign war crimes treaty


2000-12-30 Ahepa Expresses Outrage To U.S. Secretary Of State Over Abduction Of Greek Cypriot
2000-12-30 Foreign Minister says abduction of Greek Cypriot a 'terrorist act'
2000-12-30 Pancyprian Association For The Protection Of Human Rights - Urgent Appeal
2000-12-30 Turkey Ankara faces rocky road to EU
2000-12-29 After all, there will be an Armenian Monument in Assen
2000-12-28 Chairman of German-Turkish Association Opposed to Genocide: `The suffering of the Armenian Community in the Netherlands is inhuman'
2000-12-27 Diyarbakir DGM postpones 'Syriac bishop' case again
2000-12-24 28 die in Turkish battle for Jails
2000-12-24 Turkey Uses a Crackdown to Wrest Jails From Gangs
2000-12-23 Turkey: Priest on Trial
2000-12-23 International Condemnations
2000-12-23 Turkish soldiers end prison siege with intense tear gas bombardment
2000-12-23 The situation in Turkish prisons still tense
2000-12-23 Authorities impose restrictions on the media after incidents in Turkish prisons
2000-12-23 Greece sends relief aid to Armenian army, children's association
2000-12-23 Armenian Resolution-a Study In U.S. Foreign-Policy Cowardice
2000-12-23 Turkey Seeks Peace in Last Prison
2000-12-23 Turkish Raids on Prison Violate Human Rights
2000-12-23 Interview - Armenian leader sees growth after shootout shock
2000-12-23 Turkey concerned Bush might drop Baku-Ceyhan pipeline plan
2000-12-23 U.S. and Turkey Must Recognize Genocide Before They Can Mediate in Karabagh
2000-12-22 Text of U.S. Congressional Letter on Fr. Yusuf Akbulut
2000-12-21 Torture is the issue
2000-12-21 Press Release concerning Fr. Yusuf Akbulut
2000-12-21 Turkish Court Tries Assyrian Priest For Backing Armenians
2000-12-21 Turkish priest goes on trial for "provoking hatred"
2000-12-21 Turkey Attempts To Counteract Armenian Insurance Policy Claims
2000-12-21 Greek MPs Condemn Prisoner Treatment In Turkey
2000-12-21 Greek Pm: Turkeys Behavior To The Weak Is Cruel
2000-12-21 Iraq Raps Turkey on Air Strikes
2000-12-21 News Release Issued by the International Secretariat of Amnesty International
2000-12-21 Turks Try To Control Two Prisons
2000-12-21 Turkish-American Relations Will Improve
2000-12-21 Bipartisan Congressional Caucus Sends Letters to Albright,Turkish President
2000-12-21 U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom respond to Fr. Yusuf's plight
2000-12-21 Ahepa Meets With State Department; Voices Concerns Of Hellenic-American Community
2000-12-20 Macmillan Cited Fear Of Litigation
2000-12-20 Hint Of Turkish Role In Peace Talks Raises Questions
2000-12-20 Turks In Germany Call Upon Turkey To Acknowledge Genocide
2000-12-20 Case of Ocalan v. Turkey
2000-12-20 Judgement in the case of Gul v. Turkey
2000-12-20 Chamber Judgements concerning Turkey
2000-12-19 At Drexel University, Armenians and Turks clash over Genocide
2000-12-19 Turkey extends mandate for U.S. Iraq patrols
2000-12-19 Mr. Boucher Interview
2000-12-19 News Release Issued by the International Secretariat of Amnesty International
2000-12-17 Although human-rights abuses remain widespread in Turkey, Providence-based Textron, Inc., is poised to sell $4.5 billion worth of attack helicopters to the US ally
2000-12-17 Century-old church to become museum
2000-12-14 Indictment of Fr. Yusuf Akbulut
2000-12-14 Swedish Parliament Discusses Turkey's Human Rights Violations
2000-12-14 800 Turkish Political Prisoners Facing Death as Hunger Strike Enters 49th Day
2000-12-14 Turkish Nazis Murder In The Netherlands
2000-12-14 Turkish Cypriot Journalist Interviewed on Expectations, Turkey's Cyprus Solution
2000-12-14 Turkish PM Calls for End to Police Protests
2000-12-14 Armenians Should Use Diplomatic Guerrilla Tactics to Counter Turks
2000-12-14 Armenian Holocaust
2000-12-13 Ankara must be held Accountable!
2000-12-13 The Executions of Some of the Arch-perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide by the Ittihadists and Kemalists, 1915-1926
2000-12-13 Armenia Repeats Conditions For Turkish Role In Karabakh Peace
2000-12-13 Lausanne and ultimate peace
2000-12-13 Washington Still Hopes to Reconcile the Turks and Armenians
2000-12-13 Turkish Government Must Recognize Basic Human Rights Of Kurdish People
2000-12-13 Western Banks to Continue Lending Money to Turkey
2000-12-12 Debate and resolution - Protocol
2000-12-11 Action Alert : Free Father Yusuf Akbulut Sub-committee
2000-12-11 Turkish Parliament OKs Amnesty Bill
2000-12-11 Turkish Cypriots want 'Palestine status'
2000-12-11 Future of Cyprus depends on the UN
2000-12-09 Turkey its Military at a Crossroad
2000-12-08 ANCA Action Alert: Protest Arrest of Assyrian Priest for Recognizing Genocide
2000-12-08 Turnabout in Turkish Prospects
2000-12-08 Report on Western Thracian Turks submitted to AGIT
2000-12-08 IMF OKs Turkey's $7.5 Billion Loan
2000-12-07 Experts suggest Armenia has territorial claims over Turkey
2000-12-07 Armenian Leaders Should React To Istanbul Patriarch's Statements
2000-12-07 Square in Greece Named After Simon Zavarian
2000-12-07 News Release Issued by the International Secretariat of Amnesty International
2000-12-07 Turkey Grapples With a Severe Financial Crisis
2000-12-07 FM expresses satisfaction over agreement on EU-Turkey partnership
2000-12-05 Time for U.S. to take stand against Armenian genocide
2000-12-05 Turkey: Author of Genocide
2000-12-04 Priest Awaits Trial for Holocaust Acknowledgment
2000-12-04 Devlet Bahceli and the third Tanzimat period
2000-12-04 Good news come from Brussels
2000-12-04 Another Turning Point for Turkish-EU Relations
2000-12-04 Ilkin: Armenia should take correct lessons from History
2000-12-04 21st General Congress Of ATAA Continues In Washington D.C.
2000-12-04 Greece helps Armenia overcome drought aftereffects
2000-12-03 Visit from Germany spied on?
2000-12-03 Slanderers
2000-12-03 New formula may resolve EU impasse
2000-12-03 Battle shaping on two fronts
2000-12-03 Blinken: Turkey should start dialogue with Armenia
2000-12-03 I.M.F. to Rush Financial Aid to Turkey
2000-11-29 Turkish Cypriot leader says importance of Cyprus for Turkey increasing
2000-11-29 Turkey rejects Cyprus peace talks
2000-11-29 Ahmet Necdet Sezer, a westward-looking Turk
2000-11-29 Turkey''s relations with EU reach crisis point
2000-11-29 Turkish Cypriot leader may quit UN talks
2000-11-28 EU Relations Strained as Armenian Headache Gets Painful
2000-11-28 Armenia welcomes Italian parliament's recognition of genocide
2000-11-28 French minister: Turkey still a ways to go in human rights, democratization
2000-11-28 Let us not be Incited by Provocations
2000-11-28 Turkish premier, foreign minister discuss Armenian genocide "allegations"
2000-11-28 Greece gives full backing to Armenia's anti-Turkey claims
2000-11-28 Mayors of Armenian and Greek capitals sign cooperation agreement
2000-11-28 President of Armenia to visit "natural ally" Greece
2000-11-28 Britain Excludes Armenians from Memorial Day; Holocaust First Official UK Commemoration in January will not acknowledge the 1915 Atrocity, in whic the Turks killed 1.5 million people
2000-11-28 Why the Armenian Holocaust must not be airbrushed from history
2000-11-27 Not only the Armenians but also the Suryani(Assyrians) have been massacred
2000-11-26 EU should suspend political contacts with Turkey
2000-11-26 Turks' war games spark Cyprus fury
2000-11-26 Turkey rejects Cyprus peace talks
2000-11-26 Biden Lifts hold on sale of Helicopters to Turkey
2000-11-26 Greek Cypriot lobby now active in US Congress
2000-11-26 EU puts off decision on Turkey partnership accord
2000-11-26 Greek newspaper: Army restructuring under 'Turkish threat'
2000-11-26 Turkey's Penal Appellate Supreme Court Claims Armenians Massacred the Turks
2000-11-26 Turkey says EU like "colonial governors"
2000-11-26 Armenian President Kocharian to Visit "Natural Ally" Greece
2000-11-24 Turkey Arrests Priest for Refusing to Deny Genocide
2000-11-22 Help Save Father Yusuf Akbulut
2000-11-22 The Assyrian Awareness Campaign
2000-11-19 Priest Yusuf Arrested in Front of Tourists
2000-11-19 Turkey Arrests Priest for Confirming Assyrian Holocaust
2000-11-18 Italian Parliament Passes Genocide Resolution
2000-11-18 Italian Parliament calls on Turkey to end Armenian Genocide
2000-11-16 Turkey's progress towards accession
2000-11-16 Tough love needed for Turkey
2000-11-16 Armenian foreign minister calls for dialogue with Turkey over "Genocide"
2000-11-16 Djorkaeff left out of Turkey match because of death threats
2000-11-16 EU Parliament Accuses Turks of Genocide
2000-11-16 Armenia's President Robert Kocharian to Visit Greece
2000-11-16 Ecevit says EU "has tricked" Turkey
2000-11-16 Turkey does not meet Copenhagen criteria, Europarliament report says
2000-11-16 Euro MPs push Turkey to recognize Armenian 'Genocide'
2000-11-16 Turkey - some way to go
2000-11-12 Turkish Offer of Dialogue on Genocide - A Gesture of Goodwill or a Trap?
2000-11-12 Joint Communiqué of Pope John Paul II and Catholicos Karekin II
2000-11-12 Italian Parliament debates Armenian resolutions
2000-11-12 Keep Turkey out of E.U. says former German Chancellor Schmidt
2000-11-11 Pope John Paul II recognises Armenian Genocide
2000-11-11 Armenian Americans may have helped block a Gore Presidency
2000-11-10 Who are the Assyrian-Suryoye ?
2000-11-08 EU membership candidate Turkey on Wednesday
2000-11-08 French Senate Approves Armenian Genocide Resolution
2000-11-08 French Senate recognises 1915 Armenian Genocide
2000-11-07 French Senate to vote on Armenian bill today
2000-11-07 Resolution Recognizing the Armenian Genocide Hon. Anna G. Eshoo of California in the House of Representatives
2000-11-07 What is genos (race or tribe) cide (to kill)?
2000-11-07 The Starving Armenians
2000-11-03 Special Protection for Archives
2000-11-03 Columnist Says Turkey Wrong To Thank Jewish Lobby by Voting for Israel at UN
2000-11-03 Turkish deputy premier advises Armenia to choose friendship, not enmity
2000-11-01 Pallone Expresses Concern about Turkish threats regarding H. RES 596
2000-11-01 Follow up interview with Berktay
2000-11-01 Armenians were killed by a Special Organization
2000-11-01 Turkey's Dream of Democracy - Part 2
2000-11-01 Turkey's Dream of Democracy - Part 1
2000-10-31 Turkish General Staff Censors Taner Akcam
2000-10-30 Case opened over church converted to mosque
2000-10-26 Turkey Update: "Legislating History?" Congress & the U.S-Turkish Strategic Partnership
2000-10-26 President Sezer thanks Clinton
2000-10-26 A question of scruples
2000-10-26 An Assessment of the Situation
2000-10-25 Turkish rights veteran faces jail over Armenian genocide remarks Ankara
2000-10-25 300 years Old Church was converted to Mosque with one Petition
2000-10-25 The Syriacs' migration home
2000-10-23 AHI Welcomes European Union's Decision not to open Accession Negotiations with Turkey
2000-10-22 UN report urges Turkey to better protect Religious Minorities
2000-10-21 Turkey Happy Over Victory Against Genocide Bill
2000-10-21 Turkey relieved Congressional genocide resolution shelved
2000-10-21 Clinton, US military & the Jewish lobby
2000-10-21 What happens now is what is important
2000-10-20 Press Release from Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert
2000-10-20 Speaker Hastert withdraws Armenian Genocide Resolution
2000-10-20 Uruguay Senate Recognizes Genocide
2000-10-20 Greek planes ordered back, as Turkish fighters block them in Destined Glory exercise
2000-10-20 House drops Armenian Genocide Vote
2000-10-19 Worldwide Caution - Public Announcement U.S. Dept of State
2000-10-17 Justice Minister Turk`s Intensive Schedule In Strasbourg
2000-10-17 Ankara takes another step each day in relations with Iraq
2000-10-13 Turkish minister says Greek-Turkish "differences" could be solved within a few months
2000-10-13 Letter of Criticism to Ciller from IHD
2000-10-13 United States Making a Big Mistake
2000-10-12 Building a Better Future
2000-10-12 Turkey Looking to Annoy U.S.
2000-10-11 Turks Come to Town to Give the Other Side of 'Genocide'
2000-10-11 Greek Troops Back in Turkey
2000-10-09 The Syriac Priest Yusuf Akbulut said: "It was the Kurds who had Perpetrated the Genocide"
2000-10-08 Çiller speaks out on U.S. Armenian Resolution
2000-10-08 Archives are not Open
2000-10-06 What are we talking about?
2000-10-05 Turk Police Arrest Priest for Genocide Remarks
2000-10-05 Justice Delayed is Justice Denied; Vote on Genocide is Postponed
2000-10-05 Armenian Defense Minister to Take Part in Conference in Athens
2000-10-05 Turkey's top general cancels U.S. trip to Protest Genocide Resolution
2000-10-05 Armenia Celebrates Adoption of U.S. "Genocide" Bill
2000-10-05 Armenian Genocide Resolution a 'Vote for Moral Leadership'
2000-10-04 Genocide Resolution Passed by House Committee
2000-10-03 Mr. Radanovich submitted the following resolution
2000-10-03 Armenian Publisher in Istanbul Calls for Dialogue Between Armenians, Turks
2000-10-03 Turkey: State Minister Says 'Armenian Issue' 'Serious Defamation'
2000-10-03 Turk History Professor Claims Armenians Massacred Turks in East Anatolia
2000-10-03 Turkey: FP To Submit Motion on US Genocide Against Indians, Black People Racism
2000-10-03 Candar Calls for Review of History, Foreign Policy After Armenian Bill in US
2000-10-03 MGK says Turkey will take more effective precautions if 'Genocide' Developments Progress
2000-10-03 American Share in Turkish Economy
2000-10-01 Ambassador to Turkey Cautions U.S.
2000-10-01 U.S. Panel Delays Vote on Armenian-genocide Charge
2000-10-01 Amendment Offered to Protect Relations with Turkey
2000-09-29 US Turks Start Signature Campaign Against Bill on 'So-Called' Armenian Genocide
2000-09-29 Resolution Recognizing So-called Genocide to be Discussed in Full
2000-09-29 Embassy Row : Turkish 'Inspiration'
2000-09-29 Albright says Armenian Genocide Bill Would 'Damage' US Interests
2000-09-29 Turks and Armenians Corner Jews In Debate Over Genocide
2000-09-29 Sparks Could Fly At Markup Of Armenian Genocide Measure
2000-09-29 Turkey: Journalist on Trial
2000-09-29 Committee Vote on Armenian Genocide Resolution to be Webcast Live
2000-09-29 Genocide Conference in San Jose
2000-09-29 Special Report on the Sydney Genocide Conference
2000-09-29 Symposium Syriacum VIII & The Assyrian Genocide Seminar

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